Four Food Blogs to Follow Now

Dinner party menus, illustrated recipes, sumptuous savory delights, and more.

From sweet to savory, these four fantastic food blogs will satisfy your appetite. If you enjoy eating (and who doesn’t?!), check them out and follow them in your Reader so you won’t miss a dish.

The Dinner Party Collective

The Dinner Party Collective is a collaborative blog dedicated to “reinvigorating the delicious lost art of dinner parties.” The DPC features seasonal full-course menus, photos, and recipes from apéritifs to dessert (complete with wine pairings, no less!) ideal for dinner groups of six to eight. Blogger Margot leads an international troupe of food and wine lovers who contribute recipes and knowledge to each menu’s selections.

Cupcakes and Curries

Vasun is the blogger behind Cupcakes and Curries. Based in Singapore, she cites her grandmother as her culinary inspiration. Vasun’s posts combine detailed recipes, enticing photography, and advice on how to make each recipe your own. We came for the Pepper Chicken Masala but stayed for the Thai-Style Minced Meat Pasta. Be sure to check out Vasun’s recipe list.

Jane’s Pastisserie

If you’re in the mood for dessert, visit Jane’s Pastisserie. Jane, a chef on the South Coast of the United Kingdom, loves to experiment in the kitchen and hopes to own her own bakery/tea room. Jane’s baked goodies look so yummy you could lose yourself for hours drooling over her recipe list. For starters, check out the Salted Caramel Chocolate Tart, the Easter Nest Cupcakes, and the Classic Buttery Scones.

Draw and Bake

Pia Dirks has always loved to draw food, including the cans and containers for basic ingredients. Draw and Bake is a fun mashup joining Pia’s love for baking and drawing. Here you’ll find fun, colorful, illustrated recipes for everything from Muesli Mounds to Za’atar Carrot Salad.

Muesli Mounds by Pia Dirks

Muesli Mounds by Pia Dirks

Which food blogs do you visit for inspiration and cooking courage? Share your favorites with us in the comments.

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  1. rebbit7

    Mm, these food blogs look so good! Might go check them out! 🙂

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  2. appliedfaithorg

    Great timing! Post this right after lunch. 🙂

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  3. Ashwini Kumar

    Another blog to add:

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  4. Sunite

    Just visiting these blogs is tingling my taste buds. Great choices!

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  5. ana74x

    Delicious is a good one. Not too tricky with great recipes.

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  6. Богдан Барановський

    Mmm… So tasty)

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  7. jabrush1213

    Love food blogs!

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  8. diannegray

    These look fabulous. Little Food Blog is a great one as well 😀

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  9. drmegsorick

    Visit my friend Lori at Beauty and the Butcher!

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  10. impulsephashion

    Omg! I’m hunting for new foods to tryout!!! Great read!

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  11. Alchimaer Art

    Our Green salad and pasta “con” butter look kind of sad after seeing that ! Those wonderful blogs looks so yummy love It

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  12. piadirks

    Thank you very much for mentioning my blog!!!

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  13. dogear6
  14. Shelbie

    Ugh! Just what I need….more food temptations. Thank you! 😉

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  15. robynfuoco for over top desserts and healthy down home meals.


  16. A. Blake

    Wow, these are great shares, thank you.

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  17. raphaela99

    Great List!

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  18. moneygodmother

    I’ll check these four out. I also follow blog

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  19. zeldaaa

    So yummy, wanna try this out very soon.

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  20. harshamattu86

    Seems that food blogs are great. One must discover the aroma 😉

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  21. S. Warren

    Thanks for this! This really got me interested! I’ll check them out!

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  22. rayasparklz99

    Mm , I’m so hungry

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  23. Jane's Patisserie

    Thank you SO much for sharing my page!! You have helped me so much, thank you for the support and the lovely comments! And the other pages look fantastic too! 🙂 xx

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  24. triciaswift16

    Food blogs always make me so hungry! These look really interesting though.

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  25. huckleberryfrienduniverse

    Wow! These blogs look great…
    Another great blog for curries that I follow-

    The cuisines are exciting and recipes easy to follow 🙂

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  26. minersmix

    Well, gee wilikers, our favorite food blog is… ours! (though Patrons of the Pit gets a shout, too). These four are kinda cool, though…

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  27. The Dinner Party Collective

    Thanks so very much Krista for featuring ‘The Dinner Party Collective’ here on your post! We’re excited to know that you’ve enjoyed our work so far. It’s been an absolute joy collaborating within this group and we’re looking forward to creating so much more! Cheers, from the team at TDPC 😀

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  28. rwarfield43

    Food blog are great would love to know if it gluten free

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  29. adisabb3

    I love that food tips is fantastic.

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  30. Lardbutty

    thanks huckleberryfrienduniverse for recommending the curries blog at – those rice parcels look amazing.

    And thanks WordPress for recommending those four food blogs – I’m working up an appetite right now.

    all the best, LardButty

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  31. no1ladykay

    These sound really interesting. Already follow The Dinner Party Collective, will check out the others. I love Celia at

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  32. annalenashearthbeat

    4 great blogs! It would be a dream to have such a beautiful and popular blog (I’m totally new on wordpress), they are great 🙂

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  33. authormaryarussell

    What great ideas for my menu.

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  34. hidupsehat22

    Nice food 😀 🙂

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  35. Jan Mundo

    It would be great if these posts mentioned which WP theme is used. Thanks!

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  36. Naomi ChouFleur

    These have all made me very hungry! Hmm…

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  37. wiltsfoodtruck

    Have been looking for some other food blogs, so this is really handy. Thank you for sharing.

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  38. Jackie

    Ooh boy! Dinner parties, art, food. What’s not to like?

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  39. curlsxoxo

    These all look great!

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  40. Coach PK

    I am very hungry, now! It’s your fault Krista ! Nice food blog!

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