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From the US to Turkey to Brazil, established journalists are using their blogs to enhance their reporting in traditional media. bloggers constantly write about the events that shape the world around them, while some of our VIP partners, like CNN,  Time, and TechCrunch (among many others), deliver breaking news on a daily basis.

We’re thrilled to host another community of writers engaged with current events: active journalists who keep personal sites on to enhance and expand on their work in other media outlets. Today, let’s celebrate four of these enterprising, cutting-edge writers.

Sarah Kendzior

sarah kendzior

With a publication list that includes Politico, Foreign Policy, and Slate, journalist and scholar Sarah Kendzior has established herself as a leading voice on politics and the economy.

Sarah has been using her blog as a hub where she updates her readers on her latest articles:

Because I write for a such a wide variety of publications, it’s great to have one place where I can list my articles and post excerpts as I publish them.

Sarah writes regularly on education at the Chronicle of Higher Education and elsewhere, and is the author of the most popular op-ed ever on Al Jazeera English (where she’s a columnist), on race and ethnicity in the wake of last year’s Boston Marathon attack.

Alexander Christie-Miller

alex christie-miller

Alex, a freelance journalist and photographer, has been living in Turkey since 2010, and serves as the local correspondent for the Times of London and Christian Science Monitor (with articles also appearing in The Atlantic, Vice, and elsehwere). He features his in-depth coverage of the region on his blog, TurkeyEtc.

His blog first began as “something I could send to editors so that they would know I was switched on and informed about what was going on in Turkey.” It soon developed into a lot more:

It’s now a place where I can expand on issues or topics that interest me, but which for space or editorial reasons I was not able to include in one of my paid articles. 

Alex balances thoughtful posts on topics like Turkish politics and media with shorter (but frequent) updates on Twitter.

Damien Walter

damien walter

“My professional writing and journalism owes almost everything to blogging. I started my WordPress blog back in 2006-7. The blog gave me the focus I needed to find my voice,” says Damien, whose articles on science fiction, technology, and writing frequently appear at publications like The GuardianWired, and Aeon Magazine.

Over the course of its existence, his blog’s role has shifted along with Damien’s career:

It’s where I try out new ideas, and carry on the wider conversation with readers that is always ongoing. Blogging and social media make writing much more like an ongoing conversation than the old top-down model of the mass media.

For those interested, Damien is also a bonafide global nomad, and shares his insights on living and working on the move on his blog as well.

Nicole Froio

nicole froio

Originally from Brazil, Nicole has studied journalism in England. She brings this global perspective to her commentary on topics as varied as Brazilian politicspop culture, and feminism. Her articles have appeared in ViceThe Guardian, and The Toast (among many others), and blogging has certainly helped along the way:

Publicizing my work on a blog is incredibly easy and fast, so when editors want to look at my writing I simply send them a link to my blog. 

Keeping her blog active goes beyond practical considerations, though. Nicole continues:

Blogging helps me think in a way that is unrestricted in comparison to being published by a publication that has its own style, rules and views. In my blog, I can be me.

Thank you Nicole, Damien, Alex, and Sarah for sharing your experiences (and great writing) with us.

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  1. Seeker and her search

    I too publish my articles in my blog because it will be easier for others to see my work at one place


  2. hsugarmill

    As a health journalist specializing in diet and cancer, I use my blog to engage in more detailed discussions with people who want to know how nutrition affects disease.


  3. glasgowdragonfly

    Inspiring stuff. Envious of the talent out there. For something a bit Scottish, a bit offbeat, come and let me know what you think of my wee blog. All comments welcome!


  4. Kaitlin A. Trepanier

    Yes, we do!


  5. Bryan Hemming

    Having published only a few travel articles in The Independent, I regard myself as half a journalist. Now I post most of my articles on WordPress, using two sites to keep them in their appointed categories. I also include past work originally published in hard copy.


  6. Abdulkarim Taraja

    Amazing and interesting journey of journalists. Currently am a student and have have began my own blog and hope will develop it fully.


  7. fatimabintemustafa

    This is a great way to reach out. I am an MD (foreign graduate), Cyber Kiwanis member (volunteer service organization for children) and an Avon Rep and for people to know how I contribute to my community, and how they can be a part of it too, I feel this is a great platform.


  8. Normʻs Voices of Maui

    I write a column for Lahaina News on Maui profiling people and supplement it with my blog which has provocative photos of people and not sunsets. I just finished an amazing cruise to Tahiti, Bora Bora etc and took 1000 photos so i started still another blog: Not much is up on the latter yet because I just got back but there will be amazing photos of tahitians, tatoos, and elevator dancers, too numous to mention.


  9. Alexandra Costa

    I’m just started my blog ( – Here and There) a few months ago. I’m been journalist since 1996 so will take a time to put all my works online. In the blog you can see my latest articles, about travel, gastronomy and wine. All in Portuguese (my next work will be to have a version in English).


  10. Bill Bennett

    My WordPress site is the main way I advertise my freelance journalism business. It’s ridiculously efficient I get roughly one new job a month, that’s about as much as I can manage.


  11. Toyah

    Interesting post. Nice to see writers using the site to express their views on current situations and benefitting personally at the same time. Keep up the good work bloggers! T x

    Liked by 1 person

  12. Tony

    I’m no journalist but I do like to promote the latest stories from the world of nature, often from a scientific perspective. Examples of this can be found via my Facebook link and its associated WordPress hosted naturestimeline blog.

    Kind Regards



  13. Karen Dowdall

    I now follow Damien. WordPress has enriched my life and I have learned so much. Great post Ben


  14. Judy

    I’ve been a trade magazine journalist for 25+ years, working for publications specializing in health, fitness, diet, nutrition, and eye health for consumers and professionals. I started blogging to keep my writing sharp when I was experiencing a temporary derailment in my journalism career. As a christian, I began writing about how God is working in my life, and because I love photography, I began a photography blog. I aspire to become a professional photographer one day. So much has changed in journalism, but I was fortunate enough to land a job as an editor-in-chief for a magazine for nutrition professionals. Come visit me at Walking With God, Judith Riddle Photography, and Judy’s Portfolio.


    Liked by 1 person

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