Eventbrite Now Available for All of WordPress.com

Promoting an event? Take our new Eventbrite features for a spin!

We’re excited to announce big updates to our Eventbrite integration: your events can now be displayed right on your WordPress.com site, no matter what theme you use!

Enjoy Eventbrite, regardless of theme

In 2013, we launched two Eventbrite themes to help you promote your events. Since then, we’ve gotten requests from users to extend that functionality more broadly on WordPress.com. Today, we’ve rolled out our Eventbrite integration to all users, which means you are no longer limited to only using the Eventbrite themes to promote your events. You can now connect to Eventbrite from any theme to highlight your events. (The existing Eventbrite themes will still be available.)

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Connect to Eventbrite using Publicize

Getting started is easy — your Eventbrite connection is located alongside your other Publicize accounts in Settings → Sharing. Once you connect to Eventbrite, your events will automatically display on a page of your choice, with links to detailed views and sign-up/purchase buttons. We also added some additional features to the integration to now allow you to filter your events by organizer or venue, just like categories and tags.

Display events with an improved widget

Our Eventbrite widget has also been updated for better performance. You can use the widget to display your events in handy dual list and calendar view anywhere on your site. You can activate this widget in Appearance → Widgets.

Eventbrite themes on WordPress.org

In addition to updating the Eventbrite integration on WordPress.com for our users, we’ve also been hard at work making the Eventbrite themes and plugin available on WordPress.org! You can find the themes here and the plugins here and here.

For more details, check out our Eventbrite support page. Enjoy!

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  1. timethief

    Great news! Thanks for this.

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  2. jabrush1213

    I have never heard of Eventbrite until now, sounds interesting.

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  3. nabwd

    Will this work on self-hosted WordPress installs as well?

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  4. ayietim1

    Good job wordpress. Apart from being proactive, you guys are also sensitive to users’ requests and needs. Keep it up!

    Liked by 6 people

  5. Robin Vansal

    Yes, agree with that! WordPress team give an ear to wordpresser’s requests and give their best! Keep it up WP!

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  6. Thiago

    This is really great! I wish WordPress.com had more integrations with other services, because, for example, we need a forum feature urgently (WordPress.org has good plugins, like the Muut.com, for this).

    Liked by 3 people

  7. Renzie Dawn

    Never heard of Eventbrite until now but this sounds super cool! Something for me to consider using in the future for sure! Thanks for taking the time & making the effort to make it available for all themes!

    Liked by 2 people

  8. Louise Lewis

    Eventbrite is a great tool and this is wonderful news.


  9. Anna's World

    This is a great tool!! Thank you for posting this because I would have never known about it if I did not see it!!!


  10. EinfachBloggen

    Great News, perfect !
    Now it’s very easy to integrate events on my site or to create an “Event Landing Page”.

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  11. danislexaw

    Great news! Thanks for this.

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