New Theme: Highwind

It’s Theme Thursday! I’m excited to announce Highwind, created by the talented James Koster.

Highwind: Home Page

Highwind: Home Page

Highwind was designed to showcase content and is especially suitable for writers, photographers and designers. You’ll appreciate Highwind’s clean design and strong focus on typography. As a responsive theme, Highwind will also keep your site sleek across a variety of devices.

Read more about Highwind on the Theme Showcase or preview it on your blog from Appearance → Themes.

Highwind is also available to download for users.

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  1. Chrystal

    I love it. I’ve already activated it and it’s exactly what I’ve been looking for, Simple and clean yet eye catching.


  2. vickieayala

    Reblogged this on Industry Sites Online and commented:
    love the new theme.


  3. ni372

    cool , i love it
    tnx 🙂


  4. Jonathan

    Excellent theme.


  5. A. The Blogger

    I like this theme. I just started my blog and I am lovin these themes! Very captivating!!!!


  6. juliewold

    Wow, I might have to switch over to this!


  7. OtsuzO

    nice themes, I think this can be suitable for all major business.


  8. Kashif Abbas

    Another nice theme


  9. nana0190

    Thanks for the new theme. Love it 😉


  10. Admin1

    All of the new themes looks the same..boring..


  11. arulpriyan

    very nice


  12. (@aburcs)

    cool Theme


  13. oegukeen

    Is this theme optimized for WordAds? I can’t find it in the list


  14. rapture

    Is it possible to come up with a free, interactive theme that works well on widescreen monitors and has cool colors throughout it (not just at the top or on the sidebar)? Just asking cuz a gamer-oriented theme would be fantastic, and the only two themes that would work for me, personally, are outside my budget.


  15. aearthr

    i have tried this theme using live preview. the theme is simple and elegant but not much to customise to differentiate this theme from other blogs using the same design. I did a post ( on the theme’s pros and cons.


  16. Deb Platt

    I just tried out the new theme. For some reason the drop down menus wouldn’t drop down.


  17. pupovka

    love it ❤


  18. Nox Nyctophilia

    It’s a nice theme, I love it. But the cropping of the header image is absurd, it asks for a 2500 x 413 pixels file and then uses like half of it.

    Using it right now.


  19. mikewebdesignspecialist

    Looks nice I am so happy I started learning wordpress


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