Chrome Extension for Notifications Improved!

Do you use Google Chrome as your web browser? We’ve got a pretty nifty Chrome Extension for that allows you to post to your site with a click of a button, and follow other blogs without having to visit We’re pleased to announce Chrome Extension version 1.3, featuring push messaging and rich notifications.

Notifications will now be pushed to your browser and displayed like other native notifications in Chrome. The preferences page within the extension allows you to choose the types of notifications that you wish to see.

Here’s what push messaging looks like in the Chrome extension. Clean and unobtrusive:

Push messaging for as seen in the Chrome extension.

Push messaging for as seen in the Chrome extension.

Here’s what rich notifications look like for as seen in the Chrome extension. Also clean. Also unobtrusive: notifications as seen through the Chrome extension. notifications as seen through the Chrome extension.

If you’ve already got the Chrome extension installed, your version will get updated automatically. If you haven’t already installed it, download it from the Chrome Store and give it a spin!

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  1. Jonathan Sadowski

    Reblogged this on


  2. worldofams

    Installed it, well done


  3. Gaurav Tiwari

    Thanks to Chromium port, working well on Opera 16 too. 🙂 My browser Firefox should also get such instant notification feature. I don’t use Chrome that much.


  4. Glenn

    Just what I’ve been looking for.


  5. dhenztm

    I didn’t even know this extension existed, thanks for the info! 😀


  6. naptunian

    Added! I heart browser extensions. I almost have no room left for my URLs 🙂


  7. 166before40

    Very useful, thanks 🙂


  8. JA Shanks

    Installed. Looks very cool. Thank you.


  9. dilmilgaya

    Being a technical person myself, I like the wordpress reader because we get to learn about so many technical features & their implementation.


  10. shanuwater

    Done :).


  11. Jonathan

    I’ve been using this extension as long as I’ve had Google Chrome. Thanks for the update!


  12. nishi1996

    Done it! Thanks!


  13. OtsuzO

    This is surely nice breakthrough, considering I mostly use chrome on my mobile device


  14. gfontana1986

    Nice extension for us WordPress folk. I use it for torch browser and it works well!


  15. nexi

    Brilliant. Sits well with other extensions – the end of housework as we know it.


  16. Kev

    This is brilliant! I love the way the notices just slowly slide in and out…with a real calming effect. Keep it up wordpress!


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