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At, we love to read. We’re delighted to announce that our partner Readmill has implemented sharing to WordPress in the latest version of their iOS app, already available in the App Store. Now you can highlight passages in books and PDFs you’re reading in Readmill and share them on your or Jetpack-enabled site. Let’s walk through how it works.

First, log in to your account to authorize a connection to your WordPress account. In Readmill, go to Settings under your avatar. On the Settings page, click on Connections. Next to WordPress, click on the Connect button:


Enter your WordPress credentials and click on Authorize:


Choose whether to allow highlight sharing, reading sharing or both:


Now you’re ready to share favorite passages directly to your WordPress site. Highlight your passage in Readmill. On the sharing screen, select the WordPress logo, then click on Done:


And, like magic, your highlight appears as a post on your site or your Jetpack-enabled site:


Happy highlighting and sharing!

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  1. bravesmartbold

    Besides the fact that you used my favorite story to illustrate the process, this is absolutely fantastic. I didn’t know about Readmill and now I can link it to WordPress. So simple. So perfect.


  2. Chocolate Covered Race Medals

    Well doesn’t that just make things nice and simple. Love it!


  3. Linda

    I would love to know how you made the “cartoon” avatar of yourself.


  4. Laura P. Schulman

    So cool! And poor Gregor, too…now, children, who would YOU like to turn into a giant cockroach?


  5. Gamenology

    This is cool. Way to go WordPress! 😀


  6. keikomushi

    Awesome news for readers and writers alike!


  7. श्रेया

    Is this Readmill thing is only for iOS users? Is there anything similar for Android users?


  8. philosophermouseofthehedge

    Interesting. Certainly can easily boost the number posts you publish quickly – which should mean better stats?
    And share some nice finds, of course.


  9. psychotoons

    What is Redmill? I would like to know.


  10. rhettbigler

    OK this is cool, I didn’t know Readmill existed until I read this and it looks cool! Thanks.


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