New Theme: Twenty Fourteen

For the first time ever, the yearly default theme for WordPress is ready to go before its namesake year begins. Consider it an early holiday gift from the WordPress community to you, a tradition we hope to continue for many years to come.

Say hello to the default theme for 2014, a magazine theme with a sleek, modern, and beautifully crafted responsive design.


Twenty Fourteen is a great fit for content-rich sites because of the ability to easily highlight specific articles on the home page. It balances readability with a powerful use of photography — all in a layout that works on any device.

To feature your very best content, the home page prominently displays your choice of up to six posts in a grid or slider — use this to make sure your very best articles get noticed.

Quickly grab a reader’s attention with your beautiful photos — they are front and center in both the Featured Content area as well as above post titles in normal display.

Make it yours with three widget-ready areas, two special page templates (full-width page to remove the sidebar and a Contributor page to spotlight authors), and two menu locations. An added bonus is a unique “Ephemera” widget to show off your latest videos, music, links, and more.

Twenty Fourteen is full to the brim with lovely design details: from a beautiful, readable Lato typeface, to a fixed header for easy menu access, to distinctive pull quote styles, and more. See everything in action on the demo site and learn more on the Theme Showcase.

Designed by Takashi Irie and built by many passionate people in the WordPress community, Twenty Fourteen is now available in your dashboard at Appearance → Themes. Self-hosted users will have access to the new theme with the official 3.8 software release, coming in December 2013.

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  1. Chuck

    I like it! Think I might update my “aging” Twenty Twelve.


  2. Gaurab

    It looks amazing but the header menu remains constant as we scroll down. 🙂


    • Lance Willett

      Let’s turn that “but” into an “and” there, my friend. It’s a usability enhancement for easy access to the menu even if far down on a page.


  3. adapukka

    Very nice. Like it!


  4. Jotpreet Singh

    That is EPIC. Thank you so much.


  5. XPWINNER6656

    The ‘Twenty Fourteen’ theme on looks a bit dull; with the background, small title etc.


  6. JenT

    Probably the most hotly anticipated theme release this year and already activated on my Gallery demo site! 🙂 Thank you for this fabulous free theme.


  7. Missy Bunnie Oveson (@Bunnieblogs)

    I must admit, it reminds me of But I do really love the design of it.


  8. imsupersaiyan

    Goodness, that looks so impressive!


  9. Ken Ranos

    Eh, much much too busy for my taste with relatively little room for written content. I hope others find it useful, though.


  10. El Santo

    Oh, man, I’m definitely going to try this. It may be a bit of a culture shock for my regular readers, but I sorta want my site to look professional-like. 🙂


  11. deepbellylaugh

    Absolutely gorgeous, thank you!


  12. Michael Meiser

    Definitely a great magazine theme.


  13. Anna (Film Grimoire)

    Holy beautiful theme Batman! This might be just the one I’m looking for as I gather more content on my film blog. Excellent work!


  14. worldadventurespublishing

    Have you guys seen this theme on the phones? It is awesome!


  15. Karen Datangel

    BEAUTIFUL. Might have to make the switch over to this theme! Thanks WordPress, rock on!


  16. Purab Kharat

    Really great theme. Need to download. I think this theme will be released with WordPress 3.8 version.


  17. HiddenScoop

    I have to say, great Job WP! Not just because of how it looks, but what’s under the hood. All of my markup tests have passed. Search engines are constantly improving how and where they display results. The internet is evolving and if done write your content can see a constant increase in page views. This theme presents all the information search engines like Google requires for rich snippets. This theme should hold bloggers over for many years. What a great HTML 5 theme. I’ve went ahead and made the switch.


  18. Stranger

    Further is one of my favourite themes. But it was so expensive as a premium theme.
    But now I see that it comes with a new name and the best of all? It’ s free!

    This is an incredible new theme and maybe the best free theme!
    Thank you!


  19. daviddarrell

    Really don’t like all the white space on the right hand side. Apart from that very nice.


  20. Saravana Kumar

    Simply awesome… I liked it. 🙂


  21. Heine J. Morantin

    It looks awesome!


  22. Grand Canyon State Artists

    Looks good, updating…


  23. danishnazeer

    Impressive! The best part is that it’s free.


  24. Greener Pastures

    Awesome. May change our theme to this.


  25. Kellie Elmore

    It’s about time offers an awesome FREE theme. Love using the platform, but not everyone can fork over 70 bucks for a decent theme. Thanks.


  26. YUNKAI

    Beautiful theme.


  27. Musa Mustika

    I love it. This great theme is going to make me go back to blog using my account after a long passive time.


  28. Leslie

    I don’t like all that blank space on the right hand side of the screen. What’s the advantage of a left alignment theme? It feels part of the site is missing. Other than that, Twenty Fourteen is a great theme. Wish I could center it.


  29. Kerry

    I think it’s one of the most original and attractive themes launched in a long time, but I’m also not a fan of all the white space on the right hand side… is there no way to centre it so it’s not all squashed against the left edge of the screen? Thats the only thing holding me back from using it.


  30. David Adshade

    Superb – I have to create much more content and learn WP so I can use this one – FAST!


  31. keithyg123

    These new themes are great.


  32. Stranger

    I suggest to add the feature for custom logo. I think that the custom header is so big. Thanks a lot again. This is a perfect theme that I was always looking for!


  33. josephinelie

    I like this theme. It looks nice.


  34. Super Admin

    Nice theme. It’s so elegant 🙂


  35. A Writer Inspired

    I knew as soon as I got comfortable with my new theme you’d come out with another good one. Free too!


  36. fruityxl00pz

    I really like this new theme! I may have to apply it to one of my personal blogs!


  37. thecustodyrecord

    Like the theme but is there a way to stop the blog post text hyphenating onto a new line?

    Liked by 2 people

  38. wlknknit

    I really like this theme! Nice, clean format with a great page for featuring photos. I think I’ll use this for the knitting blog I’m planning. This will show of my samples very nicely! Thanks!!


  39. Fredi Upton

    It looks great on and this theme is sooo premium as it can be! So easy to tailor it to outside of the box. I would hope everyone is using it so the internet looks so much better. This is such a Hugh improvement especially on the inside as the coding has been light years updated and the speed performance is stunning. Guess we are going to see much more of it soon.


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