Introducing Site Logos: Personalize Your Blog, Display Your Brand

We’re excited to announce our new Site Logo feature.

One of the most common requests we’ve received from users is the ability to add a logo to your site. While some premium themes have their own type of logo uploader, as soon as you switched your theme, the logo would disappear. But not any more! Today, we’re excited to announce the new Site Logo feature.

With this new feature, you just need to upload your logo once. Your logo will appear on any of our supported themes, regardless of how often you switch themes. Each theme has been custom-tailored to ensure your logo will look its best and display appropriately, whether on a mobile device or a large screen.

In addition to offering support for over a dozen themes — from our best business-styled themes like Motif and Forefront to all-time favorites like Oxygen — we’ll continue to add support for even more themes over time (as well as new ones upon release).

To get started, check out the Site Logo support page for details on adding, changing, and removing a logo to your site. Enjoy!

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  1. Nycole Hutchens

    I tried this and did not see the “add logo” for my theme 😦

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  2. Ms. Roberts

    This is awesome. Thanks!

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  3. KleesButterfly

    You can read my mind. This is what I was waiting for.

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  4. thebravestbear

    Off to create a logo!


  5. Charlie

    Why wouldn’t a business want to make its favicon and blavatar be its logo?


    • Kirk Wight

      Favicons and blavatars are always square, so having the two features separate at this point makes sense. Of course, setting the same image as your logo will certainly work.


  6. KleesButterfly

    I’ve just realized there’s no Site Logo Option for the Traveler theme. Will you add one in the near future?

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  7. Leslie Stockton

    cool 🙂

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  8. Russell Turner

    Thanks for developing such a great feature! This is really awesome!

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  9. David Bennett

    Thank you. I’ve immediately set mine up.

    For anyone trying to make a circular site title only to find that the surround is square, remember that a jpeg always has a solid background.

    A png image, however, can be saved with a transparent background, so you can get a circular image.

    Look at the video and you will see that the ‘espresso’ image is a png.

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  10. ipanase

    thanks sir, research on logos 😀

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  11. michelledevilliersart

    I can’t seem to do it: no option pops up…

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  12. Daniel Greene

    Great feature, thanks! Now I just wish one could search for themes that have this feature (the way one can check Custom Header, Custom Menu, Custom Background, etc. on the Change Theme page:

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  13. Daniel Greene

    Oh, never mind. I see you linked to a page that lists the supported themes:

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  14. jillmarley

    I’ve been waiting for some time to include a logo in my header text. Can’t wait until this can happen with twenty-ten theme.

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  15. the DYSFUNCTIONAL photographer

    I tried so many times last night to change this last night.

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  16. olivier rebiere

    Excellent initiative, bravo 🙂

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  17. Hammond Coates

    Would like support for Misty Lake one day.

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  18. Roberto Rodriguez

    Very good post! I hope my theme will get this feature soon. I use Ryu 🙂

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  19. deepbellylaugh

    Great idea! Thank you for continually trying to improve the features available to us.

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  20. dreamsburnred

    Finally. Been waiting :).

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  21. Khortish

    Fantastic feature! I’m hoping you’ll eventually get to supporting a lot more themes including the Delicious Magazine Theme

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  22. Central IQ, Inc.


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  23. widow101

    Disappointed. No site logo option available on my site. Will there be one soon?

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    • Ben Huberman

      Our Theme Wranglers will be adding the Site Logo feature to more themes in the future — both existing themes and new ones.

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  24. cherylawang

    This was super helpful! Thanks!

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  25. Jitneesh Layal

    This is really good job done. You rock guys…!!

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  26. The Bridge Live

    Oh boy! Wish I could give you a bear hug! WordPress I love you. 🙂

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  27. dhenztm

    This is pretty cool! Thank you! 😀

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  28. kevinstark029

    It is the easiest way to add a logo to your WordPress website. WordPress provides great support and that’s why people love to use WordPress. Thanks a lot for sharing awesome information.

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  29. homeofrealfood

    It doesnt have it for me to do on my theme? Disappointed — is there any chance I can get it?

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  30. jpelker

    When did the customizer move to the right? That, and the other small design changes it has, look awesome!

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  31. izzyandellie

    Does it work for Ever After theme?

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  32. Paula Cappa

    Great idea. I’m going to look into this for my Tales of Terror blog.

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  33. Swav

    Fantastic add on 🙂 but I can’t see this on my dashboard, I use ryu theme @, so as I understand, I will have to wait right ?

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  34. Debbie Spivey

    Is Adventure Journal not supported either?

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  35. Debbie Seitz (Realtor) at Shirley Franklin REALTORS.LLC & President of "Home Staging on Seitz"

    I also could not find the “add logo” for my theme. Is it for specific themes?

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  36. Techboy Sharath

    This is what I was waiting for… Can I add this in Humaen theme??

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  37. Daggi Dinkelschnitte

    You may delete what you want, still there is no button in PILCROW.

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  38. sherinaharris

    Does anyone have any suggestions for programs to use to create a logo? 🙂

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  39. Ahnaf Mahmud

    Awesome! Please add support for Quintus theme!!!

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  40. John Doe

    Any chance there’ll be an option for .com users to upload a favicon.ico instead of the default WP logo?

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  41. The FaithBook

    Hmmm…I haven’t really considered doing a logo but this does sound like a really good idea. I might have to try it!

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  42. theinfinitediaries

    Love this! It makes the blog even more personal! 😀

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  43. Master_Bright

    Love this! It makes the blog more unique

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