2013: A Year in Review

With 2013 behind us, we can now take a look at our community’s incredible accomplishments over the past year. Here’s the year that was on WordPress.com.

13,704,819 new blogs in 2013

That’s a 36% increase from 2012, during which you created 10 million new blogs.

489,281,136 posts in 2013

That’s 12 times the number of books in the Library of Congress!

667,675,929 comments in 2013

That’s an average of 21 comments per second for the entire year.

0 comments since you’ve been
on this page.

95,424,985 likes in 2013

That’s almost 38,000 times the number of stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

The most popular topics in 2013

You’ve written about thousands of topics in 2013. Here are the top ten:

  1. Photography 328,763 posts
  2. Video 289,493 posts
  3. Politics 282,893 posts
  4. Music 282,434 posts
  5. Life 280,219 posts
  6. News 259,493 posts
  7. Art 240,367 posts
  8. Love 168,657 posts
  9. Humor 155,213 posts
  10. Food 105,528 posts

Themes and customizations

You’ve created amazing customizations with the 77 new themes we launched this year. Check out some of these makeovers:


  • Default Design

  • Custom Design


  • Default Design

  • Custom Design

Massive Press

  • Default Design

  • Custom Design

Twenty Fourteen

  • Default Design

  • Custom Design

The Daily Post

Over at The Daily Post, we encourage you to write as often as possible. You’ve blown us away every single day with your responses to our Daily Prompts, your thoughtful entries to our Weekly Writing Challenges, and the breathtaking photography you’ve shared on the Weekly Photo Challenges.

Daily Prompts

33,315 Responses

Most popular prompt: “A — Z”

Weekly Writing Challenges

4,008 Responses

Most popular writing challenge: Haiku Catchoo!

42,350 responses to our Weekly Photo Challenges

Most popular photo challenge: Color

Automattic and WordPress.com highlights

Automattic, the company behind WordPress.com, has had a great year as well, with lots of news and improvements.

A beautiful makeover

The WordPress dashboard got a facelift in 2013, which included awesome improvements to the design on both desktop and mobile devices.

Improved security

Security is important. With the addition of two-factor authentication, your WordPress.com account is more secure than ever.

Your digital hub

WordPress.com is your digital hub on the internet with sharing to Path, Google+, and Facebook embeds on your site, as well as the ability to save to Pocket and send to Readmill.

A whole new Simplenote

We made keeping track of your thoughts, your inspiration, and your life easier, with a brand-new Simplenote for iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

Write with Markdown

We made it easier to compose semantic content by launching Markdown across WordPress.com.

Fighting censorship

We’re actively protecting your rights as bloggers — we filed two lawsuits geared to squashing frivolous DMCA claims.

Cloudup joins Automattic

We welcomed Cloudup to the Automattic family.

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  1. Raanan Bar-Cohen

    Reblogged this on Raanan Bar-Cohen and commented:

    an amazing year.

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  2. Ryan Cowles

    Reblogged this on Ryan C. and commented:

    It’s amazing what can happen in a year.


  3. postie2015

    Right on! =)


  4. James Huff

    Reblogged this on MacManX.com and commented:

    2013 was a huge year for WordPress.com, so let’s plan on an even bigger 2014! 🙂

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  5. maugryph

    WordPress just keeps getting better.


  6. seeker

    I knew I am in the right spot. 1 out of millions that is making a ripple affect. Thank you WordPress!


  7. Jeff Bowen

    Reblogged this on Get 2 See and commented:

    It was a great year on WordPress.com! Check out this fun recap 🙂

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  8. Egill

    Reblogged this on Egill and commented:

    What a year!

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  9. librarylady

    Fascinating. I especially the statistic of how many comments were made while I was read this post.


  10. Sophia Hudson

    I wasn’t part of WordPress for most of 2013 but I am looking forward to spending 2014 in the blogging community 🙂


  11. Shit101

    2013 Was An Amazing Year! Thanks WordPress.com Looking Forward To Kicking More Ass In 2014! xoxo


  12. akeem54

    Looking to a greater perfomance this year. Kudos to all


  13. medasane

    Beautiful photos. I joined this year, and have seen and read some incredibly beautiful works of art. I am very happy to be a part of this place. I am blessed to have seen so much talent in one place.


  14. Deli Lanoux, Ed.D.

    Y’all never ever ever fail to impress. Ever. I am sooo appreciative of all you do for all of us!


  15. harolene

    Just WOW!!!


  16. PiedType

    I’m always blown away by WP’s numbers. Grats, guys!


  17. Jackie Dana

    Reblogged this on a fiend of awesome and commented:

    Every year WordPress.com gets even more awesome. I’m so proud to be part of this great family! 🙂

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  18. swabby429

    I had a good feeling about WordPress when I first started in February of 2011. It’s good to be right.


  19. Tracy

    Reblogged this on iOS Affairs and commented:
    We all get excited when we see on our Dashboard that our Annual Report on our blogging over the past year is ready to see. Did you know that WordPress itself gets the same kind of Annual Review each year? Take a look at some amazing numbers & outcomes (which you helped them to achieve). The stat monkeys really did an outstanding job with this one. There are no fireworks, but what could be a boring list of numbers & comparisons is actually a beautifully laid out report that is overflowing with bright colors & dynamic design.


  20. jugalkishor

    It is a matter of pride to be with WordPress! Every year is a great year. Thanks for providing such info.


  21. HipsterApproved.net

    Thanks for this. Very interesting. And nice to know.

    Looking forward to a great 2014 over at HispterApproved!
    Thanks again!


  22. jason de asis (@jasondeasis)

    Impressing 2013!!! Keep it up to the fullest level.


  23. Zandy Ring

    Reblogged this on Revelry Reverie and commented:

    We had a fun year this past year. I helped WordPress.com users, but WordPress.com users were the ones out there changing the world!


  24. Paolo

    Reblogged this on Paolo Belcastro and commented:
    2013 was really amazing, here’s to an even better 2014.


  25. Joey Kudish

    Reblogged this on Joey Kudish and commented:

    An amazing year for WordPress.com and Automattic. Excited for 2014!


  26. Spira

    Thank you for providing such an excellent home for our forms of expression. Press on !!


  27. Greg Urbano

    Awesome numbers, proud to be part of the WordPress.com blogging community!!


  28. hulssay

    Wow..so inspiring.


  29. gtemedtk1

    I have enjoyed being with you for over five years and I pray that things will keep going well for all of us. I would like to know where the writing helpers/suggested tags went? Thanks for being here guys and I pray that everyone has a great 2014!


  30. anda642

    Thank You for making a difference in the World by making this Easy Blogging possible WordPress.com. Lets Continu & I intend to find more time for posting 🙂


  31. bensbitterblog

    And to think my bitter ramblings contributed…Word…press.


  32. silverbells2012

    Fab photographs!


  33. Marcin Trybus

    that was fun, now we have to conquer 2014:0


  34. Brenda

    A revolution in dissemination of art and ideas. The gatekeepers can’t stop the deluge. Thanks WP for keeping us all afloat on this magical sea. Warmly, Brenda


  35. Pandu Padmanegara

    I’m so impress with the latest updates & upgrade. IT’s awesome, sleek, good UX, and stable.


  36. pkpriyanka

    Thanks for making WordPress.com, this helped me a lot and now everyone knows me with my stories/poems/articles. I would like to say that WordPress.com is a beautiful website to develop our writings or views.


  37. ultraistgut

    I miss the comment I gave yesterday, in which I told you to be proud to be a member of WordPress.com – thank you very much for everything from Germany !


  38. Josh Betz

    Reblogged this on Josh Betz on WordPress.com.


  39. thisyearinmusic

    Lets make this year better!


  40. lovekoanawangin

    Whoah! Great figures! Keeps getting better indeed.


  41. OyiaBrown


    I did not receive, this year, the usual summary of annual statistics for my WP site: oyiabrown.com.

    Would it be possible to have a copy?

    Thanks. BRIAN.


  42. José Kimuanga

    Wow — that’s why I like WordPress forever 🙂


  43. deepaksachdeva

    Some of these statistics are just astounding! When you’re on the internet liking things, blogging or commenting you don’t really think about how many other people are doing exactly the same thing – these stats just put it all in perspective for me. It seems that the digital age is booming and will only continue to do so.


  44. Greater Voice

    So hard to (just) write: WOW!!!


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