Three Ways to Enhance Your Homepage

Running a website on Here are three ideas to help you ensure your homepage is doing all the heavy lifting.

Many people turn to to set up a website: either one that moves the blog from the homepage to showcase work in a different way, or off the site entirely to create a brochure site for their business. Today, we’ll look at three ways to make your homepage even more awesome.

(If you’re new to, welcome! Here’s some information about setting up a homepage on your site.)

Create a synopsis in your sidebar

textwidget When someone lands on your homepage, you have but a few seconds to help them understand precisely what your site is about. Text Widgets are a great way to display a few sentences that describe your site or your business offering, list your address and hours of operation, or even share a customer testimonial.

To add a Text Widget, go to Appearance → Widgets to drag the Text Widget into your sidebar and customize the text it contains.

Unleash the power of social media

fblikewidgetChances are, if you’re running a business, you already have a Facebook fan page to help reach out to customers and share information on new products, sales, and perhaps even do a little customer service or support. The Facebook like widget allows your site visitors to “like” your Facebook fan page, without leaving your website.

To add a Facebook like box, go to Appearance → Widgets and drag the Facebook like box Widget into your sidebar.

Not into Facebook? Why not give Twitter, Pinterest, or Instagram a whirl?

Create a Custom Menu to help visitors navigate

If you’re running a business, or if you’ve chosen a website as a tactic to showcase your work, you’ll want to create a Custom Menu to help visitors navigate to the content they’re looking for. Your business site might have a page to list services, a contact page, and/or an about pages. Artists, authors, and musicians might consider adding pages to showcase their latest compositions, including paintings, drawings, prose, poetry, or songs.


To create a Custom Menu, head to Appearance → Menus. Not sure if your theme supports Custom Menus? Check this handy list.

When it comes to customizing your homepage, let your imagination inspire you. Looking for a bit of help in getting these and other features implemented? Our Happiness Engineers can give you a boost.

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  1. David Bennett

    Good idea about the synopsis.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Laura Plumb

    Great ideas. Thank you!

    I am toying with the idea of shifting to so I can monetize my site. Can you tell me why that might be a better option?

    I have been all over your sites for discussions on this. Now I am ready to learn directly from the source.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. A Girl With A Lot of Guts

    New at blogging so all the tips and advice are greatly appreciated!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. amngilbert

    Is there an easy to understand synopsis of how to get started with the software instead of using the web? Does it cost to use the software?


  5. photoproject365days

    Very helpful. Got some new ideas. Thanks.


  6. HostessAtHeart

    When you visit a new blog, what makes the join widget automatically pop up? Maybe mine does that and I just don’t know it?


  7. triciatallen

    Great post! I incorporated one of your suggestions, the synopsis in a sidebar. I wrote a poem I hope encapsulates what my blog is all about. I hope those who visit my blog find it useful.

    By the way, is it possible to place a link to my About Page at the end of the text widget?


  8. rushbabe49

    I just added my first text widget. Can you have more than one?


  9. Leslie Macchiarella

    I’ve got the custom menu going and FB widget etc but I hadn’t thought of a text widget. Great idea! Thanks.


  10. urright2no

    Thanks. As always very helpful tips, always something to add a new dimension. I’m new at this, so I really appreciate all the great ideas.


  11. anicaartphotography

    Very helpful for me too!


  12. mistawitty

    The “Three Ways to Enhance Your Homepage” are concise. I find them very useful.

    And, I totally agree with David Bennett – the synopsis is indeed a great idea.

    I’ll put all three to use right away. Many thanks!


  13. Patrick LEMARIE Consultant

    Thank you for your clear explanations.


  14. Widdershins

    I keep forgetting to use Text Widgets … thanks for the reminder. 😀


  15. Craig Pay

    The synopsis is a great tip. I recently added one to my author website. An image also looks nice if you want to add a personal touch (though I hate photos of myself!).

    And if you know HTML you can add links to that synopsis. Feel free to click through my profile picture to my website for a look.


  16. journeyblogger1

    Good idea about the synopsis, agreed. The text widgets definitely will help.



  17. Helen

    Great idea about the synopsis. A really simple idea but one that will be really helpful for readers! Thank you 🙂


  18. Josiah Bayne

    Krista, you are a gem. Your help in the comments section has truly opened my eyes to the possibilities of wordpress. *Salute*


  19. tnstey

    I totally agree about the social presence. It makes a huge difference as it gives a feeling of trust-worthiness if you have a lot of followers.

    By the way this post is on wordpress homepage, that is how i ended up here. Just thought you would like to know 😉


  20. 1421art

    I am on image overload so the drag and drop text widget reminder is perfect timing. Thanks Ben!


  21. Satusatuen

    Good idea. I will try the synopsis. Thanks for sharing a great post!


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