New Themes: Mayer and Axon

It’s Theme Thursday! Today, we have two new themes by two new theme shops: Mayer by Pressware, and Axon by DesignOrbital.

Mayer by Pressware

Designed by Tom McFarlin, Mayer is a straight-forward, solid blogging theme, built to get out of the way and get you writing. Mayer‘s authoritative typography and clean layout will give your words staying power, while its responsive layouts ensure your message gets across whatever your reader’s device.

Like all professionals, writers and bloggers need the right tool – and that’s Mayer.

Axon by DesignOrbital

Axon is a bright canvas highlighted with pops of color. Sidebars can be set to the left, right, or removed entirely, and Post Formats are given the attention they deserve, indicated by bold, sharp icons on every post. The navigation is never far away, as the dynamic menu holds to the top of the screen while scrolling.

Perfect for photography, travel, or any sort of portfolio site, Axon will frame your message in the best light.

Mayer and Axon are both premium upgrades. Check out each theme’s showcase by clicking on their screenshot above, or preview them on your blog from Appearance → Themes.

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  1. Saajida

    love both the themes but the second one is my favourite of the two 🙂

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  2. Michael Meiser

    Both a great themes. I wish that Mayer was free.

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  3. Mel Choyce

    Nice! Mayer reminds me a bit of Flato:

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Paul Bowler

    Wow, this looks great, especially like the Mayer Theme.

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  5. Victoria K Gallagher

    Mayer is a very long time coming – a blog theme that is totally devoted to the authors and writers among us; good job WordPress! 🙂 With a few customizations, anyone who decides on choosing this one can have the blog of their dreams!

    Axon is simplicity beautified, it just ‘works’. I love the silver shine slithers in the header and the overall minimalistic design; great for showing photographs like in the theme picture. I like it.

    One thing I have noticed with many of the newer WordPress themes is that there is a lot of grey tones – why?

    Anyway, two great new additions! Thank You 🙂

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  6. Sonya

    Axon is beautiful, but I’m getting a little over dosed on all the 90 degree angles and uber minimalistic themes. I’d love to see some new free themes with personality! Thanks for all the great work you do.

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  7. Luis C.C.S

    They look great, I wonder if I can give you guys suggestions on what free themes I’d love to see in someday…


  8. twinds

    I love Axon’s design, nice & clean. Layout focus me to photos and content.


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