Celebrate the Season with this Year’s Holiday Theme and Desktop Background

It’s that time of the year again: every holiday season, we collaborate with wonderful artists to create a festive WordPress illustration. I recently had the pleasure to work with Jacqui Oakley on this year’s version. I think you’ll agree that this frosty, shimmering image is a perfect representation of the season.


Holiday Theme

Cheer was a big hit last year, so we decided to give y’all another seasonal theme that captures the holiday spirit. Automattic’s Caroline Moore has adapted Jacqui’s illustration into a new theme called Shine On, now available on WordPress.com.


As you can see, it’s a winter wonderland of color, and makes terrific use of post formats to help you chronicle your holiday celebrations.


Shine On is a gleaming, colorful theme, a perfect tree topper for personal sites and blogs. Make yours sparkle with this festive theme, then share your holiday photos and stories with friends and family.

You can read more about Shine On on the theme showcase, or preview it on your blog by going to Appearance → Themes.


As always, we’ve also created some cheerful wallpapers to match, available in different sizes for your device of choice:

Need help changing your wallpaper? Here are instructions for iOSAndroidOS XWindows 7 and Windows 8A tip: Choose an image larger than your screen size, and set the position to “center” or “fill screen” (not “stretch”).

If you missed them last time around, be sure to check out our illustrations from 201220112010, and 2009.

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  1. bumblepuppies

    It’s a great illustration, but I hope the theme comes with some extensive color options. Nothing says Happy Holidays like a giant German flag…


  2. Michael Meiser

    A cute variation of Twenty Thirteen. Shine on!


  3. timethief

    Thanks so much Dave and Jacqui for creating this lovely seasonal theme. May you both have a wonder-filled holiday season. And, may WordPress shine on and on and on.


  4. sacowo1

    Stop sending me messages! I have tried to unsubscribe but it doesn’t work. I don’t want any more messages thanks!


  5. Teepee12

    It is gorgeous indeed.


  6. Cinema Profound

    I think it’s beautiful. Will its availability be limited to the holidays? I hope not.


  7. OwlOfKnowledge

    As the Owl Of Knowledge, I might have to change my page for a bit. Beautiful theme!


  8. monika

    While I love the theme, the huge name in the illustration takes away from the name of the actual blog one is running….


  9. shazzyc13

    Wow, that looks fantastic.


  10. Isaac Yuen

    I actually like the title font a little bit more than the one on Twenty Thirteen 🙂


  11. Ana

    This is amazing! I love the whimsical colors. Very inspiring. Thank you!


  12. ingrid77e

    So cute! The artist did a good job!


  13. kalicidovme

    Cool! Twenty Thirteen. Shine on!


  14. Alltagsgedoens

    Beautiful idea and implementation. It looks fantastic!


  15. Jackie the Awesome!

    I’ve used it on my blog and it works great!


  16. usernamekev1n

    Splendid – this is “proper” art.


  17. fruityxl00pz

    I really like the new artwork for this layout!


  18. mojo911

    Well, if I knew anything about decorating online, I might consider it. Meanwhile, I’ll just go with whatever basic idea I decided upon when I started my little section of WordPress.


  19. Kartik Nijhawan

    A great theme but not for Bloggers who write News! Sad Me! 😦


  20. demitjethomassen

    I love the theme!


  21. llip2

    Question: How do I get snowflakes background?


  22. digitpedia

    The colors are absolutely beautiful. Love this.


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