New Theme: Toujours

Introducing Toujours, an elegant new theme to help share your big day!

Special milestones deserve special websites. This Theme Thursday, we’re introducing a fresh take on our classic wedding theme.



Toujours — a refresh of our popular Forever theme — has a simple, elegant design that’s perfect for planning and sharing moments from your wedding. The theme includes a large slideshow, a unique layout for recent posts, and a special Guestbook template. The theme’s subtle color palette and large featured images will help your words and photographs shine.


Add a map to your venue, collect RSVPs, or create a page with pictures from your wedding Instagram hashtag: with its responsive design, Toujours looks good on any screen, big or small.

Find out more about Toujours on the Theme Showcase!

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  1. Dream4Fun

    Always sounds better in French

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  2. Liv Elin

    I absolutely love Forever and have in fact been thinking how nice it would be if the template was wider so this is very welcome 🙂 I would however like to ask about the three images beneath the slider, those that belong to the three latest posts…is it possible for you to code it so they get cropped to the same height…like it is in Forever? Makes for such a tidy appearance 🙂

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    • Laurel Fulford

      I’m glad you like the theme, Liv! 🙂

      The three images beneath the slider are cropped to be the same height. However, if the original images are too short, they will appear to be shorter than the rest.

      There are recommended image sizes at the bottom of the Toujours Showcase, under ‘Quick Specs’ here: I made a small update so it’s clearer that the sizes apply to the three recent posts, too.

      Thanks for your feedback!

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      • Liv Elin

        Hi Laurel and thanks for your reply 🙂 The problem was actually the width of the image…the height is the same as the others…somehow the width of 566px thwarted the display! I changed the image and all is well now! 🙂

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  3. Metro Square

    Simple is best way to tell story, I love this design.

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  4. Adel

    What a clean, gorgeous theme! This could compete with magazine style themes on .org which is really the highest compliment I can give 🙂 I checked and it is not available there though 😦 (nudge, nudge) Beautiful typography. Just a tiny bit big in terms of both font and images, so for anyone using it as a business theme, be sure to keep your excerpts relatively short on the front page and use decent quality images.

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    • Laurel Fulford

      Thank you, Adel!

      The theme will be submitted to the repository, and will be available there once it’s approved.

      I’m happy to say you can download the theme from in the meantime 🙂 When you’re logged in to, you will see a ‘Download Toujours’ link at the bottom of the right-hand column on the theme’s showcase page:

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  5. Adel

    I am using this on one of my blogs in the meantime. It was a big leap, since I had my previous theme for two years and I was incredibly attached to it, despite its shortcomings.

    The ease of use is amazing.
    I love the fact that the theme options allow me to have a magazine-lite look without actually using a static front page.
    Personally, I would like to see another widget that displays featured categories – just below the featured posts slider and above the newest posts.

    Tips for others: Make sure to have a featured image for each post right from the start. It is time-consuming to add afterwards.
    Thanks for the info on the recommended image size. Now it is just a question of actually finding images that are the right size 😛

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  6. flowgression

    One word springs to mind – pristine.

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  7. Coolen L.

    I like this theme. I’m considering to change my current theme into this. I love the featured posts and the recent posts features.

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  8. nilspetternilsson

    Great if you have lots of nice pictures!


  9. kaitlinkillakush905

    Love it!!

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  10. lady Lianna Ellusive

    “Forever” was my very first WordPress theme. Now it’s time to refresh it 🙂 .


  11. Arohii

    Looks Lovely 🙂

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