Embed Tweets and YouTube Videos with the Media Explorer

It’s easier than ever to add another dimension to your posts with embedded videos or tweets: announcing the Media Explorer, a new media curation tool that lets you add trending content from Twitter and YouTube without ever leaving your post editor!

To access the Media Explorer, simply click “Add Media” while editing a post, as you would to insert a photo. You’ll see a couple of new options below the familiar image tools: Insert Media The Twitter Explorer lets you find tweets by keyword or hashtag, by tweets to or from a specific user, and by geographic location — search for tweets using any of those parameters right in the same window: Insert Tweet Want eyewitness stories on some breaking news? You can pull tweets from people on the ground into your blog ASAP — the geographic search is the next best thing to having someone there: Twitter Geolocation The YouTube Explorer changes the way you’ll find video to embed into your posts. Before, you opened a separate browser tab, went to YouTube, searched for the video, and then copied/pasted the URL back into your post. Now, you can find the perfect clip and embed it — no leaving the edit screen, and no URL needed: Insert from YouTube For more on how it works, check out this video demonstration:

The Media Explorer will be coming to Jetpack soon, so self-hosted WordPress sites can also take advantage of easy embeds. (If you’re interested, you can find the code on GitHub.) If you’d like to learn more about how it was developed, take a look at this post from John Blackbourn of Code for the People, our partner in making this happen.

Happy embedding!

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  1. Kate @ Did That Just Happen?

    So happy about this change! Thank you!


  2. judisue

    Reblogged this on Weevily World and commented:
    I can’t remember who I was talking to about embedding tweets but I thought this post worth reblogging for all the other bloggers who follow Weevily World 🙂


  3. Heather

    So cool! Looking forward to it!


  4. DeDivahDeals

    Great – thank you!


  5. restlessjo

    Goodness, you guys are getting clever. I’ll never keep up 🙂


  6. Cle

    Great upgrade!


  7. Josephine Corcoran

    This is a beautiful feature. I’ve been experimenting with Twitter poetry and this is a fantastic way of sharing poems in a blogpost. I haven’t used it yet, I’m still still trying it out in draft – but it looks wonderful!


  8. Collector

    nice addition. Vimeo?


    • Paul Gibbs

      Maybe! We’re definitely looking at integrating with other services, too, and Vimeo’s a big name, so we’ll keep them in mind. Thanks for the feedback! 🙂


  9. djgarcia94

    This is wonderful. It really opens up new possibilities.


  10. 3rdCultureChildren

    Nice feature! Just tried for the first time on a post… embedding tweets… later, will try to embed youtube videos… one step at a time! http://wp.me/p1oMvI-4sW Thank you! I plan to use it more! 😮


  11. mats23177

    Really looking foward to this!


  12. Hands-On Green Matters

    For my usual updates on Twitter, I show my preferred Favorites Tweets on monthly WordPress Posts.


  13. UtahMan&Wife



  14. workwearstyle

    super excited about this!


  15. RandomizeME

    wow, really great new feature!


  16. sublimepak3

    This is freaking awesome. It just made blogging for me like 3223454235235 times easier. Thanks guys!


  17. R.E.I.G.N.

    Thank you very much I search youtube alot for post videos


  18. prashant kumar

    can I use it in wordpress hosted site


  19. jducksbury
  20. Adheens

    Thank’s .. I’ll try .. 😀


  21. ReflectorWoman

    Beautiful. My students will all be grateful. And if they are not, I will be just because that is one less video tutorial I don’t have to make!


  22. 簡sir

    A good service just comes better!!!


  23. Niejan

    Cool feature. I will definitely try it out soon. Thanks.


  24. juanrico

    Happy about your changes


  25. luffymcfluffy

    Reblogged this on luffymcfluffy and commented:
    Coming soon


  26. Gerard Best

    Reblogged this on blogosphere.


  27. nisarali12

    Reblogged this on Hazara.


  28. Aleister Nacht

    Very nice!! A great addition.


  29. Val

    Looks good and I might try it but, as I have most of the youtube vids I want to use in my blog, bookmarked, will the Youtube shortcode still work?


  30. Teddie H.

    Used it today for a YouTube video. Thanks!


  31. Carlos

    Very cool. Finally


  32. victorworang

    would be very nice if there’s embedded pics then…


  33. Tom

    I discovered this feature the other day. I think that it’s great!


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