WordPress.com by the Numbers: the November Hot List

Now that November’s NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month) is a fond memory and your blogging habit is firmly entrenched, it’s time to take a peek back at November by the numbers on WordPress.com.

Posts that grabbed your attention

In November, you wrote nearly 36 million posts and over 245 million words. Think about that: 245 million words. That’s about 4,000 250-page books. Your muses were on fire on November 21st, the most prolific day of the month, where together you wrote nearly 1.5 million posts.

Seth Adam Smith and Kim, his wife, on their wedding day.

Seth Adam Smith and Kim, his wife, on their wedding day.

One of those posts, Seth Adam Smith‘s Marriage Isn’t For You went viral, and has had over 26 million views to date.

The post has been widely publicized and featured on BuzzFeed, The Huffington Post, Mail Online, Cosmopolitan, The Matt Walsh Blog, and Today.com, just to name some of the outlets that covered the post and its rise to fame.

Lest we forget

On November 11th, we marked Veteran’s Day in the United States and Armistice Day and Remembrance Day elsewhere around the world. A Pearl Harbor survivor’s “visit to the Navy,” recorded in A Sailor’s Dying Wish, is powerful. The story of Electrician’s Mate Second Class William Bud Cloud’s visit to the USS Dewey, and the incredible reception he received from the servicemen and women aboard the ship, is both poignant and moving.

Electrician’s Mate Second Class William Bud Cloud, Pearl Harbor Survivor.

Electrician’s Mate Second Class William Bud Cloud, Pearl Harbor Survivor.

John Scalzi's book Lock In is currently scheduled to be published on August 26th, 2014.

John Scalzi’s book Lock In is currently scheduled to be published on August 26th, 2014.

Good things to come

Under the heading of WordPress.com authors in the news, John Scalzi completed his next novel, Lock In. The current publication date is August 26th, 2014. You’ll want to mark your calendar!

Your favorite topics in November

Speaking of Veteran’s Day, you published 3,710 posts on that topic in November.

Writing was on your minds. You published 11,772 posts on NaBloPoMo and 7,784 posts tagged NaNoWriMo.

The holiday season was front and center. You wrote 39,510 posts on Thanksgiving, 1,694 posts on Hanukkah, and 54,290 posts on Christmas, maybe because you’re thinking of food, (48,170 posts) family, (46,948 posts) and friends (18,125 posts).

Perhaps in anticipation of upcoming New Year’s resolutions, you wrote 12,123 posts on diet and 8,402 on exercise.

In the world of sports, you’re talking more about hockey (161,472 posts) than football, (139,934 posts). You’re just starting to get pumped for the upcoming Olympics (1,309 posts).

A lively conversation

You’ve got a lot to say! You wrote 53 million comments in November in response to nearly 36 million posts. You were feeling chattiest on November 1st, where you made over two million comments across WordPress.com. You gave out over seven million Likes during the month.

Behind the scenes at WordPress.com

In November, we were excited to launch Twenty Fourteen, the new default theme for the upcoming year. It’s a free, sleek, magazine-style theme we think you’re going to love for content-rich sites.

Twenty Fourteen, the new default theme for WordPress.com.

Twenty Fourteen, the new default theme for WordPress.com.

Previous instalments in the “By the Numbers” Series

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  1. Ron Scubadiver

    During November I had over 53,000 views. Not bad for an amateur photographer.


  2. Greg Urbano

    36 million posts, wow!


  3. Thomas Cochran

    Pretty amazing people are talking more about hockey than football. That definitely doesn’t correlate to the whole nation.


    • Krista

      It correlates to the WordPress nation. 🙂 This surprised me too, given that “football” is the term used for the sport we call soccer. I expected to see far more posts on “football” as opposed to “hockey.”


  4. rimpology101

    36 million! Thats insane! Congrats on your success!


  5. imsupersaiyan

    Bravo! I always love the numbers update. Also, twenty fourteen theme is such an impressive layout, way to go WordPress!


  6. Matt George

    Who would have thought hockey was more popular than football in regards to writing more posts? Interesting…


  7. Kris Moller's Blog

    I am very much a “numbers man” but this is above all expectation! 4,000 250-page books! Can we top that in Dec 2013? Yes I think we can!


  8. Shifflett

    Not many views on my blog yet, but I just started it on Nov. 28th, so I only had one post that would have qualified here, and only two days for people to view it. I have to admit, WordPress is a blast. And since I do OKC Thunder postgames, I’ve already had 5 posts for December, and I’m about to write #6. I should have a total of 17 posts by the end of the month, so you know I’ll be on here A LOT.


  9. Abby

    26 million actual views (make that 26 million and one) wow! Still, I am proud of today’s 21 views. And I am loving WordPress – Thank you. Have a great Christmas.


  10. Elizabeth Kilpatrick

    I am new to WP, started Nov 2013, with 370 views on one blog, and 50 on another. At the same time I started on About.me.com and I have had 11550 views in the same period. About.me site is a one page, with links to WP etc. I am obviously missing the important ingredient required on WP. Congratulations to all who make this a great site.


  11. Hana

    Terrific numbers! An article has had over 26 million views to date. I think I need my whole life to even one of his popular written post.


  12. Osuna Marketing

    Loving the WordPress platform!!! Congratulations on all of the success!!!


  13. SimplySage

    I published frequently in November, but did not participate in NaBloPoMo. However, I was so inspired by everyone else I might give it a try next year!


  14. Getting the Final Word

    Since incorporating photography, doing NaBloPoMo daily, doing the daily prompts, and weekly photo challenge, my blogs have greatly improved in followers and views! Thank you WordPress for all your inspiring prompts and I wish you all happy holidays and continued success in the new year ahead!


  15. hyper20kid

    Very cool! I only started in December, so perhaps my stats will contribute next month!


  16. ivyon

    Awesome! 🙂 I feel the rush before Christmas and New Year and have a hunch that next month’s statistics will be bigger. 😉


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