New Themes: Alto, Collective, and Worldview

Whether you’re looking for a theme for your blog, online magazine, or collaborative project, this week’s crop of new themes comes packed with great features.

Happy Theme Thursday! Today, we’ve got three fabulous new themes for your viewing pleasure.


Alto is a premium content-focused theme by Pixel Union. Its sharp lettering and simple organization will provide an engrossing experience for your readers. Employing a subtle mix of traditional and contemporary aesthetics, Alto is a perfect frame for blogs, portfolios, and magazines.


Collective by Organic Themes
Collective was designed from the ground up with teams and collaboration in mind. Developed by Organic Themes, Collective delivers a beautiful, wide-screen experience featuring unique layouts for team members, portfolio items, slideshows, and more.



Worldview, by UpThemes, is a blogging theme that offers a beautiful reading experience and exceptional typography. Working across all devices and browsers, this gorgeous theme will draw your readers in with its large cover photos and bold colors.

Alto, Collective, and Worldview  are all premium upgrades for your blog. Test drive any theme from Appearance → Themes.

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  1. marysmirror

    Wow, Alto is nice…but thought it is premium it won’t be useable for me…a pity!


  2. nancytravelsvirginia

    How do I get a BUY NOW Button to work?? Tried linking with PayPal url and not working.   Nancy Mitchell,


  3. Michael Meiser

    Worldview is definitely great and should be the free default theme for 2015!


  4. wordcoaster

    Collective looks awesome. If I ever have both money and friends (or friends with money) I would go for it.


  5. timethief

    I like all three premium themes but I’m so fickle when it comes to themes that I use only the free themes. I’m not a team blogger by a long shot and will never become one but that’s not to say I won’t recommend Collective to others because I surely will. I will also recommend Alto and Worldview too as I like their features and appearance. Thanks for these additions to the growing collection for fabulous themes.


  6. Haru

    *sigh* More premium themes to the list.


  7. the blogging disciple

    All three of these are sharp-looking themes, and “Collective” definitely appears able to nicely serve its’ target niche.

    “Worldview” is the one that really interests me. I really like the typographic features, and can picture my poetry and writings enhanced with this upgrade. The only thing I’m not really fond of, at first glance, is the bright highlighting of secondary information (categories, tags, etc.). Maybe that can be remedied with customization?? Very nice, regardless. 🙂

    WordPress in the spring
    Trots out it’s newest crop of themes.
    New ideas they bring,
    a fresh expression for our dreams.

    Peace. 😉


  8. Isaac Yuen

    Worldview is beautiful – my only beef with it is the All post that is at the top of the main page. Looks a little off. Also, a couple of featured colours without CSS would be nice, since it is already a premium theme.


  9. Grow360

    Collective….really beautiful.


  10. writtininstone

    I’m like Timethief, I change my theme way too many times to sink that kind of money into a theme I’ll probably get bored with in a few months. That’s really unfortunate because I love the Collective Theme. Absolutely love it. It’s widescreen–which is way too hard to find–it’s clean, minimal and versatile. But it’s way too expensive to get for my changeable tastes. If it was cheaper, I would have definitely made the plunge. But unfortunately, it’s not.

    But they are beautiful themes. Just hope we can get some free themes that are widescreen and minimal in the future.


  11. Keaton

    I agree with these commenters. I agree that these are really good themes and it’s a good way to create some money, but I think it would be awesome to maybe show some more free ones..? I’m not saying to showcase one every week or anything, but a few more free themes would be awesome. I might purchase a theme in the future, but for right now (and in my opinion) a few more free themes would be nice.

    I’m not criticizing your theme finding, pricing, or showcasing; your choices are amazing and I couldn’t love them more! (esp. these ones – they rock!)


  12. Alex Hurst

    I’d really love to see some more themes that allow for paragraph indents…. or at least some kind of easy shortcode.


  13. simonesbooks

    Wow that is quite awesome; I love the first one 🙂


  14. Mercon C

    Nice theme, I Like Alto 😉


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