How to Choose the Best Theme for Your Business Website

Don’t let choice overwhelm you. Use this checklist to help you find the perfect website theme for any business.

Building a beautiful website for your business begins with choosing a theme — a design that controls page layout, widget areas, and default style. With more than 350 free and paid themes on, selecting a theme for your business website can feel overwhelming, but you can make it easier by focusing on these three questions.

What Am I Publishing on My Website?

Draft a visual map of your website to help you plan your site structure and decide what you want your homepage to look like. Will your homepage contain static information about your business like a welcome message and business hours or do you want to showcase your latest blog content?

In a theme overview page or when trying out a live demo, look at how the theme handles Widgets — tools or content blocks that you can add, arrange, and remove on your website. Widget areas can include the footer, sidebar, or unique places on the homepage. Menus are another useful way to organize Pages, Posts, and links on your website.

The Sela theme, for example, has seven Widget areas, two options for testimonials, and a custom menu. Kirsten of The Pink Rose Bakery chose to use the theme’s grid layout to organized links to her recipes, blog, and social media right on the homepage.

FireShot Capture 28 - The Pink Rose Bakery I Always Gluten Free. Al_ - http___thepinkrosebakery.com_

What Features Do I Need?

Are you building a restaurant website, a landing page for your hotel, a corporate blog, or something completely different? Depending on your business, you may need website features exclusive to certain themes.

Prepare a list of your must-have features so you know right away if a theme is hitting the mark. You can use the filters in the drop-down menu under “More” to narrow down the themes with the features and layouts you want for your website.

Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 3.18.17 PM

For example, the Stay theme is fantastic for the hospitality industry. Its functional reservation drop-down form makes booking a room quick and intuitive. Take a look at how The Lake Crest Inn in Lake George Village personalized the Stay theme.

Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 2.04.22 AM

Premium themes often offer more specific features, so you’ll want to consider your budget as well. has a large selection of free themes to choose from as well as premium themes starting at $20. They can be purchased for a one-time fee per site, or you can get Unlimited Premium Themes for $120 per year and switch things up as often as you’d like!

What Look and Feel Do I Want for My Website?

You can filter themes by style and color if you have a specific look in mind or need to match a brand logo. While most themes can be tweaked with custom headers and background colors, Custom Design unlocks next-level customization.

Think back to the content you expect to publish on your site. Do you need a design that showcases photos? If so, choose a portfolio site or a design that makes the most of high-resolution photos. Perhaps photography plays a small role in your website design. If so, avoid themes that only look good with a lot of photos.

Take a look at the Urban Legends Film Co. They use the Blocco theme, which looks great with a generous use of featured photos on the homepage.


It can pay to do a little research on your competition. How do other websites in your industry look? How do they organize their content, online store, and calls to action? Keep these elements in mind when inspecting potential themes. You can also sort themes by Type and Features to help narrow your search to websites designed specifically with your industry in mind.

Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 3.18.17 PM

Get a Sneak Peek

Now that you’ve answered these questions, you can browse themes with purpose. When shopping through the Themes Showcase, you can see additional information and view it in action by clicking on Live Demo.

Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 11.57.25 AM

You can also view themes by going to My Sites → Themes. This has the added feature of allowing you to preview the theme with your very own content.

Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 1.04.20 PM

Just to keep things fresh and interesting, we’re adding free and premium themes all the time, so keep an eye on the Showcase for new designs. Follow our blog to get an exclusive tour of new designs and featured themes.

You can switch themes as many times as you need until you find the right fit. If a Premium theme doesn’t work out, we offer a full refund up to 30 days from your purchase.

Planning on Turning Your Website into a Lean Mean Marketing Machine?

Consider upgrading to a Premium or Business to unlock features like advanced customization, more space for your photos and videos, and stellar customer support.

Our Premium and Business plans also include a custom domain and access to premium themes.


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  1. Jean

    Useful to see what blog themes have been used for businesses. And always good to see how original bones of a theme was changed more creatively!

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  2. katharinetrauger

    Thanks for this. I’ve long wondered about this topic. I would love to create a Website for our local librarian, as a gift to the small library she manages. I shall be far more able to view all the themes with new eyes (Whew–and maybe even make a choice!) after reading this wonderful help. Thanks so much!

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  3. Coimbatore sexologist

    All about themes in a nutshell !
    Thank you for this blog.

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  4. Chiradeep Patra

    When I started Candles Online four months back I had to try out many themes to suit my type of publications. As we publish articles everyday and needed a front page featured theme where we can post a huge inspirational thematic picture along with the topic of the week… I chose The Motif Theme.

    Thanks Andrea for introducing the Sela Theme. Quite close to the Motif theme. I will definitely try out this theme but again frequent changes in the themes might confuse my readers to find the buttons they search to read.

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  5. ikhwanalim

    In the last weeks, I have been considering what features differentiate a (good) personal blog and (great) corporate website.

    and this post just made me aware of what type of theme and features corporate websites should have.

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  6. lillytattoo

    This is very helpful. I have played with themes since the moment I started. I am still in the middle of perfecting it. It can be confusing..

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  7. samedaypros

    Choosing the right theme is one of the toughest tasks while building a site. I liked the way you helped in analyzing the important points. Also, the way you described everything, with examples, made it much more amazing. I am sure even a layman who hasn’t even heard about a thing like “wordpress themes” would be able to understand this. Great post. 🙂

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  8. Adabelle

    Haha, It takes me more than 2 hours to choose the theme that I like and is suitable for my blog purpose

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  9. Secure Bytes (@securebytes)

    Yes i also think that we have to really think before choosing a theme which is a foundation of the story

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  10. akamania2000

    Nice post.. If you had classified the different types of Thems it would have helped.. But a great help still

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  11. Erial Wheeler

    Great post on choosing a blog theme, effectively. I love the creativity + design on here. So many inspiring blogs and posts. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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