New Theme: Goran

Announcing Goran, a new free business theme available for sites!

We have a new free theme to announce today: Goran!


Goran: Front Page

Designed by yours truly, Goran is a functional, responsive, multi-purpose theme that’s a perfect option for your business website.

Goran: Responsive Design

Learn more about the free Goran theme at the theme showcase, or preview it by going to Appearance → Themes.

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  1. Mara Eastern

    This theme looks very similar to Edin — I even had to check these two side by side to make sure they are different — but it looks great! I very much love it to have a new theme each Thursday, and Goran is my current favourite 🙂

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  2. Gaurav Tiwari

    Feels like *Edin* but a lot better. 🙂

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  3. Deli Lanoux, Ed.D.


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  4. Richard Bell

    Looks good; striking and understated. Hope it will be available for hosted WordPress sites, I mean other than on, sometime soon.

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  5. Metal Blade

    Why 90% of the new themes do not show blog description, categories under posts and also don’t support gallery post format? All are mainly white whitout option to change in black

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    • Thomas Guillot

      Why 90% of the new themes do not show blog description

      Goran being a business theme the blog description is in most cases irrelevant. It is possible to display the description with some custom CSS: .site-description { display: block; }

      categories under posts and also don’t support gallery post format

      All our themes are showing categories and most of theme are supporting the gallery post format, including Goran.

      All are mainly white without option to change in black

      Thank you for your feedback. We will look into this.

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  6. Michael Meiser

    Understated and beautiful at the same time. Unlike its parent Edin, which has a very strong business touch, Goran is definitely multi-purpose.

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  7. PiedType

    Handsome, and amazingly versatile for a free theme.

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  8. Osore Macabre

    Goran is a name from Serbia and Edin from Bosnia. Are the authors from Balkan or this is just a coincidence? Sadly, I don’t like those name (one is from communistic period and the other is Islamic one), those dogmatic and conformist reminiscences.

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    • Thomas Guillot

      I am French. Edin was called after the city of Edinburgh, Scotland because that’s where the project started. Goran was just to play around the Serbian/Bosnian name Edin.

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      • Osore Macabre

        I feel much better! I’m from Serbia, but don’t consider myself Serbian, maybe I would say I am Serbian just because of language, but people there (and at the hole Balkans, to be honest) are narrow minded. Name Guillotine would be grate for the next effort, something dark and bloody.

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  9. Roberto Rodriguez

    I like the design with red. It’s bright and innovative. Looks good on my site.

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    Awesome. I just started a business on computer gadgets and I am looking for a good host website that could offer good deals for my business. Will look into this then.

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  11. dhenztm

    This is a good looking theme! 😀

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  12. Metal Blade

    In Goran, while creating new post there’s no Gallery post format. It supports only galleries made with the post format from other themes, previously used

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  13. fitrogue

    Great job. This is one of the best themes I’ve seen in a while. Will be using it on several sites. Thanks!!

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  14. David Bennett

    Is that correct for the dimensions? It seems big for the size down the page to be so big compared to other themes I am used to?

    “While you can crop images to your liking after clicking Add new image, your theme recommends a header size of 1230 × 1230 pixels”

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  15. aarundhc

    it’s a really good theme ….great work

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  16. irinacristache

    This new theme looks very smart. Awesome.

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  17. theartfulblog

    Beautiful elegant understated design. Bravo. Love it.

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  18. timethief

    It’s a beautiful, clean responsive theme that has so many features that will appeal to bloggers with blogs in multiple niches.

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  19. katywalterswritesews

    Clean precise design, minimalist and beautiful.

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  20. Flower

    I like it. Very clean, modern and sophisticated. I’d use it.

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  21. bullshitwiki

    This is a great theme, clean and precise design.
    Thank you WordPress 😉

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  22. John Jr

    Hello Thomas Guillot,

    Congratulations for making another nice multi-purpose theme, I am liking your style so far, and currently Goran and Edin are in my top five best/favorite free themes of 2014. 🙂

    There are a few things that I would like to see for both themes like a tagline option, an option for timestamps for posts, the blog title width/space limit to be increased for Goran when there is enough space to fit a longer title on one line instead of two or more lines, and a few other things that I mentioned in my Goran bug report at the Forums.

    Your design style is making me reconsider how I use/view/interact with/expect of themes, like using an even shorter blog title, and so your design style could possibly help me evolve my thoughts/views on themes. 😉

    Thank you for making two of the best free themes this year. 🙂

    -John Jr

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  23. Beth

    I have decided to try this theme and have run upon a few issues already. The demo shows a nice photograph on the man page (what I thought was the header) Apparently I was mistaken, and what I have installed as a header only shows up when I open a whole set of files under a category. I wonder if there is some kind of tutorial to show how to get a picture like you have on the first page. Is that a static page? I am also wondering how to get the grid page style.

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  24. Elzero Apparel

    amazing!! 😀

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  25. tanmaysetia

    This theme looks great!

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  26. Stéphanie Angers

    Love the look of this theme!

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  27. frankyremtlaaaat

    Really looks AWESOME!
    I will try it as soon as possible!

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  28. kellannsheridan

    I almost used this theme, but I went with Sketch instead. Beautiful themes they have on here!

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