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Projects Around the World

People who publish on are active around the world: following their passions, telling important stories, and helping others.

We’re inspired to see bloggers doing things they love and using this platform to make their voices heard. Here’s a look at some interesting projects around the globe.

Russell Chapman: Telling the stories of Syrian refugees

Last year, photographer and writer Russell Chapman documented the conflict in Syria and spent time in Syrian refugee camps in Lebanon and Jordan. His book, Syria: Refugees and Rebels, compiles images of his time there. Russell is currently working on a project to tell the stories of Syrian refugees rebuilding their lives in Jordan.

Shannon Galpin: Empowering cyclists in Afghanistan

Cyclist, women’s rights activist, and TEDx speaker Shannon Galpin — named a National Geographic Adventurer of the Year in 2013 — is the founder of Mountain2Mountain. Using the mountain bike as a vehicle for social justice in Afghanistan, she works on projects like supporting the national cycling teams, donating bikes, and training female cyclists. Her book, Mountain to Mountain: A Journey of Adventure and Activism for the Women of Afghanistan, will be released on September 16.

Mark Deeble: Documenting endangered elephants in East Africa

Filmmaker Mark Deeble has been making wildlife films in East Africa with his partner, Vicky, for twenty-five years. Currently in Tsavo, Mark is focused on following and filming elephants in Kenya, and has most recently written about Satao, the beloved tusker killed by poachers earlier this year.

Nancy Linthicum and Michele Henjum: Mapping Cairo’s literary scene

Map of Cairo’s bookstores and publishing houses, via CairoBookStop.

Looking for a book in Cairo? Two scholars, Nancy Linthicum and Michele Henjum, want to make it easier for bibliophiles and booksellers to connect, and for scholars, visitors, and residents to find the literature they’re looking for. They created CairoBookStopa site with a growing list of booksellers and publishing houses, and the basics on finding books in the city (including the book stalls of Soor el-Azbakeya and the Cairo International Book Fair). Read M. Lynx Qualey’s Arabic Literature profile on the projectand take note of the Arabic version of the site, too.

Pie It Forward: Serving pies across the US

In 2003, Sarah and Chris of Pie It Forward traveled across the United States, covering 12,000 miles and giving away pies to spread a message of generosity and kindness. They bake out of different host kitchens, and collaborate with people who donate pie pans and other supplies. Now, they’re working toward establishing a donation-based food service, and securing a vehicle they can use to travel throughout Michigan.

E-nabling the Future: Creating prosthetic hand devices for people in need

In 2012, two strangers — Ivan Owen and Richard van As — created the first working prototype for a Robohand design of finger replacements. To date, more than 200 devices have been fitted on people all over the world, giving access and opportunity to those not typically able to afford prosthetic devices. The network at E-nabling the Future creates open source designs for mechanical hand-assistive devices that can be downloaded and printed for less than fifty dollars.

We hope you’re just as inspired as we are by these projects! 

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  1. developmentbookclub

    WordPress is a great example of a global platform. Hope to see more posts like this!

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  2. malleestanley

    Inspiring. Google The Toilet Foundation which started after coverage of women being raped in India because they have no toilet in their homes and have to use the fields after dark

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  3. karya192

    WordPress is a great example of a global platform. Hope to see more posts like this!

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  4. rdonsolid

    i thought i know how to write a good blog until i came to wordpress. am amazed at the posts that come from this platform. so inspiring

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  5. Charlie Nicholas

    Blogging about my life as a female to male transsexual, helping fight for our rights, going back to finish college, and also blogging about my passions on coffee and computer science.

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  6. Jess Barlow (DearHolly creator)

    I love the idea of ‘pie it forward’! Very clever concept and wonderfully memorable name. Thanks for spreading the word about such intriguing and interesting projects. – Jess

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    I love it !!! Great post 🙂

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  8. thomastan2014

    WordPress is without doubt by far the most meaningful platform I’ve came across.

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  9. 4thandcoffee

    WordPress is incredible! I’ve learned so much here. It’s given me a bigger interest in people and places around the globe. Awesome post.

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  10. kaylalinthicum

    what you are doing is wonderful!

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  11. vyzplace

    This is great.
    Seeing people make an impact on the world inspires me to get in gear.
    Thanks for posting.

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  12. erniemelini

    Thank you wordpress! You make the world in touch with global news.

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  13. 365daysofalzheimer

    Word Press helps to develop imagination in people, to see places, people we would never see. Is an eye opener. 🙂


  14. mommycookforme

    Great post! Thanks WordPress for making the world in touch with realistic news. 🙂

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  15. islandbty06

    I am so thrilled to know that there are people out there trying to make a great impact in some parts of the world! 🙂

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  16. Goutam Venkatesh

    WordPress is a platform, but there were people doing what they’re doing long before this became popular. More important than wordpress becoming a platform, I think I should commend the hard-working individual/groups. THEN comes the platform; i congratulate wordpress for this 🙂

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  17. xabsa

    I love seeing people making an impact on other part of the worlds. I have just started my blog and want to start making an impact in the community I grew up in and where I am currently staying in. 😉

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