New Theme: Museum

Museum is a light, clean theme that showcases your photographs, drawings, or illustrations.

We’re excited to introduce Museum, a new free theme!


Created by’s own Kelly Dwan and Mel Choyce, Museum is crafted to showcase your best photographs, drawings, or illustrations. Featuring elegant, museum-inspired typography and ample room for your images, Museum pays special attention to category and media attachment pages to help your collections shine. Image posts are organized into collections by adding them to the same category so you can proudly show them off. Media attachment pages are also designed with care, displaying all of your media’s details in a thoughtful manner and allowing you to link to individual attachment pages with pride. Check out an example!

Learn more about Museum at the Theme Showcase, or preview it by going to Appearance → Themes.

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  1. roughseasinthemed

    I switched to museum a few days ago. Not particularly for the images, but I liked the clean look, good typefaces, and use of colour. I prefer a scroll down home page (using the more tag) but I can live with the photo rich home page as the individual posts look good.

    I like it. Nice theme, so congrats to the developers.

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    • tominalbion

      Just checked out your blog, looks good! 🙂

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      • roughseasinthemed

        Thank you.

        And a Q for WP (not you unless you can answer it!)

        How does the saturated red and red highlight work for people with red/green (ie colours look grey) colour blindness?


        • Daniel W. Robert

          Hi there!

          To answer your question, the contrast with the text would still be ok in that scenario. Photoshop actually has a built in color blindness tool that we can test with.

          Also, the absence of seeing red doesn’t necessarily mean grey. The real problem is layering red and green on top of each other. As long as you don’t put the two together, you’re generally okay. 🙂

          I hope that helps!


    • famstar

      It is indeed beautiful and breathe taking. Thank you.


  2. Mel Choyce

    Reblogged this on Stuff I find on the internet and commented:

    Another one of my themes is now available on Thanks to Daniel for porting it over!

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  3. emiridbest

    it looks so nice and clean. i’m just finding difficult switching themes there days. i don’t think ve done that for over a year now.

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    • marysmirror

      I know what you think about. I started using “Spun” few days after it’s release and until now I’m quite happy about it. I find it hard to change though, I already got used to it… but this one might be something for me…

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  4. tominalbion

    Great looking theme, if my blog was more image heavy I’d go for it.

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  5. impossiblebebong

    It might come in handy for I am planning to launch a photography blog starting next year. I already tried it with my current blog and I was amazed how expressive the theme is! The images come to life in a very spectacular manner and it really showcase the photographs wonderfully. It looks modern and uncluttered but warm and lively at the same time. Kudos to wordpress and to the creator.

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  6. Terry

    Those are beautiful themes!

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  7. blowinghate

    Wonder whether that would be a good theme for presenting different points of view


  8. thesciencegeek

    It looks as through it would be great for blogs which (unlike mine) mainly consist of pictures
    The Science Geek


  9. irishgelin

    it looks very sophisticated, i like it 🙂


  10. Oz Nature Shots

    I think I might give this one a go as I am keen to try something new especially if it will enhance my photography. Thanks Emmy


  11. ifychucks

    Learning everyday. Thanks for the link.


  12. privatewritersite

    Wow, what a gorgeous theme!

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  13. Vicious and Delightful

    I just used the theme. Lovely, clean and simple design.

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  14. GGeorgiev

    I definitely love it 🙂

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  15. kleboulluec

    Reblogged this on Visual Communications and commented:
    As you have learned during this class, WordPress Themes become outdated with technology changes happening frequently. So, a good rule of thumb is to change Themes from time to time to have the latest technology capabilities at your finger tips. This may need to be done every one to two years. Here is a new theme to showcase photographs, drawings or illustrations.


  16. Sunder Thadani

    Hats Off WordPress for being easy, convenient, and fast. The competitors are no even seen.


  17. aspiriteddiva

    Lovely Themes!!!!! 🙂


  18. hamradiovu2viz

    I Like New pretty Themes

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  19. truelightcoghop

    Very nice. What a look!


  20. andrewhamcell

    Simple but cool


  21. Top Smartphones

    Great themes…!!!


  22. annap12333

    I love all of the photos here very beautiful …

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  23. Penticular

    I believe the blog must appeal to the viewer 1st and this nails it, great work!


  24. eleven98

    It looks great! 🙂

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