New Theme: Radcliffe

Radcliffe is a bold, modern theme that puts your content at center stage.

We’re excited to introduce Radcliffe, a crisp new free theme.


Radcliffe is a contemporary responsive theme with beautiful typography. It puts your content in the forefront, featuring gorgeous full-width header images.

Learn more about Radcliffe at the Theme Showcase, or preview it by going to Appearance → Themes.

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  1. Victor Mendonça

    Loved! It’s funny to see that “Daniel” posted a theme named “Radcliffe”, haha!

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  2. angelalacey67

    Thank you for this new theme. My blog is starting to shape up, I just need to work on the content now. 😉

    Liked by 6 people

  3. yabbaman2014

    The pictures are awesome and I like the look. High gloss has always caught my eye, good job.

    Liked by 5 people

  4. owenyan

    artistically beautiful…

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  5. mycoffeeshopmillionaire

    Thanks for the update! Will be checking into that theme!

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  6. strivingforabetterworld

    I love from the north, it’s beautiful!!

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  7. Terry

    Those are beautiful. My kind of theme.

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  8. impossiblebebong

    Does it support tagline? I recently used it to my newly made photography blog but tag line won’t appear. Can you please clarify this for me?

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  9. Achelan Doorcom

    Hi dear, thank you for your sharing 🙂

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  10. Three Well Beings

    I really like this! I may abandon my current theme–which I pay for–for this lovely free theme!

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  11. emily06011993

    What a beautiful picture!

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  12. la_lasciata

    I’ve been using it for a couple of weeks. How IS this ?


  13. Gaurv

    Its cool, I’m surely gonna use it on my blog ‘TrendingStuffZ’

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  14. Ten

    Love this theme but I am having a problem on embedding intstgram. The height doesn’t seems right.

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  15. mysteryman3014

    Really nice pictures.

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  16. ayietim1

    The best things in life are free. Radcliffe is just beautiful.
    Hey wordpress team! a great job with the #Longreads

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  17. antoniamoore1

    Love the Theme! It’s amazing. Antonia

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  18. thesciencegeek

    Some lovely pictures. I particularly like Fall in Luxembourg

    The Science Geek

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  19. cosmicconception

    Def on my radar…

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  20. Anna (Film Grimoire)

    But is it named after Daniel Radcliffe?

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  21. Elinor

    Switched over! Just like that! Some minor house keeping issues, and I, too, feel it would have been nice to keep the tagline… That aside, ended up with a better menue, and the main reason for the Theme’s appeal – better highlighting of content 🙂
    Nice! Feel free to stop by my humble blog to say what you think!!!!
    The theme obviously won’t work perfectly for all content. ..

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  22. Elinor

    Oh, and it also really motivates to get some NICE looking photos up in most posts… 🙂

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  23. friendofharvey

    I’m having difficulty getting my twitter feed to appear with this theme for some reason

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  24. DNeers Online Services Pvt Ltd

    Awesome themes!!!….Good job done

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  25. pieterarnolli

    Beautiful pictures, great theme!

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  26. bethcasey1961

    I need to check this out!

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  27. nelsonmayofnazaret

    Reblogged this on nelsonmayofnazaret's Blog and commented:
    that tecno-scene matched very well with topography

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  28. archana5653

    pictures are awesome pictures a great way to express with less words

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  29. Adamzy

    I love this theme.


  30. williameck

    Looks nice. Does it support infinite scrolling?

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  31. Swav

    Is this theme full widescreen ?


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