New Theme: Magnate Express


Magnate Express: Narrow View

What better way to celebrate the excitement of WordCamp San Francisco this week than with a premium theme launch!

Our latest, from WooThemes, is called Magnate Express, a responsive blogging and photography theme built for publishing your creative self.

While its default look is clean and sophisticated, Magnate Express includes many features to make it truly your own. A bold and configurable slider highlights your Featured Content, while three menu locations and five widget areas allow you to place your content exactly as you like. Add your logo with the easy-to-use logo uploader in the Customizer, and Magnate Express is your perfect home on the web.

Magnate Express also features a smart, responsive layout. The header steps aside to the left on wider screens to showcase your featured content, while the entire layout lines up in one column for a top-notch mobile experience.

Magnate Express - widescreen

Magnate Express: Wide View

Magnate Express is a premium upgrade for your blog; read more about its features on the Theme Showcase or dive right into previewing it on your blog from Appearance → Themes.

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  1. CornellStarr

    Premium, premium, premium ._.


  2. protectingtheinnocent911

    Reblogged this on ThaAnswer Blogger and commented:
    I’m interested


  3. malvikiran

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  4. Iñigo Boy



  5. zareennayyar

    Who designs these themes?


  6. Stranger

    Another premium theme.
    It’ s beautiful but you have reduce the free themes.


  7. frhnrmdznn

    Lately, new themes are premium…


    • Kirk Wight

      We’ve had some premium themes ready to go, so we’re getting them out as quickly as possible to give users as much choice as possible. But we have free themes coming soon too, stay tuned!


  8. allananderson3



  9. sekamurinaveen

    Hi Zareen, do you know anything about the themes…


  10. Glacoste

    Dang, I just re did my who;e blog with another Theme and here you guys come with this perfection lol, I will keep this bookmarked


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