New Themes: Inspiration Laboratory, Nexus, and Fiore

Happy Threeme Thursday!

Today, we have three exciting new themes to offer you. Two premium themes, Inspiration Laboratory and Nexus, are perfect for showcasing your creativity, while a new free theme, Fiore, is ideal for any blog.

Inspiration Laboratory

First up, we have Inspiration Laboratory — a quirky, playful theme designed by Dima Je. With colorful, personable cartoons, a functional three-column layout, and support for several post formats, it’s a great choice for your tumblelog or personal site.

Yellow not your color? No problem! Inspiration Laboratory works seamlessly with Custom Colors and the Custom Design upgrade, so you can change the accents however you like! We’ve included a few featured color palettes to get you started:

Inspiration Laboratory is a premium upgrade for your blog. Read more about it on the Theme Showcase, or preview it on your site from Appearance → Themes.


Next up is Nexus, an amazing new theme by Elegant Themes.


Nexus is a grid-based theme that takes your standard blog and transforms it into a beautiful photographic display. The theme tells your story visually, and through its unique design your visitors can partake in a truly engaging and colorful experience.

Nexus is a premium upgrade for your blog. Read more about it on the Theme Showcase, or preview it on your site from Appearance → Themes.


Last but not least is Fiore, a free theme designed by one of our own — the talented Caroline Moore.


With its light vintage colors and tumblelog style, Fiore is a great theme for any personal blog. Features include support for all post formats, a custom header, and background, and is designed to work perfectly with all mobile devices. Fiore also has a cool slide-out sidebar for your widgets.

Read more about Fiore on the Theme Showcase, or preview it on your site from Appearance → Themes.

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  1. Nail Luxxe

    How refreshing to see such creative and genuinely new designs e.g. Inspiration Lab. Nexus is absolutely beautiful!


  2. azag2013

    Good creative that inspires and reveals the applied professionalism, No doubt NExus is the best.


  3. timethief

    I like Fiore and will be torture testing it lol 😀 in my test blog first before using it on my personal blog. Thanks to the Theme Team for providing such beautiful themes with such great features. I appreciate it.


  4. smkelly8

    Does Fiore offer a choice of color schemes?


  5. villagerambler

    I’m rarely tempted to change my theme, but am impressed by Fiore. It has a very clean, bright feel without trying to do too much. I like the sliding sidebar, but I do wonder if out of sight can be out of mind for some readers. The only thing I would want to add from my current theme (Twenty Eleven) is the header photo, but I guess that might not fit the style of the theme. Hmmm…more thought required on this one!


  6. Liv DIPS

    They are all amazing, I will say the Laboratory ones are my favorite!! So Playful. Nice work team.


  7. Jenn

    The sample photos for Nexus are so pretty!


  8. timethief

    Hi again Nate,
    I came back to say I love Fiore which I’m now using on my personal blog. It’s a responsive width theme and now I have got over my widget fetish and accepted the slide-out sidebar, I want to thank to Caroline for designing such a simple and gorgeous one column theme. The subtle colors are lovely and the font is so readable that I’m sure my readers will like it as much as I do.


  9. bumblepuppies

    For future reference (when I have the money for upgrades), I wonder if it’s possible to pick elements from multiple themes and use them together. I love the post blobs on Inspiration Laboratory but I prefer the other design elements in my current theme (San Kloud).

    If it’s not currently possible, maybe you guys could sell either a “Cafeteria” theme or a la carte blog elements.


    • Konstantin Obenland

      I wonder if it’s possible to pick elements from multiple themes and use them together.

      Unfortunately this is currently not possible. Think of themes as individual interpretations of the same markup elements (a table, a quote, a paragraph). It would be really challenging to make these individual not overwrite one another it a way that won’t break the overall layout, I’m afraid.


  10. latisissabella

    The Laboratory theme is so funny. 🙂 Love it!


  11. Claudia

    Aw, I love funky little themes like Inspiration Laboratory. If I wasn’t so attached to my current theme, I’d be switching to that!


  12. babydailyneeds

    I am happy with Fiore theme, it’s very simple and that’s my style.


  13. shahidrockin

    Nice, refreshing themes.


  14. thuyk4b6

    Those themes are so beautiful!


  15. hussyainy

    What a great theme!


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