Be Part of the Official Annual WordPress Conference from Anywhere in the World!

WordCamp San Francisco is three days away. Think you’re out of luck because you’re nowhere near California, or didn’t buy a ticket before they sold out? Think again! Join the live stream, and attend WCSF without ever getting on a plane (or changing out of your pyjamas).

This year’s conference has an incredible lineup — whether you’re a themer, mobile engineer, hopeful core contributor, one-person (or 100-person) WordPress shop, pro blogger, or just registered your first site, WCSF sessions will take your WordPress skills from awesome to awesomer. And of course, WordPress co-founder and Automattic founder Matt Mullenweg will present his annual State of the Word talk (we’ll be live-tweeting it, too — follow along @WordCampSF).

Here are just a few of the sessions to look forward to — check out the full schedule here:

  • Amy Hendrix: WordPress: It’s Made of People!
  • Andrew Nacin: Current User Can Watch This Talk
  • Jake Goldman, Brad Williams, Shane Pearlman, and Alex King (in a panel moderated by Matt Mullenweg): Teaming Up: From Freelance to WordPress Agency
  • John James Jacoby: Beyond the Blog with BuddyPress and bbPress
  • Yuri Victor: Why The Washington Post Uses WordPress
  • Mark Jaquith: Confident Commits, Delightful Deploys
  • Natalie MacLees: Setting Up Your WordPress Site: Six Stories of Joy and Despair
  • Tracy Levesque: What You Don’t Know You Can Do – WordPress Development for Absolutely Everyone

This year, live stream attendees will also have access to the fun (and educational) conversations that happen between sessions, in the hallway, or at the lunch table. Members of the WordPress podcasting community will be roaming the halls of Mission Bay Conference Center, interviewing attendees, and capturing the WordCamp experience on video. (Thank you to members of the DradCast, WPTavern, and WPwatercooler for participating, and thanks to the WordPress Foundation for lending us the camera kits!)

Podcasters will be doing their best to upload footage to the live stream hourly, so you’ll be privy to “hallway track” discussions throughout both days. The interviews will also be published for anyone to watch on within a few weeks, along with recordings of all the WCSF sessions.

You can still buy live stream tickets with or without a t-shirt — a live stream-only ticket is $10, which has to be the best bargain around for two days of WordPress education and inspiration.

Visit the official WCSF site to learn more!

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  1. champvermont

    re @wordcampsf will the sessions be captioned? im a deaf person and wont be able to follow any of those sessions…furthermore captioning will make it possible for the sessions to be searchable


  2. meaganhanes

    Reblogged this on Meagan's Lovely Site and commented:
    I’ll be digitally attending #wcsf this year. I hope you consider doing the same. You can even get a shirt!

    Stay tuned for a recap post soon 🙂


  3. Laura P. Schulman

    I’m going to be winging my way to the Middle East, right in the middle of all this WP deliciousness. Will it be available for replay afterward?


  4. jeddacp

    So jealous. Wish i could’ve gone. At least we still have this!


  5. robertjgood

    What kind of beginner stuff will you have.


  6. JenT

    Reblogged this on WPcomMaven and commented:
    If you have never attended a WordCamp before, buying a Livestream ticket to WordCamp San Francisco (the mother of all WordCamps) is just about the next best thing there is. If the time difference in your part of the world won’t let you attend, even with “no pants,” you’ll be able to catch up once the videos are posted on Hope to “see” you there!


  7. macyleigh2013

    I’m actually in SF now!


  8. cdoart

    Have the same question as Laura P. Schulman, as I will be on a business trip and will only be able to catch about half the sessions I would like to see. I already have registered my livestream ticket, I just would so very much like to see the Friday sessions, where I am traveling and without internet connection, too.


  9. Beau Lebens

    I love WordCampSF! I have been to every single one, since back in 2006, and I’ll be at this one as well, keeping the tradition alive. They are a great place to meet interesting people doing interesting things, learn some new WordPress-related stuff, and just see how other people are also using WordPress. That, and everyone’s really nice 🙂


  10. michelle w.

    Laura and cdoart — all the sessions will be on within a few weeks of the conference, where anyone can watch them.


  11. GlindaTheGoodBitch

    This conference sounds like just what a novice whose blog has created such a buzz I can’t keep up with it, needs. Having had no prior experience at blogging and did just for the pure sake of therapy, it took off and the character created itself. But the only problem is, did I miss the memo regarding the Annual Conference? I don’t remember hearing about the conference and I read every administrative email that comes through from WordPress. Was there enough promotion for it? When was it announced? I would have made plans to attend without doubt… it sounds like it’s going to be an awesome event. Hopefully I’ll be able to attend next year for sure! Would someone please write back to let me know the answers to some of these questions? Thanks. 🙂


    • michelle w.

      Hi, Glinda! WordCamps are, for the most part, local, community-organized and -run affairs. WordCamp San Francisco happens to be the annual conference, because it was the first, is one of the largest, and has The State of the Word. But as it’s a WordCamp, and not actually run by, we’re not the main source of publicity (although we did announce it here earlier in the year).

      If you want to learn about WordCamps in your area, visit — they’re everywhere!


  12. breeliantdesigns

    @JenT, THANK YOU!! I only heard about WordCamp this morning and was so bummed I can’t attend or follow the podcasts because of work =( So glad I’ll still be able to see the highlights. I love WordPress and any chance I get to learn more about it I am jumping on. AND .org ROCKS!


  13. mindyberry

    I would love to be a part of this but have to work. Is there a way I can pay but view it at another time? Thanks Mindy


  14. thecityworkshop

    I am going to buy a ticket ASAP!


  15. abctherapeutic1234

    Please keep me informed regarding your next conference! Thanks!


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