New Themes: Dynamic News, Ubud, and Bridger

Our three newest themes, Dynamic News, Ubud, and Bridger, let you start an online magazine, showcase your photos, or build a portfolio for your personal or small-business website.

It’s Theme Thursday, and I’m excited to announce our three newest themes!

Dynamic News

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Dynamic News by ThemeZee is a responsive, multipurpose blogging and magazine theme with bold colors and fonts. When you first activate Dynamic News, it functions as a blog theme. However, you can configure it to look like a magazine theme by using its magazine page template, featured content slider, and custom widgets.



Ubud by Elmastudio is an elegant, minimalist photography theme. Its clean grid layout is a beautiful and easy way to showcase your photography, artwork, or portfolio.



Bridger by CELTIC7 is a portfolio theme for personal and small business websites. With several layout and display options, bold colors, generously-sized featured images, and a responsive design for all screen sizes, Bridger helps you create a site that’s hard to ignore.

Dynamic News, Ubud, and Bridger are all premium upgrades for your blog. Test drive any theme from Appearance → Themes.

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  1. earthseacreative

    Silly question, but how can I use Ubud on Look forward to hearing from you 🙂


  2. belindq

    Time to use a new theme! Thanks for coming out with new FREE themes.


  3. thevalueofsparrows

    You write that bridger is for small businesses. I thought that in, a site wasn’t able to make money on that site. Have things changed? Or am I misinformed?


    • Michelle Langston

      Hi there! If you have the Business upgrade, you can now sell products on your site.

      However, small business websites (or any business site for that matter) don’t necessarily have to sell products; rather, they can be a way for the business to establish an online presence and provide information about their services, portfolio, and ways to get in touch.


  4. Abi. S

    Thats cool. i love new themes

    Liked by 1 person

  5. mrberge

    I am a user. Can the Ubud theme be purchased and used with users? If so, please advise how I can proceed.


  6. Jon R.

    I’m really loving that Dynamic News theme! I think that’s definitely going to be my future premium upgrade. I tried to view the magazine style through my blog preview, but I didn’t see a way to do so. I could only preview the default style. Other than the live demo, is there any way to preview that style personally?

    Liked by 1 person

  7. catezapp

    Love the Ubud theme and Bridger. Is something similar coming up, for the free themes?


  8. zohrasamadzada

    So beautiful. I wish it was free. Is there something similar and free? 🙂


  9. Nish

    That Dynamic News theme is super-awesome. I love the magazine style layout.


  10. mlhail

    Hello i am looking for nice gallery theme for WP.Anyone can help me?


  11. christrocks

    I have to say, the best thing on this page is the photo of the kitty on Ubud. All the themes are gorgeous, of course, but cats always win. 😉


  12. phreshideasanddesigns

    Nice designs. I’m into minimalism, so Ubud appeals to me the most. Less is more.


  13. adenclark

    Great themes Michelle. Im loving the Bridger theme, and its background, looks very relevant and will appeal to technology bloggers/readers.


  14. olaniyia34

    Are your themes for free?


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