New Themes: Adaption and Isola

Adaption and Isola are two great new free themes that keep your content looking good, no matter what device your readers use.

This week we’ve got two great free themes designed here at Automattic. How cool is that?


Adaption is a brand new free theme, designed by yours truly. This theme is flexible and adjusts itself for every aspect of your site — your content, your design, and the device you’re using. The focus is on your content, with full-width images and simple, supportive design elements, and the layout adapts with an optional third column that appears if you add widgets. Adaption truly adapts to make sure your readers get the best possible experience.


IsolaIsola gives you a fresh, clean slate to showcase your writing, photographs, or videos. Its primary menu and widget area are tucked behind a handy button, giving your content plenty of room to breathe and keeping it beautiful regardless of the device or screen size. Designed by Automattic’s own Joen Asmussen, Isola was inspired by a “less is more” philosophy and was influenced by mobile design patterns.

Both Adaption and Isola are free. Check out each theme’s showcase by clicking on its screenshot above, or preview it on your blog from Appearance → Themes.

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  1. Mara Eastern

    A new theme every week? I’m loving it 🙂

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  2. Cielo

    Reblogged this on Ways of life and commented:
    Check out these new themes. I love “Adaptation”.


  3. dandelion199

    I like the Isola style it’s really simple and clear. It wouldn’t fit mine but if I was going to start another blog I would probably use it 🙂

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  4. triciatallen

    I prefer Isola as well. But best of all, both themes are free!

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  5. Jeroen Tuijn

    I really like the adaption theme, I quickly changed the the theme of my blog. While I still could

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  6. Jean

    Do either of these themes allow a header slider with featured photo for sticky /featured blog posts?

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  7. timethief

    I like both themes and will be trying them out in my test blogs this weeknd. Right now it’s Isola that appeals to me most of all.


  8. Metal Blade

    Thanks for this great themes. I like Isola much more but in preview mode when I change the color scheme the menu button is not active and cannot load the sidebar.


  9. judithbarrow1

    I like both themes and will be trying them out .


  10. Heather

    loving adaption, but I’m wondering if you can still just put snippets of posts on the home page instead of the whole one.


  11. Cheryl Gunderson

    The word is ADAPTATION. Please fix that.


  12. aqilaqamar

    Thank you God and Bless you guys for finally making such awesome free releases I am so happy right now I clapped out a yay and my Mom asked what is the matter going into free themes. SO HAPPY!


  13. jroman26

    I want a new website, interior design services, if I buy one of your themes, can I use mail chip, and use affiate links, paypal?


  14. dyule2014

    Reblogged this on Donna's Blog and commented:
    New Themes


  15. dyule2014

    Thank you for the wonderful theme


  16. karunaignana



  17. aqilaqamar

    Just one thing: Will there be new fonts with serif type themes?


  18. Khortish

    Love how the themes look. I can see myself using the Adaption theme at some point for a personal lifestyle blog.


  19. dhanajiwadkar

    Gr8 theme


  20. dellaire

    Hello, thank you for this beautiful layout. I have a question though. Is that picture of the guy holding the surfboard the header? I tried previewing the layout and adding a header but it appears at the top left corner above the menu. Is there something I am missing out on? Looking forward to your reply. Thank you! 🙂


  21. deepbellylaugh

    Loving all the Responsive themes! I like how the tag cloud for adaption is one consistent size, it looks tidy and professional. Congrats on a great design!


  22. manish98209

    Adaption theme is a great looking theme ! Keep it up


  23. Bernadette

    I love how these themes are both responsive! Responsive layout really makes a difference. The splash of bold colour on adaption really compliments the sleek feel. Enormous thanks 😀


  24. Metro Square

    Adaption is fantastic free WordPress theme but look like premium theme. Thank you so much! You’ve given me such an amazing experience with your theme. I greatly appreciate it.


  25. jmcideas

    Each time I reviewed a ‘new theme’ – I’m not happy with the all schema
    In the great ‘Isola’ the best fit for me w’d be the menu display’ Pages by a formatted’ presentation still fixed
    Nice it is!

    So, c’d it ever be any way to use a specific feature/option got from such ‘a new theme’ ?
    In others terms: a way to go through a very personalized theme
    [automattic’service w’d be easy in this offer – may be]

    That w’d be a definitively end point for to a unique proper creation
    (means a totly new advanced by a blog portail -WP-)

    (fed-up too many ‘so called new theme’ which unfitted your own design’ project)


  26. Michael Meiser

    I like Adaption because it supports ALL available post formats. Why don’t ALL themes support ALL available post formats?


  27. Inside the Mind of Isadora

    I think both themes are great. I am going to try them on for size.
    Thanks …. free is always nice. : )

    Liked by 1 person

  28. ariesferi

    ah, just use the default theme. I don’t know how to change the theme, i’am newly in blog


  29. thesciencegeek

    I like Isola. It looks really good, I may try using it for my blog


  30. jacobmarty

    The new themes every week make me want to change my themes EVERY WEEK! Haha


  31. ɴɛoɴ pɪɴҡ

    I like Isola. It’s clean and minimalist, just how I like my blogs to be. I’ll try it ASAP!


  32. Swav

    They are very clean and fresh, perfect for writing novels or story telling… Is anyone knows where to find someone who knows a lot about ryu theme, that I currently use on my blog @ I want to customize it a bit, before Writing 201 kicks in 🙂 Cheers from Ireland, Swav.


  33. karbondioxide

    Adaption theme is a great looking theme ! Keep it up


  34. bitcoinseedstore

    The Adaptation theme looks amazing, I may have to give it a try. I’ve been looking at free themes but it’s easy to get lost in how many there are!


  35. syarikatusaharemaja

    hello can anyone teach me how to add a slideshow image to the page


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