Early Theme Adopters: Bloggy

In our Early Theme Adopters series, we focus on bloggers creating great sites with recent additions to the Theme Showcase. Today, let’s visit a few sites using Bloggy, a premium theme that offers many different looks.

Designed by Anariel Design, Bloggy is a stylish, sophisticated, and versatile premium theme that showcases text and photography equally well.

What’s more, Bloggy sports Special Elite — a distinctive default font — on the site title, post titles, navigation, and text widgets:


If Special Elite isn’t your style, the Custom Design Upgrade offers scads of additional fonts to choose from.

Let’s tour a few sites that use Bloggy for some customization inspiration.



Prolific poet R.M. Engelhardt uses Bloggy to great effect to promote his most recent volume of poetry, The Resurrection Waltz. The black background and chunky all-caps site title and tagline lend a distinct gravitas, wouldn’t you agree? Engelhardt uses Bloggy‘s custom header feature to load one of four header images at random. The grainy black and white images lend portent and emphasize the sense of a serious poet at work.



Julie Catherine Gagnon is a kinesiologist and professional figure skating coach. We especially loved the large, inviting custom header image at OBJECTIF SANTE ~ FORME. It combines light-green leaves and slim, elegant type which underscore the healthful focus of the articles on her French-language site.

Food To Glow


Be prepared to feast your eyes on some recipes! American expat Kellie Anderson, blog proprietress of Food To Glow, uses stunning, large-scale photographs to show off her culinary feats. Kellie’s light background and muted typography allow her food photos to whet your appetite for her tantalizing recipes.

Looking for more Bloggy inspiration? Check out:

While Bloggy is a premium theme, there’s a wealth of free themes you can choose from to create just the look you’re after for your blog.

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  1. kellie anderson

    Thanks so much for featuring my blog, food to glow. Such an honour, and such kind words, too. I *love* the Bloggy theme!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Writing to the Sunrise

    Over my many years (in various incarnations) using WordPress themes, Bloggy is my favorite so far. It’s a pleasure to use and the Special Elite font feels fresh to my theme-jaded eyes.

    Liked by 1 person

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