New Theme: Dyad

Explore Dyad, a grid-based theme pairing text and images in perfect harmony.

This Theme Thursday, we’re introducing a new free theme: Dyad.


Dyad pairs text and images in a balanced, dynamic layout, making it perfect for blogs where words and photographs need equal weight. Featured Images are displayed in different sizes and dimensions, depending on screen size and device.

Dyad is a fork of Receptar, a theme by WebMan Design.


Check out Dyad in the Theme Showcase!

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  1. Steven Joseph

    Thanks for sharing this. ‘Looking forward to trying it out. Looks great!

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  2. asim9898

    Yeah…!!!! Nice Theme,

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  3. Ddivya17

    Looks Great and attractive!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. itsworthediting

    Great and itis so tempting how the food is arranged and the colors. Kudos.

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  5. Chas Rad

    Not really suited for my own blog, but I really like this design. The layout looks really great.

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  6. Shannon Livewell

    Love this theme!

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  7. izabolinha

    Would like to try it if I would not be so afraid of playing with themes and understood better the “language (sticky , featured and so on)” 😉


  8. The Greenwich Mummy

    This theme looks amazing! I wish I had a food blog or something with amazing photos to use for it though. 🙂

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  9. Laila Rodriguez

    It is quite amazing! Thanks for creating it and making it available for free. I’m already using it in one of my sites 🙂

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  10. Jeffrey Landis

    A nice theme.

    I thought I’d offer just one minor suggestion. Consider adding a little definition/border between each of the text (and affiliated photo) boxes… as long as it’s consistent, I don’t believe it would detract from the cleanliness of the overall look.

    I find it slightly visually confusing (requiring extra effort on the viewer’s part), making it somewhat taxing to quickly see which text goes with which photo — especially, since these alternate text left/photo right & photo left/text right — in each row.

    Just an opinion; on the whole, a nice, functional theme.

    Good work Webman.

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  11. Pour une opposition constructive

    very nice Laurel

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  12. Toby Barnett

    Pretty slick theme. I just activated it and out of the box it formats nicely. My favorite theme of all 2015.

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  13. Adrienne Rice Adams

    Very nice new free theme! Good to have an alternative to the “minimalist blog themes” that have been the norm lately.

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  14. Nazima Fatima

    Nice…thanks for sharing it

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  15. kookykirstein

    Very nice theme

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  16. Paul

    I like it a lot. Will probably use it for a blog that I am going to do for stuff going on in my local area. Thanks 🙂


  17. theworldofjwilson

    Although this theme would not really fit my blog very well, I like how it looks.



    Well done team….. another awesome design! Will use it in 2016 since it perfectly suits my needs, to be able to showcase the work, & is sort of similar to my existing ‘board walk’ theme.


  19. katharinetrauger

    Great for a library Website, I think! Thanks for keeping on! 🙂

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  20. NinnaO

    I really like this new theme! The new themes have for quite some time been quite boring and look-alike I think, so this one really pops out. In a very good way! I’ve just switched to it so I still have possibilities left to explore, which I’m looking forward to do.


  21. Erna

    I really like it but I’m afraid this theme is gonna be too slow to open.


  22. Mobile App & Clash Of Clans All Bases

    Great for me


  23. lady Lianna Ellusive

    Thank you for Dyad. It was love for the first sight 🙂 .


  24. Charma hagans

    I’m just loving this theme. I’m going to Wp right now and try it now on my own blog.


  25. David J Moore MBA



  26. The FaithBook

    Looks like the perfect theme for keeping all those recipes!


  27. leapthroughthelens

    I’m using this theme on my new blog and love it. I did have a small issue, where instead of the featured posts I had a page header with the featured image from the most recent post. This seems to have sorted itself out now though.


  28. chetnabhatia

    Superb! Great job

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  29. Jaycious Dianela

    I like it! It’s Attractive for me


  30. Reflections Of A Bear

    I love it! It’s not the right fit for my blog, but I’m looking forward to seeing it displayed around the place! ❤


  31. richasinni

    great job!!
    I want to use for my site

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  32. Biro Jasa Dokumen Perusahaan dan Pribadi

    cool design..i like theme for my new website


  33. Umesh Shejole

    Fabulous !!!!


  34. buitenzorg

    Nice! But not to be used if you have a blog with a lot of comments from your readers. The grayish text of the comments, on a black background, is hardly readable. They don´t invite to participate in the discussion.


  35. Lisa

    I can’t find Dyad when searching for new Themes, is it for WordPress-Blogs only? I’m using self-hosted WP Blogs.. :/



  36. vision791

    Congratulations and the best of luck it’s beautiful.


  37. worldfusionchicago

    I used Dyad for my blog, love it !


  38. dyule2014

    Thank you Laurel Fulford wonderful website presentation


  39. Eclectic_One

    Great looking theme 🙂


  40. kingsmzomuhle

    Lovely one indeed


  41. Emaknya Benjamin br. Silaen

    Can’t wait to try this theme 🙂 .


  42. Minoring In Baseball

    Wow, this is a great theme to show off some nice photography!


  43. esthersalon

    Thank you. This is exactly what I was looking for!

    Liked by 1 person

  44. Boldista

    Wow, great free theme. Beautiful, modern, clean, crisp and well-organized look. This theme can undoubtedly compete with any premium theme.


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