New Theme: Kiore Moana

It’s the first Theme Thursday in December, and we have exciting news to share — Elmastudio has become one of our newest premium theme partners. We’ve been fans of their designs for a long time, and we’re thrilled to announce the launch of their debut theme on, Kiore Moana.

Kiore Moana

The Kiore Moana Theme

Kiore Moana is simply beautiful. Its airy, single-column design, clean typography, full-width featured images, and carefully crafted post-format icons make reading your blog a fun experience. Perhaps you have travel stories and photos to share, or memorable experiences to recount from your daily life. Or maybe you would like to start a tumblelog, complete with your favorite quotes, links, and short blog entries. Whatever your passion, it’s sure to look amazing with Kiore Moana.

As a single-column theme, Kiore Moana is designed to display posts without the distraction of a sidebar. But that doesn’t mean you can’t use widgets in this theme – Kiore Moana comes with a special page template that arranges widgets in a lovely one-column layout. This is a great place to display the three custom widgets that come with Kiore Moana: About, Social Links, and Featured Video. Of course, you can use any of the standard WordPress widgets on this page as well.

Kiore Moana Info Page

A nifty button in the top right corner of your site lets readers quickly navigate between the widgets page and your posts.

Kiore Moana is a premium upgrade for your blog. Learn more about its features on the Theme Showcase, or preview it on your site from Appearance → Themes.

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  1. Sven Seebeck

    This is great. Been waiting for a theme like this. Had been using an Elmastudio theme on my then self-hosted site and am happy to see one here.


  2. joachimwahle

    It’s great to see after Yoko and Ari with Kiore Moana a new theme from Elmastudio here – Congrats to Ellen and Manuel. Clear and minimal design. Mobile first. Perfect on iphone/ipad with retina display. Like this! Especially this “info page thing” (a little bit tricky with the url 🙂 ) and the various post formats. But i miss the original theme options colors .. . Well done!


  3. Jessica Tavares

    Oh Wow!! That’s what I’ve been waiting for. Love this so much! *-*


  4. Michael Meiser

    A clean and beautiful multipurpose theme. With a large and easy-to-read typography like this, even longform posts must be a pleasure to read on mobile devices.


  5. mrscarmichael

    how could I not love a Kiwi theme? Cannot see how the heading/pages will look in preview.


    • Michelle Langston

      Hi! You can see how the theme’s pages will look on the demo site. Click on the Info Page link in the top right corner (the little pin icon). From there, you can see an example of a Custom Menu widget across the top, which has links to pages.


  6. raincoaster

    That’s intriguing. A widget page? I can see a great demand for more themes with this option.


  7. Sasha Wang

    I really like it! I was always thinking about opening another blog with different content with my current one. If that day comes, this may be the theme for it. ^^


  8. Isaac Yuen

    Love the typography + single column layout. Also appreciate that it is quite an affordable theme.


  9. Elle

    I am brand new to WordPress and I bought this today after seeing this post but can’t find how to upload it, I googled and is it right that I can only use it if I have :\ any help would be greatly appreciated 🙂


  10. Elle

    I just realised it was available in the premium theme section and I should have bought it there 😦 instead I followed a link and bought it from the site and received the file via email. Oh well, lesson learnt!


    • Kathryn

      Hi Elle – premium themes for sites are only available to purchase on Perhaps if you contact the theme developer you can get a refund for your other purchase. Good luck!


  11. paulaparicio

    A simple and elegant theme. Great design!


  12. Greg Urbano

    looks cute!


  13. jeremiahjames2013

    Not bad. But I’m a two-sidebar kinda blogger myself…


  14. Brad West (@bradonomics)

    I’ve admired Ellen and Manuel’s work for a long time. It’s nice to see them officially partnering with WordPress.


  15. Srinidhi

    Using it and it’s just brilliant…Everything looks so smooth and refreshing.


  16. Usmanibnbellozogirma

    Not bad, and looks good.


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