New Themes: Edin and Espresso

Edin and Espresso are two great new themes, each sporting pixel-perfect designs.

Check out Edin and Espresso — today’s spiffy new additions to our massive family of themes.


Edin: Front Page

Edin is a brand-new, free business theme designed by yours truly. It’s a modern and fully responsive theme that will help you create a strong — yet beautiful — online presence for your business. Edin offers multiple theme options and supports the recently launched Site Logo feature.



Espresso is a responsive, content-centric premium theme designed by Justin Carroll that allows you to choose between two charming layouts. Go with a traditional post stream for your writing-based blog, or go grid-style for your photography blog. A fixed sidebar on the right keeps widgets, menus, and social links at the ready for visitors.

Edin is a free theme, and Espresso is a premium upgrade. Check out each theme’s showcase by clicking on its screenshot above, or preview it on your blog from Appearance → Themes.

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  1. Metal Blade

    Hi, thanks for Edin. But in preview mode the name of the site is almost half hidden under the browser bar.

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  2. Mara Eastern

    I love Edin! It’s similar to the theme I’m using, Motif, but even more classy, and I’m so tempted to switch themes! On the downside, I very much dislike the menu hidden under the single button instead of the classic menu bar, which I prefer. Is there perhaps an option to get rid of the menu button and replace it by a menu bar, for instance by a CSS line?

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  3. Bob Sassone

    I love Edin too. Can you tell what the default fonts are for the theme? Thanks!

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  4. David Bennett

    I like Edin.

    I like the little touches like the font size for the caption text below images – very discreet.

    And I like the ample white space between posts.

    I am not so keen on the size of the text in blockquoted text because it dominates a bit – particularly with it being a serif font.

    The way the menu opens and covers everything in blue was pretty startling the first time I did it – I though there was a bug.

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  5. Paul Bowler

    Edin looks a great theme, will have to check it out.

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  6. Alexanda Lloyd

    Fantastic looking theme! Thank you for creating it.

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  7. allzkiesite

    how can i change thems?

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  8. Michael Meiser

    It’s very generous that Edin is free. I’ll recommend it to a friend who is just starting up his one man firm.

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  9. churchlib

    I am interested in using the Edin theme because I like the idea of a grid layout. Is it possible to use this layout on previously created posts or will it only work with new posts? I hope it will be the former but I cannot see how to apply it. I activated Edin briefly for, but didn’t like its default so I reactivated my previous theme, Sight. I hope you can advise me because I really like the idea of a grid layout.


  10. David Bennett

    @Thomas Guillot
    I just saw your reply about the menu choice under theme options – Not used to seeing options there. I think the ability to have a ‘classic’ menu makes this theme that much better.

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  11. deepbellylaugh

    My gosh, Edin looks stunning! Congrats on a great design and thank you for making it free. I think I will give it a go. Thank you!

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  12. David Bennett

    @Thomas Guillot

    Just a further comment about the blog title. It has some strange break points.

    The title reads as one line at ‘full size’, then breaks into two lines at smaller size, and then reforms as one line at still smaller size.

    My blog title is ‘I Use This For Testing’ – so it is not that long a string of letters.

    Can it be tweaked to not break like this ?


    • Thomas Guillot

      It’s because :

      • 600px < x the menu is above the title
      • x >= 600px the menu is on the right hand side of the title

      If you have custom design you can tweak the font-size to avoid the site title to break into 2 lines.


  13. Balikbayan Books

    Hi Thomas, is there a sort of manual for using Edin please. I’m struggling to make my new site look like the beautiful preview images! Thanks very much H


  14. leahkrevit

    Hi, Thomas. Espresso is amazing! I’m interested in using it, but my WordPress site is self-hosted. Any chance of getting this theme? Thanks!


  15. happeningfashions

    I like this theme!


  16. Vernon Blake

    Hi Thomas,

    One of the best themes you guys have produced so far! Very flexible theme that can be used for a variety of businesses.

    As an SEO and usability specialist, I really appreciate having multiple menus (primary, secondary, footer), along with widgets in the footer and a “Site Logo” option in the header. The way you handled the integration of “vanity” images and homepage introductory text by overlaying the two is a great solution, allowing the Call To Action to remain above the fold.

    A couple of options that would be great to see in the future:

    1) A “top” widget area in the upper right corner of the header (see CyberChimps “Responsive” Theme) so that a phone number, email address and/or button link could be added. This is especially important (sometimes essential) for business websites, especially when viewed on a smartphone device. It would also need to be viewable on more than just the homepage.

    2) Navigation Breadcrumbs. Always a very nice usability feature, especially on a mobile device when it can be difficult to know where you are, especially if you entered the website on a page other than the homepage.

    Many of my customers are small businesses that receive over 50% of their traffic via a smartphone device, and every “small” thing we can do to get them to call a number, send an email, or visit an interior page by clicking an easily accessible button (eg, “See Our Menu” for a restaurant, “Please Donate” for a non-profit, or “Visit Our Store” for ecommerce) makes a HUGE difference.

    Just a few thoughts that I hope you will consider for this and future “business” themes.

    Thanks again for the great work!

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  17. anarleiva

    We are using Edin theme for our new website and it has all features we need. Thank you for creating it, Thomas!


  18. zhina

    Wow, Edin is so beautiful, especially with the photos in the preview snapshot!


  19. helloproducoes

    I’m trying to use edin theme, but I don’t know how to display the grid template with the large featured image on the top. How can I do that? It only apears a simple page. Thanks.


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