New Theme: Profile

It’s my pleasure to introduce you to Profile; the newest addition to our collection of themes.

Profile's Home Page template

Profile’s Home Page template

Profile is the latest premium theme by Organic Themes and is designed to be a hub for everything about you. It’s the perfect solution for an online resume, portfolio, or professional presence. Profile sports a unique header design, social media links, a front page slideshow, full-width header image, and responsive layout.

Read more about Profile in the Theme Showcase, or test drive it for yourself by going to Appearance → Themes in your Dashboard.

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  1. awax1217

    I am going to give it a good look, but so far it looks promising.



    Wow…this theme is SWEET.
    When it’s time for me to switch to a premium theme…this will probably be the one. It’s very ‘hipsterish’.
    Maybe that will be when I start getting paid!


  3. spartacus2030

    Excellent work! I really like the idea of a sideshow and double column posts. It makes me want to change :O)


  4. Stranger

    Great and useful theme!
    But the 3 last themes are premium.
    We need more free themes! 🙂


  5. Hanggar PS

    Fresh and simple theme, I like it but it’s not free


  6. Richmond



  7. mayfiedulang

    Well, it’s excellent! but all I want is new themes to follow…


  8. Jenn

    So neat theme. Unfortunately it’s premium. I’m still using Oulipo for my Portfolio. 🙂


  9. Nish

    How does that photo of that guy in the header work? Does it take your gravatar and put it there or is it some kind of customization external to the theme.

    Great theme, btw. I would love it if it was free, but it’s so good that I am thinking of trying it out as a purchase and see how it feels. There is a 30-day trial for premium themes, right?

    Lovely theme!


    • Michael Fields

      Glad to hear you like the theme! The picture of the city is a Custom Header Image and the portrait is a custom logo image that the theme provides functionality for. Yes! If you purchase the theme and are not completely satisfied, you may refund it within 30 days after purchase.


  10. M Shekhar

    Great! REALLY useful theme.


  11. rubberbootsblues

    Great! I changed to premium today 🙂


  12. ShanahM

    I agree with Stranger. This theme is pretty sick and looks like something that will suit my personality well. Too bad it isn’t free though.


  13. meerschreibfrau

    I love it, I think I’ll switch. Hey, I think it perfectly okay that great themes like this cost money. Somebody put a lot of work in it.


  14. edgarcrider

    This is great very professional. From an artistic viewpoint really captivates your attention. Didn’t know you could send WordPress as your resume.


  15. gonca'p

    It looks useful and excellent , congratulations 🙂


  16. r3dd0

    Great – awesome theme! I will check it out for sure.


  17. optimistech

    Looks like a newspaper…Will be nice for bloggers like me…


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