New Themes: Bushwick, Syntax, McKinley, Moka, Gallery

This week we have another roundup of five new themes now available on Enjoy!


BushwickBushwick is a fresh, free, and responsive theme designed by James Dinsdale, perfect for blogging. The custom header image has been given a unique vertical treatment, while excerpts are presented in an original tl;dr format between the post title and full content. The widget area is neatly tucked and hidden above the menu; out of the way of your content, but one tap away. Bold with a laser focus on your content, Bushwick will keep your readers engaged and coming back.


Syntax Syntax is a minimalist theme designed with writing — and reading — in mind. With large, easy-to-read type, a fixed navigation menu for quick access to your content, large featured images, and a layout that looks beautiful on any screen size, it’s sure to be a favorite for writers who want a neat, elegant solution for their blog.


McKinley McKinley is a theme by ThemeTrust designed to make your content stand out. This theme makes the most of post formats with full-width videos, gallery slideshows and color blocks. McKinley is responsive, making sure your content looks good to any reader.


Moka by Elmastudio Moka is a pure and simple premium theme by ElmaStudio. The fluid layout ensures your site is beautiful and readable at any screen size. With bold featured images, clean typography, and multiple page templates, Moka will put your content front and center.


Gallery by UpThemesGallery, by UpThemes, is a visual feast for multimedia lovers, providing a dynamic grid-like layout with previews of many popular audio, video, and image services. With its clean layout and typography, let Gallery showcase all of your creative spaces in one place.

Moka and Gallery are premium upgrades, while Bushwick, Syntax, and McKinley are free. Check out each theme’s showcase by clicking on their screenshot above, or preview them on your blog from Appearance → Themes.

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  1. The Sisters Eternal

    I am in love with Bushwick! When I saw it, I had to have it. It’s my new theme for 2014.


  2. Cornhusk

    Okay I’m Bushwacked. That’s it I want it. Hand it over.


  3. carldeyreta

    I am a visual person, I might try Mckinley 😀


  4. PiedType

    Five new themes in one day? Pace yourselves! You’re going to burn out at this rate! 😀


  5. nicole marshall

    beautiful themes!


  6. katharinetrauger

    Wowed over Moka. Can someone like me even begin to learn how to work it? That’s not a real question, btw.


  7. Princess of Eboli History Masquerade

    Thank you very much for sharing, the new themes are beautiful !!!


  8. destina28



  9. carminacasinillo



  10. JohnGreasyGamer

    These are some great themes! The Bushwick caught my attention the most however, so I think I’ll be going with that one!


  11. Nish

    I love these themes by Elma Studio – Moka and Kiore Moana. Any chance they will be available for


  12. Martin (IQ)

    Despite the five new awesome themes, the one thing that fascinates me the most are Kirk’s “TV Room glasses”. :mrgreen:


  13. James Riddett

    More superb themes from, great work! Particularly love the minimalist Syntax theme.


  14. The Om Room

    Love these new themes. I don’t sent to change mine yet, but lots to choose from when I do.


  15. timethief

    I like them all. I have tried both Bushwick and Syntax and settled on the latter which is a beautifully elegant minimalist theme that I’m now using on my personal blog.

    I would like to mention the importance of us bloggers being able to include a tagline in all themes, and the fact that some themes do not have that field or have it but the display has been suppressed in our theme versions.

    As this is a mutiuser blogging platform and we bloggers cannot access meta data we cannot enter meta descriptions. Granted they aren’t required for SEO but when we do use a blog that provides tagline display and we keep the site title and tagline are under 70 characters Google does display them in the SERPs( search engine page results). That is why I am requesting that our Themes Staff ought to consider including tagline display in every theme they bring online for us users.

    Thanks, in advance, for your consideration and for all you do for us to insure we have gorgeous themes to showcase our content in.


  16. carlostorneropando

    If i had to choose one of these themes i should definetely go for the mcKinley theme. A clean theme for any type of future project.


  17. 30YearOldKnowItAll

    I immediately switched to Bushwick as soon as I saw it, what a wicked theme!!!


  18. KK Ghost Writer

    I was window shopping through the theme showcase on the 1st of January and saw Bushwick… Although I had recently changed my main theme to Twenty Fourteen I loved the look of Bushwick and knew I’d finally found my “happy place” theme. I immediately switched. I love the clean, streamlined look of this theme but also love that it has a “look at me” boldness too.
    Thanks for some awesome themes WordPress!
    Now please lead us not into theme change temptation again with more awesome themes.


  19. Tom

    More and more great themes are appearing on the Theme Showcase all the time and I think that this is great. Keep up the great work!


  20. minicoopergirl93

    I love Syntax! So clean and streamlined, just like reading a book.


  21. Rea.A

    Thank you the for McKinley theme. I have activated the green version:-)


  22. INSPIRE and RISE

    Seems like a fantastic theme !
    Will spend a little more time examining how it would gel with my future posts before switching though.

    Great work ! Thanks 🙂


  23. Michael Meiser

    Great themes! It’s incredible that three of them are free!


  24. vrramprasad

    I like Bushwick what a theme it is! keep it up great work.


  25. lifeinacanister

    The Moka theme looks stunning!


  26. T. Kain Hunter

    Bushwick is a wonderful theme, I’d love to have it. But it seems the menu does not appear properly in mobile mode 😦


  27. moiracampbell

    I have a writing blog using the Chateau Theme, which I like and don’t even experiment with enough. Bushwick caught my eye, as I plan a new professional blog. The vertical banner appeals, as does the auto “excerpt/quote” function.

    Can you change fonts and font colors in Bushwick without upgrading ?

    Is there any way to view other’s blogs using this theme ? There aren’t any samples linked to its page.


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