Vagabond, a Fun New Travel Theme

Happy 4th of July and Theme Day!

To all who are celebrating Independence Day, may you have a fun and safe holiday. During any holiday, many of us hit the road to visit family and friends, so it’s a perfect day to introduce a new theme that highlights travel.

Light up the fireworks and sparklers: may I present….Vagabond! This exciting theme is designed by the amazing Denise Chandler. If you’re a fan of Bon Vivant or A Simpler Time, you’ll love Vagabond.


Features include support for the following post formats: standard, aside, image, video, quote, and link. It also includes a featured image slider, supports your own custom header, and you can upload your own logo. Vagabond is completely responsive, which means your site is going to look great, regardless of whether your visitors see it on a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop.

Vagabond is a premium upgrade for your blog. Read more about Vagabond, or test drive it for yourself by going to Appearance → Themes in your Dashboard.

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  1. awax1217

    I love anything to do with travel. I have traveled the United States mostly and am fascinated with natural beauty, ie: Grand Canyon or the Zion National Park and historical locations Ie: the battlefields of the Civil War, especially Gettesburg and Valley Forge of the American Revolution.


  2. gina4star

    Ooooh that looks nice…


  3. sophiecussen

    I like that, it looks very clean and fresh. The colours are also vibrant and do indeed remind me of travelling abroad.


  4. David Peralty

    Are their plans for any more Free themes? Seems like there has been a noticeable reduction in new releases in that respect.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. George Kazazis

    Another premium theme… oohh NO!!


  6. dimagrireacasa

    Nice template.. is it available in other colors, like red or orange?


  7. hyyperlic - Lisa

    What a nice Template!

    Makes me really wanting to become a Travel Blogger 😀


  8. loveandapathy

    Do you know a theme that looks like this but is for free?


  9. Carl

    Love this! Expecting to see lots of “travel” and “summer abroad” blogs pop up using this one!


  10. ronmitchelladventure

    I may be overdue for this nice looking theme to change my travel blog.


  11. Nish

    I am not a travel blogger, but this is still so nice. Very good job on the theme. I love it.


  12. Maria J. Bueno

    Looks really nice!!!


  13. layalabuhamdeh

    Love the layout of this theme! I’m going to be writing a lot about travel.


  14. wil041

    Traveling is like an expensive hobby to me. I’ve done a lot of it but mostly international and have decided to start checking out some national “spots”. Need to save after all since I am close to retiring.


  15. jonathandowning

    I LOVE the look of that – will try and download.


  16. Michael Belk

    Great looking theme, I really wish I could use a free version on my travel website.


  17. shachaamahbrown

    I like the theme I have now for traveling, but that’s because it is more child-like. These two new themes are OK for adults, though.


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