World Series Blogging with MLB Themes

The World Series kicks off tonight, pitting the St. Louis Cardinals against the Boston Red Sox to decide baseball supremacy for the year 2013. No matter whether you’re a Cards or Red Sox fan, or just waiting to see some home run fireworks, our Major League Baseball (MLB) themes can help you show your team spirit and pride as you dissect every inning, every hit, and every pitch on your blog.

Three customizable themes to choose from

To choose an MLB theme or switch yours just for fun during the World Series, go to Appearance  Themes and search for MLB. Check out MLB “Fan,” MLB “Modern,” or for a more old-timey feel, you might choose MLB “Retro.”

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Root, root, root for your home team

To show your team spirit and your team colors for the series, you can outfit your blog with your team’s logo and colors in a snap. Go to Appearance → Themes → Theme Options and select your favorite MLB team from the dropdown list:

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  1. agoraspeaks

    I understand that there is only one country participating, so why do call it a world series when a national series would be more appropiate?


  2. zephyreffects

    Nice graphics and good presentation sequencing as a designer I must say it has nice css. Thanks


  3. lastexile22

    yeah and really its two if you count Canada but there are so many players from other countries playing world series is still kinda appropriate.


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