New Theme: Typo

Today we have a shiny new theme for your blogging pleasure! Introducing Typo by Okay Themes:

Typo responsive WordPress theme

With clean typography, an inky color palette, and lots of subtle textures, Typo has all the charm and style of an old-fashioned typewriter.

The responsive, one-column design makes it perfect for writing, while support for several post formats makes it easy to share your life with vintage flair.

Read more about Typo on the Theme Showcase, see it in action on the demo site, or activate it on your own blog by going to Appearance → Themes.

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  1. lfmelendez

    Thank you for sharing this, I will try it out.


  2. timethief

    Hi Caroline,
    Typo looks very clean and simple and it’s a responsive width theme with the other features I want. I’m off to try it in a test blog. Thanks for all you Theme Team people do for us.


  3. Andreas

    Just curious, why is there no news post about the two other new themes, Bromley and Adventure?


  4. meem22

    I’m thinking of trying this out for “The Fat Cheerleader. ” thanks so much for sharing!


  5. emkate92

    Is this a free theme or is it a premium theme?


  6. Nandla cricket

    Typo is is the ever one of the best theme i ever watched


  7. Isaac Yuen

    I love one column themes, and this seems to be a good one. I’m much too attached to featured images to change though 🙂


  8. ~manoc~

    Cool theme!!!


  9. justinshrout

    I like it!


  10. Priyul

    Nice theme!


  11. Michael Meiser

    I like themes with vintage and grunge elements, and would think about switching to Typo if it had an optional sidebar.


  12. Type it!

    Love this!


  13. throughwriting

    Looks nice and simple! Thank you for your effort.


  14. Saadia Humayun

    Love it! And immediately switched to typo. Wish it supported feature images though…


  15. lewnatik

    Seems like a pretty simple and sleek theme. I like it! Thank you very much.


  16. disclamaboy

    Where is the widget area ?


  17. binoraka

    Seems like a pretty simple and sleek theme. I like it! Thank you very much.


  18. agnesvarghese

    Is there theme related to travels?


  19. Martin Shone

    A very nice theme… I like the clean themes and I was using Manifest before, but this one seems better for me… I like it 🙂


  20. katharinetrauger

    Got “Typo” in my test blog immediately, yesterday, as I found it by accident, and as soon as I get all changes straightened out, it will go up. LOVE it. 🙂

    This is the first time I have found a theme by accident before it was announced…

    I assume the old custom of emailing us these announcements has been discontinued for a good reason, but I sure do miss it! Hate finding new themes by chance, and missing the lovely announcements about them at a timely time.


  21. stormwrites

    The PERFECT blog for writing. Thx for making.

    I also recommend Writr, to all writers out there.


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