New Theme: Delight

I’m delighted to announce that we have a new theme for you today, and it’s called…Delight.


The Delight Theme

Designed by CyberChimps, Delight is a clean mobile-friendly premium theme that should suit many types of blogs. It offers a number of customization options, including the ability to choose either a left or right sidebar, an area below the header which lets you display your contact information and links to social profiles, and custom menus in both the header and in the footer.

Give Delight a try by checking out the demo site. Learn more about its features in the Theme Showcase. Or, jump in and test it on your own blog by going to Appearance → Themes in your dashboard.

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  1. Michael Meiser

    Clean and beautiful at the same time.


  2. Ms. Roberts

    A lot of awesome themes coming out. I love all of them!


  3. Nish

    nice theme, but why are so many of your new themes premium?


    • Kathryn

      Glad you like the new theme, and thanks for your comment. We strive to launch both free and premium themes on a regular basis so that users have a wide range to choose from. The majority of our themes are actually free – we currently have 134 free themes available – and look forward to adding many more in 2014.


  4. levihildebrand

    I like the simplicity of this theme. I am using Highwind right now and I would like to try something new. Thanks for sharing.


  5. charlesairey

    I like the simplicity with this them, Modern


  6. Dee Baig

    Theme is nice, cool and simple! No gaudy colors! I am very choosy about themes since they work as backbones of blogs. The color combination is perfect, just according to my choice. There is sensible use of the image. Additional charm is the customization option that will let me place the sidebar in proper way.


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