New Themes: Adventure and Basis

We have a special treat this Two Theme Thursday: new premium themes from two of our most popular sellers, Organic Themes and The Theme Foundry.

Adventure by Organic Themes

Do you have stories to share from a trip to timeless Angkor Wat, or a camera full of images from the surreal landscapes of Iceland? Organic Themes are back with their fourth theme here on, the travel-inspired Adventure theme.

Whether it’s a trip around the world, or a personal journey that needs to be told, Adventure has been designed to share your travels with excitement and grandeur. A tight top menu and customizable logo allow the sweeping, full-width images to command any viewer’s attention. Bold, clean typography and a fully responsive design ensure the tales of your voyage are crisp and clear on all devices, from the smallest phone to a full desktop.

Organic Themes knows that to share your adventures, you need a choice of layouts and page formats. Adventure is bursting with no less than six custom page templates, including a specialized home page template, three-column and full-width layouts, slideshows, and more. Every experience will have the right showcase for it to excite your readers, while easy-to-use social icons allow everyone to stay up-to-date with all of your travel adventures.

Strap on your pack, and let the Adventure theme be your journal to the world.

Basis by The Theme Foundry

We released The Theme Foundry’s Collections theme just a few weeks ago, but they’re already back with their first foray into business themes: Basis.

This is not your usual WordPress business theme; being The Theme Foundry, they’ve taken the business theme into the next generation with a built-in HTML builder app. This unique app allows the user to quickly and easily add product features, highlight services, and create slideshows for demonstrating the best your business has to offer. Keeping your business website fresh, dynamic and exciting is simple for even the least technically-inclined on your team, with a drag-and-drop interface that allows you to further tweak the layout and order of each of these sections, without any coding necessary. Just watch:

Of course, it wouldn’t be a theme from The Theme Foundry without sharp, clean typography, responsive layouts for mobile and tablets, and a strong sense of aesthetic and design. Basis also includes a Minimal Mode which, by removing the site header and navigation, further simplifies your landing pages for maximum impact.

Your business deserves more than just a website; let Basis be the foundation of your business web presence, a valuable tool for keeping your customer base engaged and coming back.

Adventure and Basis are premium upgrades for your blog. Get more information on their Theme Showcases (Adventure, Basis), or preview them on your site from Appearance → Themes.

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  1. XPWINNER6656

    But that is $69. It’s not ‘free’.


  2. -Pille-

    I like the look of “Adventure”, nice light and airy mood.


  3. Anna (Film Grimoire)

    Wow, that’s some beautiful design!


  4. meijava

    pretty awesome design…


  5. efayanti12



  6. Ryan

    The “Adventure” design is awesome.


  7. Gaurab

    Both the themes look really nice, hope to use them soon 🙂


  8. ali126

    amazing photography…!


  9. shivanim220

    Why it isn’t free?


    • Kirk Wight

      Our partners, who put many weeks (and often months) into building the theme, need to charge a nominal amount so they can be around to build the next great theme 🙂


  10. paulgirault

    The video presenting the Theme Foundry is too fast for my taste, It couldn’t sink in 😦


  11. katejenkinsnaturopathy

    Can the navigation bar be moved from the top to under the header picture on Adventure?


  12. Michael Meiser

    If I had more time for travelling, Adventure would be my theme!


  13. Mateusz@Turysta

    Please HELP! – Where define indywidual header image for post/pages/categories ?


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