New Themes: Pictorico, Designfolio

Showcase your photographic talent with two new themes, Pictorico and Designfolio.

Today we have two brand new photography-oriented themes to tempt and entice you!


Pictorico is a free portfolio theme designed by Automattic’s very own Dan Hauk. Bold featured images, a slider, and a magazine-style grid layout make it perfect for a photo-essay site or portfolio.


Designfolio by Press Coders
Designfolio, a premium theme by Press Coders, is a great choice for showing off your photos, designs, or illustrations, and it scales perfectly to fit any size screen on a computer or mobile device.

As always, you can test drive Pictorico or Designfolio from Appearance → Themes.

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  1. touchlineui

    I really love this. Hope to try it someday. Thank you very much

    Liked by 1 person

  2. CrazyGuyinThailand



  3. The FaithBook

    Pictorico has to be my favorite. Perhaps if I ever get around to creating that portfolio site…


  4. Roselinde

    Pictorico is really great!


  5. David Bennett

    It’s nice.
    The ‘Hatch’ theme is also nice for portfolios.


  6. favoricanta



  7. Salil Lawande

    Does it support the “Portfolios” option that was recently launched?


  8. jerznunez



  9. atuhaireevalyne

    I really like this


  10. Haru

    Finally, Pictorico is awesome.

    It kinda bothers me that you have to upload featured images at least 800 pixels of height for them to show properly in the blog index and also at least 1180 pixels wide for them to show properly in the posts… That would be 1180×800 for every post that you want a featured image in… I was hoping for just an average of 1200×500 or 400, and that the blog would be able to adapt it to the index.

    But eh, it’s still a good theme. Using it right now.


  11. Surayya Cheema

    Pictorico looks so good but it keeps demanding that I use a header otherwise it just has a blank grey space right in the middle. Does anyone know how to make that go away?


  12. natuhwerac

    I like them too, very much.


  13. niemolens

    Thank you for your messages, tips and help. I would like to see on new suggested Themes, whether they are premium or free. Then I don’t have to open the former. Although Designfolio looks great, I would rather spend money on your video module, once I have enouth material.
    Regards, Thomas


  14. viv45

    Can somebody please tell me what happened to the Bueno theme?


  15. hdb97

    Pictorico is a great theme and allows people to take great pics.


  16. Eli K. ADORGLOH

    It looks very nice!


  17. John Hayden

    Wow! Designfolio is one hot theme! It would be a great theme for celebs, politicians, businesses selling high-end products, anyone who has good photos.


  18. Crunchedd

    Pictorico looks great for photography blogging!


  19. Tony Wemton

    Awesome! Ideal portfolio for infographic marketing, highly blogsome! please anything futuristic for food and agriculture? shall be greatly appreciated.


  20. lorac888890

    Oh, my God! Photographers take the best photos. I’ll need my own for some articles in the future.


  21. amdugan

    Nice! Thank you for sharing them!


  22. Stephanie S.

    loving pictorico so far! great for immediate viewing of my photos


  23. Jason Boyd

    Love Designfolio. Can anyone show me how to add more social icons to the top right?


    • Sheri

      If you have already setup the “Designfolio: Info Box” widgets inside the Appearance > Widgets > Header widget area, you can add social media icons by editing that widget’s settings. If you want to add icons that are not listed in the widget settings, then you could add social media icons using a text widget and some HTML.

      To get further help with Designfolio, head on over to


  24. Denzil

    Caroline, I have converted my blog to Pictorico and I love it … Layout, typography, colours. sliding posts, featured images … perfect. Thanks


  25. DenisPodrug

    It was great switching to Pictorico and I use it as a photo/text combo and am more than happy.


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