New Theme: Libre

Libre brings a stylish, classic look to your personal blog or longform writing site.

Happy Theme Thursday, all! Today I’m happy to introduce Libre, a new free theme designed by yours truly.



Libre brings a stylish, classic look to your personal blog or longform writing site. The main navigation bar stays fixed to the top while your visitors read, keeping your most important content at hand. At the bottom of your site, three footer widget areas give your secondary content a comfortable home.

Customize Libre with a logo or a header image to make it your own, or use one of two custom templates — including a full-width template with no sidebar — to change up the look of your pages. Libre sports a clean, responsive design that works seamlessly on screens of any size.

Responsive design

Read more about Libre on the Theme Showcase, or activate it on your site from Appearance → Themes!

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  1. Edysmar Diaz-Cruz

    This is exactly what I was looking for! It’s so pretty.

    Now I have a choice to make. Should I keep my theme or change it?? Mhm.

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  2. Sunite

    Three words to describe this theme: plain, simple, and extraordinary. Definitely a theme that I’d use.

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  3. ThoughtsbyPC

    Quite a neat design. Well done.

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  4. mynameisodee

    Hello! How do I activate the sidebar?

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    • Caroline Moore

      You can add widgets to the sidebar (which displays on single posts and pages) under Customize -> Widgets. Make sure you’re viewing a single post or page when you go to the Customizer or you might not see the Sidebar area. 🙂

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  5. Thiago

    Carol, look this topic in the forum about Libre:

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  6. Kevin Bradberry

    Yes, now that’s what I’m talking about! Taking some cues from Elmastudio I see.

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  7. onegirlsjourneytofreedom

    Love it! Will definitely give it a try!

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  8. bhatmahesht

    Looks clean and simple. I needed that fixed and always visible top navigation bar

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  9. whereshappy

    Good job. This looks really nice and may be what I need for my new blog. Thank you.

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  10. greateast

    Simple and clean. Just for writers. 🙂 I like.

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  11. dhenztm

    Wow! I love how clean it looks!

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  12. Mon (is a Girl's Name)

    A theme like this without the little header over the pave horizontally that shows the title of my blog would be better since it minimizes the size of the page a little.


  13. aqilaqamar

    Libre is a good longform theme. I mean it certainly pertains to writing more so I love it. I was also hoping you know in future to make long form themes a bit shaped like Ligonberry or Bueno if possible? But I do really like Libre. I like the colour palette given. One of them looks like old parchment. Well done WP team 😀 for a satisfying longform theme!

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  14. munggur

    Love the theme. Simple & easy to navigate/read. Thanks for this new theme.

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  15. Monit Khanna

    Very Minimalist design, something I really love 😀


  16. Harriett Lock

    Hi, is the default template for pages only or is it also for posts?

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  17. littlelifewriter

    It looks pretty cool. If I wasn’t so attached to my layout, I would def do this.


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  18. theclosetplebeians

    We were looking for a change of theme! This looks really good for our website! 😀

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  19. Mark Snyder

    Loving and using it. I notice the site title displayed for a blog page is larger than for other page types, which causes my tagline to wrap only on the blog page. If this was intentional, is there a way to reduce the font or lengthen the title & tagline space in the theme?

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  20. zbielak

    Stunning. This theme floored me.

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  21. Snazzy Gazzy

    That’s Great, I love it.

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  22. vixcy

    Any body who will see it will only say one thing that is “amazing”.

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  23. carlos255

    Any chance this will be released for self-hosted sites?

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  24. Shayne Zalameda

    So neat! Good job! Libre means free in Tagalog 🙂

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  25. Melvyn Tan

    Hi, is there a way to get the featured images to appear? Otherwise, I’ve got to make changes to all my posts which is quite a bit of work. Thanks.

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  26. hidupsehat22

    Nice and beautiful theme. 🙂


  27. Arlene Dabbas Designs

    Reblogged this on Dabbas Portfolio and commented:
    I love “Libre”,,,, VERY GOOD!

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  28. lady Lianna Ellusive

    🙂 My new choice 🙂 Minimal, elegant, with modern feeling 🙂

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  29. emiridbest

    it does look nice but, I’m not just comfortable changing my themes. i feel so comfortable with what I have currently.

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  30. regaliamanila

    Thank you for the theme! I love it.


  31. Robert Kirkendall

    I’ve been using the Tonal theme since I got onto WordPress, but I like the look of Libre. I also like the sidebar feature for listing menu, something I don’t think Tonal has.


  32. hannastocksick

    can anyone, I mean, anyone tell me why I am not getting the instructions for the blog 101?? I mentioned several times this problem and now the responses to that blog are closed… Anyone??? pleaseeeee


    • Michelle W.

      Hi Hanna — it looks like there’s a typo in the email address you used to register — I’ll send an invitation to the address listed with this comment in a moment. You’ll be able to find the first few assignments there!

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  33. marylee12poetry

    This is great. I just switched over to this theme. It is so wonderfully simple and subtle. Thank you.


  34. mikegerhardt

    Very nice theme. Especially like how it looks on mobile.

    After mucking around a bit in the code, I’m stumped on something: Is it possible to remove just the author/byline? I’ve only been able to hide all the entry-meta data, but would prefer to keep the entry date.

    Thanks for your time & for sharing this theme!


  35. toursthai

    Lightweight, clean, simply but fantastic theme.


  36. Jim Lavrenz

    Love the theme and have adopted it. At first, I thought it was a premium theme by Elma Studio … I love her work, too. For anyone wanting to see this theme in use, check out my site. Coding Insider
    Thanks Caroline for such a great theme!

    Liked by 1 person

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