WordPress for Android 2.9 Has Arrived

If you’re a user of our Android app, you’ll enjoy the updates included in our latest release.

The WordPress for Android 2.9 release is now available in the Google Play Store. This release includes some exciting new features, enhancements, and bug fixes.

Blog Discovery

Blog discovery is a new feature in the Reader that lets you:

  • Find new blogs (based on recommendations).
  • Preview a blog and read posts before following it.
  • Manage your tags and blog subscriptions.


Publish Icon Button

We replaced the publish icon button with a contextual text button. Whether you’re saving a draft, publishing or scheduling a post, or updating one, this new button will display your action, depending on your current task.

Faster Notifications and Stats Refresh

We updated the Notifications feature to use Simperium technology, which will sync your notifications quickly and efficiently.

We also know you love viewing your Stats, so we improved them to refresh faster than ever before.

Interface Improvements

  • Reintroduction of the refresh button in all refreshable views, along with the pull-to-refresh gesture.
  • Pull-to-refresh tip bar has been replaced by a less aggressive, self-hiding message.
  • Save dialog has been removed, and all posts are now auto-saved when you close the edit post view.
  • Reblogging interface redesign in the Reader.
  • Sharing image, video, text, or link via WordPress for Android now remembers the previous choice.

General Changes

  • Posts and pages auto-save feature has been improved.
  • Fixed bugs related to statistics (only affecting Jetpack users) and image handling.
  • Reader improvements to fill gaps in time between two syncs.
  • As we announced earlier, we dropped Android 2.3 support. Current (2.9) and later versions need Android 4.0 or later.
  • New translations: Hebrew and Basque.
  • SNI (Server Name Indication) support.
  • Minor bug fixes.

What’s Next?

You can keep up with the development progress at http://make.wordpress.org/mobile and can also follow the app on Twitter @WPAndroid. If you need support or want to send us suggestions, please visit our forums.

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  1. Jack Flacco

    Hooray! I’ve been waiting for this update for such a long time. Thank you!


  2. IAmMohhit

    I downloaded it a few days ago, Must say! its really good.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. iceman

    The Last version is so good that the Web version seems very old and slow


  4. Twindaddy

    Is there a way to insert images that already have been uploaded to your media library using this app? If so I have never figured it out, which is why I quit using the app to compose posts.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. saremaj

    Is there a way to find a blog that hasn’t posted anything recently? I want to find the daily post but have to keep strolling through my reader to find a post they’ve written. It’s a bit of a faff!


  6. Anthony Watts

    And it STILL doesn’t have the most needed feature – a list of comments that are pending that need approved, so that you can easily just tap check boxes and approve them.

    Tedious now to approve comments, wading through reams of pre-approved comments to check those that might have been held up because commenter has commented before, or used a flagged word.


  7. dtpiixart

    I tried updating, but my phone memory is full so I have to wait awhile until I can make space on my phone before I can update.


  8. prayoga20

    Please update symbian version 😀


  9. catezapp

    I really like the new updats!The only thing missing now is the featured image option.for the next update!

    Liked by 1 person

  10. poetrasoekardi

    WordPress app is Not available on my Blackberry device. 😥



    i like it..


  12. Lord Vader

    Please come to Fire as well. Update on Amazon Appstore.


  13. The FaithBook

    This is very exciting news!


  14. jophik001

    its another nice one.


  15. Sarah Jane

    Too bad the iPhone version is still not great. :/


  16. valeriosoldani

    Good news! Strongly needed an update of your app to properly manage simple tasks. Very important also the improvements made in the “reading” features. Blogging isn’t only content publishing and community building is a must. Well done!


  17. travelsmag

    It is very useful for me. When I don’t have my laptop, then I can do work with android phones.


  18. Niejan

    The WordPress app for Android is getting better and better! Keep up the great work, thank you.


  19. Melvin Yap

    Definitely beats the last version. Thanks

    Liked by 1 person

  20. kellyspeca

    i really like its new version.It is very useful for me. When I don’t have my laptop, then I can do work with android phones.


  21. akeem54

    Think that would be helpful. I discover that my reader features lot of posts from few blogs at the expence of several others i follows. I am not being able to enjoy other blog’s post, even some of my favourite. what can i do?


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