New Theme: Twenty Fifteen

The new 2015 theme for WordPress has arrived. We’d like to introduce you to Twenty Fifteen.

It’s that time of year again. The snow has started falling in northern countries, friends are gathering together to exchange presents, and it’s time to launch a beautiful new annual theme for WordPress.

Hello World, Twenty Fifteen is here.


Twenty Fifteen is all about the details. Everything you publish is elegantly set in Noto Sans and Noto Serif, keeping the design harmonious and balanced in multiple languages around the globe. That polylingual pixel perfection is matched by its responsive design. From device to device, Twenty Fifteen will look smart and polished.


The attention to detail is reflected in the menu design. Check out the descriptions under the links in the demo and the screenshots above. Learn how to add menu descriptions on the theme showcase page.

The fine details and strong structure make Twenty Fifteen look even better with a bit of customization. We have five featured color schemes carefully adapted to blend seamlessly with all the amazing color palettes available with Custom Colors.

Add your own custom header and you’ve got a stunning, personalized site.


Handcrafted by designer Takashi Irie with incredible testing, support, and contributions from the many passionate people that make the WordPress community, Twenty Fifteen is now available for you and your readers. If you’re managing your own WordPress installation you’ll see Twenty Fifteen arrive as part of the new version of WordPress set to release later this month.

Have a happy new year with Twenty Fifteen.

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  1. Emery

    Now, this one’s pretty!

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  2. Jeff Bowen

    Beautiful work. Bravo!

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  3. Lance Willett

    I’m using the Yellow color scheme. Delicious.

    Reblogged this on simpledream.

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  4. Kirk Wight

    Reblogged this on and commented:

    My favourite default theme in quite a while. Congrats to all involved!

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  5. jalexartis

    Thank you for the Twenty Fifteen Theme. I have been waiting…
    I’ve activated and I’m now making it my own. Happy to have it!!! It looks so cool…

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  6. impossiblebebong

    I’m very excited about this one 🙂 Can’t wait to try it!

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  7. Jean

    May I politely comment:

    The free yellow background colour combination choice is too bright for some of us. Did we want eye strain?

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  8. Anna

    I love it…but I have the same issue with all your themes that have social media icons. You DON’T feature Bloglovin. And I get it, not all people are into it and its a competition to your own RSS reader. But some of us do really use Bloglovin. So please add it to your list…

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  9. John Jr

    Thank you. 🙂

    I like the readable and large body font, I like that title headings are not in all caps, I like that there is a social menu, and I like a few more things about Twenty Fifteen; and I look forward to trying to help make it even better with feedback/bug reports/et cetera. 🙂

    -John Jr

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  10. Michael McCallister

    I’m about due for a facelift. This is certainly a contender. Great job!

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  11. Michael Van Den Berg

    It looks great! I’m going to try this tomorrow! 🙂

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  12. carmelocerrelli12

    It looks great. I’ll definitely try this.

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  13. Heather

    LOVE IT!!!!

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  14. Pure Delluxe Jewerly

    Well done!! Thats gorgeous 😉

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  15. Michael Meiser

    Damn beautiful! I like the large fonts and I appreciate that the main nav menu and the sidebar are permanently visible on wide screens.

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  16. Pastor Ken

    It looks okay, and I’m starting to fiddle with it, but… there doesn’t appear to be a lot of out-of-the-box customization. It’s very bland.

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  17. Perco

    This is gorgeous! Can’t wait to try it!

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  18. Jonathan

    Just installed it on my blog – I’ve been waiting for a stock theme like this for ages. Very good.

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  19. Golf is Mental

    Looks great!!

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  20. tellthetruth1

    Like, Like, Like! I might have a play with this one.

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  21. jesuismonique

    Nice look!


  22. David Ryan (@dryanmedia)

    This is terrific. FYI the timestamp on this blog is jarring when you’re in a different timezone. Technically I’m seeing this post 3 hours before it actually happens 😉


  23. Judith StClaire

    I currently am using Twenty Fourteen. How will Twenty Fifteen affect my older posts?


    • Ian Stewart

      Your posts should simply look like they’re part of the Twenty Fifteen theme. But you can preview the theme before you switch if you want to check it out. If something doesn’t look right it might be a bug so just let us know about!


  24. Satwinder Rathore

    Reblogged this on Satwinder Rathore and commented:
    Great Looks!


  25. tassitus

    Looks good! I like how the sidebar seems to scroll separately from the main section.

    It’s not [yet?] available in the repository, and there’s no download link.

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  26. Paul Bowler

    Wow, the 2015 theme looks great, will have to check it out 😀


  27. Khortish

    Looks very interesting! Think I might use it for a more personal blog.


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  29. Filipe Varela

    Brilliant work, Takashi-san!

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  30. dyule2014

    This is a very beautiful new Twenty Fifteen Theme with all the snow in the background. Thank you.

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  31. mendelbm

    That’s great! I will try it now.

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  32. aqilaqamar

    This is a very beautiful theme 🙂 This also seems a very good “long reads” theme. Next year please make more writerly themes like this for “long reads” Many more themes with good medium sized serif fonts or sans serif ones. Make the year 2015 more writer themes yeah 😀

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  33. William J. Hudson

    Looks good and has my attention.
    Will have to see how it would adapt to my busy site.

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  34. roy

    Looks simple and nice.

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  35. Digital Solutions

    Wow! Like the feature of ‘Menu Description’.since last few days Just thinking about and waiting for twenty fifteen theme as year 2015 is just few days away.


  36. zuleyma76

    I love it.

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  37. jalexartis

    I have made this theme my own using CSS. Look if you like @
    CSS is on the menu, under blog. This theme is very clean. I made far fewer modifications to get the look I want for my blog. Thanks to the creators and to!!! –jim artis

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  38. DesignOrbital

    Gorgeous and Beautiful.

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  39. deepbellylaugh

    Oh my goodness, this is stunning! I really think this theme is outstanding quality for the free default theme – very on-trend and functional. Thanks so much for your hard work and generosity, I’ll have a play!

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  40. Giorgio Minguzzi (@gminguzzi)

    Really cool!


  41. motiflife

    Nice but nothing so compelling to try it over my already elegant theme. Just visit my blog once and you will understand why.

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  42. bagaskawarasan

    Looks simple … I want it.

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  43. yunuskhan

    Theme looking very beautiful.

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  44. JenT

    Just put it into action on my “Gallery – A Demo Blog” and love it! I especially appreciate that you’ve kept Attachment page navigation on Galleries, but there are a lot of subtle and elegant features to love. Here’s to a great 2015!

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  45. Ronny Fauzi

    Looks pretty! Good job!

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  46. travelbloggersguide

    Nice, clean layout – well done!

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  47. dedicatedgirl

    Cool.Nice work, WordPress.


  48. thesciencegeek

    Looks like a great theme. I like the fact that it works well in different languages.

    However, polylingual pixel perfection is a bit of a tongue twister. 😉

    The Science Geek


  49. iainchau196

    So amazing. Well done.

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  50. Daniel Danilov

    Reblogged this on Dan's Site and commented:

    Changing my site to the new 2015 theme by

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  51. Philippa @ Apple Tree Education

    Reblogged this on The All Things English Blog and commented:
    So just when I thought I had the blog looking just the way I want it, WordPress goes and announces ‘Twenty Fifteen’. I am a big fan of the default blogs as they don’t feel ‘basic’ compared to .org (which I am planning on switching to during Summer 2015).

    ‘Twenty Fifteen’ has a similar look to Editor and the fonts are large which I like. It doesn’t look quite as professional as ‘Editor’ though but I like that I can change the colours. Hopefully I will get more settled with the design soon and I can focus on content more than making the blog look pretty.

    What are you thoughts? Do you have a favourite design?

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  53. Cornelia

    I’ve started yesterday with my account and have some problems to get my domain connected, but I really like this one. It’s a beauty!

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  54. Minoring In Baseball

    The color schemes are pretty great. Nice theme.

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  55. Ken

    I like it too!

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  56. hyperanonymous

    Is it ever possible to download theme from outside source?


    • Ian Stewart

      This theme will be included with WordPress 4.1 if you manage your own install. In fact, you can download the first release candidate for that version right now. The final version is scheduled to be available later this month. It will be available from the theme directory soon too.

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  57. study and jobs

    Just awesome…

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  58. belle★beckford

    This is gorgeous! I’m ready to switch one of my blogs 🙂

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  59. lozanp

    These are great themes for the holidays 🙂


  60. Pasduil

    An excellent theme!

    I hesitate to switch to it because it’ll be used on so so many sites, but it’s very nice indeed.

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  61. ariefinlee

    Awesome new theme! I am definitely going to use it on my new blog! So excited!

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  62. Aji Kurniawan

    Cool theme for personal bloggers, can’t wait to use it in my self-hosted personal blog… 😀

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  63. David A. Kennedy

    Reblogged this on David A. Kennedy and commented:

    I helped a bit with Twenty Fifteen, my first code contributions to a default WordPress theme. I’m thrilled to see it launch.

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  64. Charles

    Like it a lot, good one! I’ve change for it.

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  65. Andrea S.

    Love it!

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  66. aspiriteddiva

    Nice themes…great work ❤️


  67. whichwaynow101

    Sold! Planning to use it!


  68. himanshu31shr

    Great work! stunning updation in the theme..


  69. Chandra Prakash Thapa

    This is the best default theme ever for WordPress ! love it 🙂


  70. Badwi

    another fresh theme! good job WP team.


  71. elphelt

    At last, it has arrived!

    Liked by 1 person

  72. The FaithBook

    I’m liking all the custom goodies on this one!



    Still prefer Twenty Ten and wish you guys would bring Kubrick back.


  74. Swav

    It sounds like 2015 will be an awesome year 🙂


  75. elisabeth andrée

    What a beautiful theme!!


  76. Michele Nigro

    Very interesting! 😉


  77. drsudhesh

    Please let me know whether or not Twenty Fifteen is a free theme. Thanking you, yours sincerely, Sudhesh


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