Spring break? Travel blogs help you pack your bags.

Whether you’re planning a trip around the world or just doing some armchair traveling, travel blogs are great for inspiration and recommendations.

In the northern hemisphere, spring is just around the corner — that time when a young blogger succumbs to wanderlust.

If you’re planning a spring break or just want to travel vicariously, blogs can help you pick a destination, plan your itinerary, and even help you choose a book or two to pass the time on the plane (or train, or bus, or boat). Here are a few of our faves:

Ellis Goes on Holiday

Ellis Goes on Holiday is a one-stop shop for all your budget globetrotting needs. This young Brit caught the travel bug young and has been making his way around the world ever since. Need to find the best burger in New Zealand? Scope out hotels in Singapore? Figure out how to break the ice with your hostel-mates? Check, check, and mate.

ellis goes on holiday

Ellis Goes on Holiday covers every place from Laos to Morocco to Belgium to Honduras, and every travel detail. Use his music, movie, and book recommendations to top up your tablets and Kindles for long trips, his meals for backpackers to keep from busting your budget, and his bag-packing tips to travel light.

Lady on a Rock

Looking for a more active (and colder) vacation? Look no further than Lady on a Rock. Christy, a fifth-grade teacher and 25-year hiking veteran from Oregon, decided to hike the 2600-mile Pacific Coast Trail. She’s completed 1800 miles — from Mexico to Oregon — and is branching out, completing the Continental Divide and John Muir Trails and hiking across Scotland.

lady rock

Her site, Lady on a Rock, is a fantastic resource for anyone interested in hiking and climbing in the western US. Maps, detailed trail journals, and gear recommendations help you plan your next excursion, and desktop wallpaper made from her trip photos will keep you motivated between treks.

roam & home

Chicago’s Karen Valentine is eating her way around the world, and she shares it all with us on roam & home. From Chicago to China to Colombia to the Czech Republic (and lots of other places that don’t start with the letter “C”), she travels in style, finding the best eats, quirkiest neighborhoods, and can’t-miss sights.

roam home

Along with plenty of tips on what to eat, where to stay, and what to see, she’ll help you find the perfect travel bag, and her well-curated blogroll and list of travel resources will answer any question she can’t.

George School Voices

Of course, travel can be about more than fun in the sun and a great meal. The high school students from the George School teach us to combine holidays with helping.

george school

For their spring break, they’ve fanned out around the world — Nicaragua, France, the US, South Africa — to meet up with local students and engage in community service projects. The students chronicle their experiences on George School Voices.

Whether your next vacation is a cruise, a hike across Mongolia, a family trip to EuroDisney, or a weekend in Buenos Aires, there’s a blogger who’s been there and written about it. Browse the Travel topic in the Reader or search for a specific location to build a virtual travel guide, or just click through some posts for a fast, free armchair vacation.

Happy trails!

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  1. Merrissa

    I wish we got ‘spring breaks’ in the real world. Probably the only thing I miss about college 😉


  2. teleskier12

    Good info. I like Ellis goes on holiday. Thanks.


  3. Andrea

    Thanks for sharing all of these great blogs! I always really enjoy getting vacation ideas by seeing the places other people have traveled.


  4. Maria Matthews

    It doesn’t have to be a young blogger, I think we oldies are worse, who needs an excuse to pack your bags, I don’t.


  5. Ninjaprincess

    I love to travel. Cant wait to pack my bags and off i go:)

    Liked by 1 person

  6. the eternal traveller

    Reading other people’s travel blogs gives me inspiration for my own, and ideas for my next holiday. I like that you chose blogs with a difference too.


  7. ccb481

    I am planning to go back packing in Europe and yes I agree with you. Blogs are a great way to learn new tips from people who have experienced the trip themselves.


  8. mumsumsum

    Travel blogs are some of my favourites to read. Also one of my favourite things to write about, especially travelling with our kids. People think that once you have kids it really hinders your travel experience, but I think it really gives you a fresh and curious perspective on the world because that’s how they see it. (:


  9. joshuarkam

    This is gold to me, man! GOLD! I hope to be a travel blogger one day once the circumstances allow and I am always obsessed with reading all these travelling blogs. I always love to live vicariously through these witty and courageous bloggers! Thanks for this compilation! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  10. zfashionista

    I’m planning a trip for Australia and these blogs really help!


  11. monikakomar

    Thanks for sharing those, that’s some great inspiration for planning trips and developing my travel blog too!


  12. geoffers1

    Reading travel blogs to inspire a trip can be the most magical part. Imagining your journey (probably in a way that is totally out is sync with reality) is such great escapism. The trick is to enjoy your own journey for what it is, not seeking to relive someone else’s story or find their photograph, because that will normally disappoint.


  13. 24000minutes

    I love planning breaks like this one and not in fact going on them. Planning it is part of the fun.


  14. Glutton Girls

    Thanks for sharing this gold mine! I wished there are as many travel blogs as there are now when I was planning my spring break. Thanks for sharing! I can feel the travel bug coming in already…


  15. ptrsmanali

    Great post, Blogs are a great way to learn all that’s swept under the travel brochures or rolled into the excruciating fine print by travel companies. I’m new in these parts and the info provides me with a roadmap. Thanks.


  16. bruce854

    Such great info, when do we leave? I’m itching to head out on a trip! Going to definitely spend some time going through all those blogs.


  17. smithkassidy

    This is great! It’s refreshing to see where others have traveled that you yourslef haven’t.


  18. 2davesarebetterthan1

    Great photo with this blog … if that doesn’t get us all in the mood for travel then nothing will!!


  19. rachydare

    I have read numerous travel blogs, they really have helped to shape my trip. As well at lots of advice on what to pack, they are so inspiring and personal.

    Liked by 1 person

  20. Lifestobelived.com

    So much to see and do out there, don’t just leave it for Spring Break… 🙂


  21. MaMaDuCk

    Travel blogs are invaluable and I love traveling and sharing our experiences — the good, the bad and the ugly! My most recent post about visiting Maine does just this highlighting my pig attack!

    Liked by 2 people

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