New Themes: Saga and Satellite

Presenting two new free themes for your blogging pleasure.

Happy Theme Thursday, ladies and gentlemen! Let’s take a look at our two newest free themes, Saga and Satellite:



Saga, designed by the talented Justin Tadlock, is a theme tailor-made for writers, by a writer. The theme’s impeccable typography and attention to detail make for an enjoyable reading experience, and with support for large featured images and multiple post formats, Saga is flexible enough to be used as a photoblog, a personal journal, or a tumblelog.

Read more about Saga on the Theme Showcase, or activate it on your site from Appearance → Themes!


Satellite WordPress theme

Satellite, designed by me, is a snappy personal-blogging theme with beautiful typography, prominent featured images, and a fresh, modern look. Customize it further by adding links to your favorite social networks, a site logo, custom header, or custom background.

Get to know Satellite better on the Theme Showcase, or give it a spin by activating it from Appearance → Themes!

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  1. ultraistgut

    I took Satellite, thank you, I love it very much ! 😎

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  2. thesciencegeek

    A couple of great new themes. I just have a general question, will any of the older themes ever be withdrawn, or is the intention to adding new ones?

    The Science Geek

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  3. aqilaqamar

    I think I prefer Saga better. I know I am asking much but can the fonts be a bit more medium sized in subsequent themes? It’s helpful for longreads and Saga seems longreads compatible anyday.

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  4. coldhandboyack

    I keep watching for one designed for authors. There ought to be a slider that allows for book covers.

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  5. Michael Meiser

    Both are very beautiful themes! What I like best in Saga is that the menu icon is accompanied by the word “Menu”.

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  6. shericonaway

    Thank you for introducing alternative themes. I think I get settled onto a theme and don’t always look around to see if there’s one to fit me better.

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    I really like Saga. Very hipster-ish.


  8. zahrazachvega

    Very nice theme…

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    Nice themes & I second the previous comment that the best thing about it is that, the Menu button has ‘Menu’ written on it which I would have liked on the theme I am using. It just makes it visibly more user friendly to the lay person.

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  10. Rahul Ranjan

    Clean and minimal Looks nice if you have some really good images

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  11. Emil Angelov

    Thanks for the great themes, both are very nice. I personally prefer Satellite – almost perfect WordPress theme until now. There is a small issue with it – thumbnails of the related artices overlaps one another.

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  12. Sophia Tinsley

    I swear I change my blog theme every two weeks… sooooo many options…


  13. @davidbendw

    Dig like a garden!

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  14. Lady Modrus

    Wow! Saga is awesome!

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  15. tomcanaday

    Satellite is so tidy and compact for short items as shown on the sample. Excellent design and it’s well appreciated. Thank you!


  16. Alison and Matt

    I just switched to the Saga theme and am pretty happy with it for the most part. One issue I am having is that many of my photo galleries are not showing up in my posts. They are there when I edit the post, but they are non-existent in the live post. Is there anything that would account for that?


  17. angelaseager

    Hi Caroline…thank you for sharing the post New Themes: Saga and Satellite. I’ve activated the Satellite theme and I love it! I’m new to blogging and looking to sell my prints of my adventures to Spain and Australia on the blog, once I figure out how to do widgets, ping backs, menus and links….Cheers! Have a nice weekend…

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  18. Rahul Sharma

    Nice clean design themes, I am gonna use them on my blog. Thank you for sharing.

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  19. raziz3105

    Nice. It’s amazing theme design.


  20. kriskin1

    How do I use it?


  21. yanivzadka

    Great job Caroline! Satellite looks awesome for my needs – technical blog with some lines of code. I wanted to keep the one column look as my previous twentytwelve and felt I need something better. I specially like the social media (with GitHub included) and slide in sidebar leaving a clean look when reading the text.


  22. accsoleh

    Simple, like this 🙂


  23. iamshiemorales

    Simplicity astounds. 🙂


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