New Theme: Button

Introducing Button, a new free theme for craft and design blogs.

Happy Theme Thursday, all! Today I’m happy to present a new free theme in our collection, Button.


Button WordPress Theme

Button is a theme that’s as cute as its name. With detailed accents, featured images, gallery slideshows, and a soft color palette, Button is designed with crafty blogs in mind. Show off your sewing skills, chronicle your latest DIY endeavors, or keep a running list of your favorite things from around the web. However you use it, Button is a sweet theme that’s sure to delight.

Button's responsive design

Get to know Button on the Theme Showcase!

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  1. Sunite

    Wow, such a wonderful theme! I’m going to use this on my of my blogs!

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  2. Lindsey

    Love it! I’ve been wanting a theme just like this for so long, yay!!

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  3. toniaslimm


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  4. toniaslimm

    Love it!

    Liked by 3 people

  5. Somali K Chakrabarti

    The theme looks cool on all devices.

    Liked by 3 people

  6. D

    love this theme! using it

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  7. The FaithBook

    I like the cut out look of the images

    Liked by 4 people

  8. hadassahcorey

    That is so cool. Is it free or do you have to pay?

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  9. Michael Arestad

    I half expected this theme to be one big button. Looks nice!

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  10. patrickjboyle

    Nice. But what do you do when you keep losing all your buttons?

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  11. Chiradeep Patra

    Very clean looking theme… Good for those who doesn’t want to be trapped with too much technicalities…

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  12. Emil Angelov

    All newer themes are awful. Everytime something is missing in them which is very frustrating. What about people which don’t use featured images. Make themes to use the first image from the post in case feature image is missing. I won’t change all my 500 posts.
    If there is flexible header there is no post formats at all and back.

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  13. Boldista

    WOW, nice WordPress theme. White, clean, minimal, but awesome.

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  14. anantdubey2205

    Very nice theme!

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  15. GeorgePiFull

    It’s looks marvelous, but I’m used to use darker themes.

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  16. Beth

    Ooh I’m tempted to change mine to this!

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  17. happylittledesignco

    This theme is gorgeous (and free – bonus!) ! Can’t wait to dive it and explore all of its options 🙂 thank you!

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  18. katharinetrauger

    I do NOT have enough blog sites to use all the themes I love! Now adding this one.

    One suggestion: the color-change portion of the background section of the customizer does not offer a window for hex numbers. It could use that…just saying. But this is a lovely piece and I am thankful y’all keep chunkin’ ’em out! 🙂

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  19. Ruth2Day

    Very nice, will have to demo it.

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    It looks great!

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  21. Nazima Fatima

    Unique theme…like it

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  22. foodbyruby

    hey. I am not personally using this theme as I don’t really need this function for my blog. It looks brilliant for those who need it!

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  23. Integra Services Apps

    Hi, what are crafty blogs?


  24. Aggie

    I’ve activated this theme on my blog, and I’m totally loving how sweet and clean it is. 🙂

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  25. Jules LaPierre

    I love the clean simplicity of the Button theme. I do have a question and wonder if anyone can help.

    Is there a way to display entire posts rather than just abbreviated posts? 😀


  26. Between Deadlifts and Doughnuts

    Does anyone know what the default color of the heading is in this? I am trying to match font throughout posts and would like for it to be exact (or as close as possible). Thanks! 🙂


  27. kanu_lp

    Didn’t like this because blockquote isn’t perfect!


  28. Missy's Crafty Mess

    I love it!!! I just switched over to it today.


  29. Savannah Caden

    Is this beautiful theme available to download for users? I searched and didn’t see it in the theme directory.

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  30. Shaheeda

    totally utilizing this theme right now! like it so far. I’m new to all of this

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  31. Rummage Space

    Very nice theme. Well done!

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