Upgraded Stats and Navigation Enhancements

Whether you have one blog or multiple sites, we hope you enjoy these updates to the WordPress.com interface.

We’ve been updating WordPress.com to make it faster and more powerful behind the scenes. We’ve now introduced some changes to the WordPress.com interface as well, making website, blog, and content creation more intuitive and consistent across devices. Here’s a roundup of some of the enhanced functionality that you’ll see in WordPress.com starting today, with more updates coming next week — stay tuned!

Upgraded stats

We know that WordPress.com users are extremely keen on understanding how others view and interact with their content, so we wanted to make Stats faster, more accessible, and richer overall. When checking their site’s performance, users can now quickly keep tabs on views, visitors, likes, and comments, among other metrics.

Mobile-friendly navigation

Millions of people use WordPress.com on mobile devices, and to ensure that our mobile users have a first-class experience, we gave the WordPress.com navigation interface a little love. It’s responsive across devices, and its simpler, more streamlined design lets users find or create amazing content from anywhere.

My Sites updates

My Sites is the hub for creating blog content, organizing website pages, adjusting look and feel, and managing any and all WordPress.com websites and blogs tied to a user’s account. We announced initial updates to My Sites recently, and have since acted on wonderful user feedback to make My Sites more streamlined. Your sites will now appear in an easy-to-search sidebar, and you’ll have access to stats, posts, and themes for any and all of your sites with fewer clicks.

My Profile

My Profile is the new destination for managing account settings. Get there by clicking on your Gravatar picture. In addition to handling administration settings like basic account info and billing history, users can add Gravatar images, view WordPress.com milestones and achievements, or tap into social networks to expand their blogging community.

Support documentation is also accessible from My Profile for those who seek more guidance, and friendly live support is just a click away when our Happiness Engineers are available.


We’re continuing to make WordPress.com faster, more powerful, and more user-friendly across devices for all our users — those with a single blog and those with multiple WordPress sites. To that end, we are listening to user feedback and rolling out updates when they’re ready. Give the new navigation and enhanced stats a whirl, and let us know what you think!

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  1. Omega Tactical and Survival

    Not as quick to see info at a glance, Lots of scrolling. Like the old one better.

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  2. Jon Awbrey

    Speed is not just a matter of how fast a page loads but how quickly the user can light on and absorb the information he/she came looking for. The previous version gives me all the information I need “at a glance” without all the scrolling of this last update.

    In addition, the data links on the previous version did double duty as navigation links, making made it easier to get around my blog and the other sites I interact with, while the last update requires much more pecking through drop-down menus and buttons to get what I need.

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  3. serenityhome

    Thank you! Thank you again for all you do to make our WordPress experience a delight!


  4. Loretta

    Missing the world map that would let you know which part of the world your blog was reaching. That to me was the most interesting part.


  5. Tyler



  6. Lulu Simawati

    I think there’s only one shortage in this menu. How I find my way out to sign out? Except. first I have to choose “Classic dashboard”.

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    • Sheri

      To sign out, click your Gravatar in the toolbar, then click the “Sign Out” link next to your username in the left sidebar.


  7. Claudette

    What happened to the log off? Now I have to click on my avatar, wait for that page to load then click to sign off. NOT efficient and very frustrating.

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  8. claudiajustsaying

    I didn’t think the other version needed fixing or enhancing, I want simple. Unfortunately, the new version is something new I don’t have time to learn, and therefore I’m back to frustration, Learning doesn’t take place at frustration level . . . just saying.

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  9. Daniel

    I think that the original one gave all the info i needed extremely quickly. It worked well. WordPress have tried to improve what was perfect, and although I appreciate their efforts, I would like to see things returned to how they were before the ‘upgrade’. There is too much scrolling and I can’t instantly see the links and countries on the new one, which was important to me.

    I am usually optimistic and avoid complaining, but I thought it was worth mentioning this in case it has any effect on the future of the Stats page. I like that wordpress want to make things easier for us and greatly appreciate their efforts, but the new stats page is a step backwards in my opinion.

    Liked by 9 people

  10. walt walker

    Okay, WordPress, now you’ve got me upset. First you take away my ability to select font sizes in my blog posts, then you take away my stats page. I refrained from posting nasty comments each of those times. But yesterday I was still able to see a graph of views vs. visitors on my “classic dashboard,” even though I could no longer see it on the “improved” dashboard. Today you’ve taken that away too! ALL YOU DO IS TAKE AWAY THAT WHICH I LOVE!! IF YOU DON’T STOP TAKING FROM ME, I WILL STOP LOVING YOU!! GRRRRRRR!

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  11. Daniel

    Having read through everything again, it looks as if wordpress are starting to ignore computers and are only focusing on touchscreen iphones and tablets, which I don’t (and will never) use.

    I wonder if it’s possible to have the old stats page appear on computers and laptops, but have the new stats appear only on phones. I believe that that would resolve the issue.

    Whatever happens, I hope the old stats page does not get deleted.

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  12. dandelion199

    To be honest, I think I preferred the old version as it had the map of countries right underneath the stats chart, but I do like to see how many likes I’ve had 🙂

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  13. 18mitzvot

    I agree with LD Horton that the new themes are awesome, but the new dashboard has FOUR INCHES (almost 10 cm) of unused space. This means lots of scrolling and searching. Why?

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  14. Collector

    Like the old one MUCH better. Absolutely unnecessary changes in stats which make appropriate section of WordPress really worse.

    Better try to create a map widget with a wide variety of settings. Incorporate Google+ and Google Translate widgets. Let us to use your widgets for pages (at least for “About Me” page) and posts, not only for sidebars. Also “Page Breaker” as a separate button will be cool.

    WordPress is cool in many aspects. People, don’t ruin that by unnecessary “optimization”. Good luck.

    Liked by 4 people

  15. bigpictureone

    Wow, the new stat design is a huge disappointment, in so many ways! The previous design was elegant and useful for realizing World demographics, however this “new” interface is an upsetting step backwards. Please provide an option for those of us who prefer the previous version or at the very least, completely revamp the new verision until it offers something worth changing for.

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  16. barbiereject

    My biggest issue with this new design is that less stat modules are visible so now I can’t digest the big picture overview or relate modules to each other. It’s more of a downgrade as it shows less data, requires more clicks, and the endless scrolling is a huge pet peeve of mine. I don’t think I’ll ever be blogging from my mobile so keeping the admin interface desktop friendly is a huge wish for me. The oversimplification of the stats page and the removal of features from the new posting page are a huge inconvenience for people who are sticklers for data and design and are not blogging on the go but are passionate about storytelling and painting their vision with the right tools. I’m curious as to how many of your users are blogging via mobile over desktop/tablets. I’m here because WP is not instagram so please don’t go in that direction.

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  17. bmcanulty

    Seems like window dressing to me – I don’t see any improvement in the quality of data being provided. Judging my what more experienced people above had said, quite the opposite in fact.

    Icons are not necessarily easier to understand.

    What percentage of your user base updates blogs via mobile/tablet/desktop/laptop?

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  18. brianlaroyharrod

    Where WordPress designers miss the boat, is that they fail to realize that your blogger community, the ones who create your content, are not driven by mobile.

    The power WordPress users with multiple blogs, are desktop users, especially when it comes to posting and managing our blogs.

    Why did you take away the my blogs tab and force your content creators to go through a series of clicks just to get to the blog they want to post at?

    All of the comments above about the “improved” stats page further shows the lack of regard for the WordPress content creators.

    You know…… those silly fools that pay fees and buy domains from you.

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  19. b_young

    Is there a way to default to something other than stats? I’m not interested in them. I thought the previous interface, with the pictures of my pretty little blogs all lined up like paintings in a gallery was much nicer, and it was quicker for me to go to the specific site I needed.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Sheri

      There currently isn’t a way to change the default. You might consider bookmarking your favorite views if that sounds like a workaround that might be helpful to you.


  20. myblogmyfeelings

    Does anybody know how to sign out of wordpress. In this mist of these changes being made, I spend 5 minutes of so searching for a way to sign out, when ever I want to sign out.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Sheri

      Click your Gravatar in the blue toolbar, then click the “Sign Out” link next to your username on the left.


  21. samerastyle



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