New Theme: Sapor

Sapor is a minimal theme to showcase your passion.

Today, I’ve got a great new theme for you called Sapor.


Sapor is a minimal theme that lets you showcase your passion, whether it’s cooking or gardening or healthy living. Whatever you enjoy, Sapor allows you to easily share that passion. This theme lets your content shine and adapts effortlessly to any device you view it on.

I designed this theme with food blogging in mind, though it works for many different types of blogs. Sapor comes packed with features, including a site logo, social menu, custom header, custom background, and an optional sidebar. You can also select from among several free color palettes, which are included in this theme.

Get to know Sapor in the Theme Showcase, or give it a spin by activating it from your dashboard.

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  1. nuvofelt

    I like it – I’m trying it out on my crochet blog. Not fully customised yet, but looking good.

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  2. Golf is Mental

    Looks like a great theme, and it also made me hungry!!


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  3. yhealthy2000

    It seems great. Thinking if I want to add more on my plate.

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  4. ulsterphotosimages

    Nice one !!

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  5. John

    Repetitive, to much like many older themes available for a long time here.

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    • Tammie

      Hi John, sorry you aren’t happy this time. We are always working on new themes so stay tuned for more different ones.


      • John

        I am sorry, am too harsh I suppose but I believe WP has far too many themes, many are so old and tacky. Would like to go self-hosted again but have had such rotten experiences with it in the past. I do not mean to be rude but am very upfront with opinions. Sorry if I offended you.

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  6. Write This Down

    I like it! I changed mine out to this theme ( I like to rotate my themes every few months to keep it fresh and new). I was using Cubic before which I enjoyed as well.

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  7. Write This Down

    Per previous comments, if you want to see my blog newly changed over to Sapor, here it is: I think I still have some work customizing it but here it is for now.

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  8. timethief

    Wow! Is this theme ever feature packed and versatile. I just switched themes and now I’m tempted to switch again.

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  9. Jo Smith

    That’s really awesome for food blogs

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  10. ridwanris

    Beatiful theme, elegant, simple and fresh. You are the best 🙂

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  11. tilulas

    cool and I like 🙂

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  12. aqilaqamar

    Nice new theme Tammie. It does look great on food blogging and the demo titles on there “Coffee conversations” and “Hearty lunch” sounds scrumptious as ever 🙂 BTW I dig the rastafarian like locks or what style you are pulling on your hair Tammie looks awesome 🙂

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  13. paulvanneste

    very clean design. really like it.

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  14. أحمد عميدي


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  16. Tim Taylor

    I love Sapor! The layout is perfect and the featured image just brings my photos to life. It’s a very well rounded theme. Awesome job Tammie! If you’d like to see it in action on my blog, go here.
    Thank you for a great theme!

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  17. Tim Taylor

    It’s just too bad that I can’t get it for my sister self-hosted site too 😦


  18. nadya

    You did it again, WordPress! Just when I thought I am going to settle with my current theme, you release a new perfection! I am a big fan of both the left sidebar and the one-column. I love how clean it is, also the position of social links, site logo, color options, the possibility of no header. It’s like Manifest and Ari but updated with many more possibilities to tweak around and add some “personality”. Had I not just change my theme I would try this one. Well done!

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  19. RiMa

    Make`s you feel and show your real passion for cooking. Nice one……

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  20. shireenchaturvedi

    looks yummy! great to see your passion for cooking…!

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  21. Joe

    Tammie, Excellent job with this theme. If anyone would like to see this theme in action on my blog, Feel free to click my name. Thanks, Joe

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  22. Robin McKenna

    Love the look of it!

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  23. stevekacala

    Nice one

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  24. Paul

    Love it and will use it. I am about to start a new blog and this will be perfect for it – thank-you 🙂

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  25. famousdjanere


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  26. Nitha

    Hello bloggers, I published my blog with things to do in East sussex.. Please read it and also subscribe 🙂
    Blog :

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  27. adminsil

    This is nice I like an I will add to mine thanks.

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  28. elvamendez3321

    I Like

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  29. soyudewei

    nice theme,

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  30. muhnieblog

    im blogging beauty and fashio. i want to change up the template. I havent previewed this one yet but I will give it a try.

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  31. healthyandrelaxed411

    I really like the theme, very minimal and showcases pictures beautifully!

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