DaddyBloggers in the Spotlight: A Father’s Day Roundup

Writing about family life and parenthood is not simply the province of mothers: dads are carving out their own blogular niche. Single dads, stay-at-home dads, working dads, two-dad families — you can find every perspective on As the US celebrates Father’s Day, here are some dad blogs we love:

What’s the point of having kids if you can’t raise them into die-hard Star Wars fans? DorkDaddy — dentist by day, geek by night, dad 24/7 — uses his blog to chronicle life with this three geeks-in-training.

You respond to his combination of candid takes on parenting with analysis of key issues (would Superman would be a better father than Batman?), and so do we. From whipping up Butterbeer for a sick dorkling to LEGO extravaganzas to building homemade hovercrafts, he takes us through the richness of parenthood with grace, humor, and, yes, a substantial measure of unabashed dorkiness. (We also love his frequent odes to the DorkMommy.)

The Urban Daddy

We’re clearly not the only fans of The Urban Daddy’s mix of “parenting, politics, and common sense” — you made him a finalist in both the Best Canadian Weblog and Best Family or Parenting Weblog categories of this year’s Bloggie Awards. Less a traditional “DaddyBlog” than a blog about life by someone who happens to be a dad, we appreciate the mix of hockey, health, political, and other news (professional wrestling, anyone?) — all served with a side of dad-perspective and cute kid stories.


What happens when a “real man’s man” becomes a stay-at-home-dad? He gets a little dadgitated.

I fish, I hunt, I can shoe a horse, run a boat, change a tire on an eighteen wheeler, hold my booze, make moonshine, butcher livestock, lift heavy objects, use a smoker in a proper manner, chop wood and I’m pretty sure I could survive the up-coming zombie apocalypse. I’ve worked heavy construction. I’ve worked on the deck of big boats. I’ve fought with 2,000 lbs draft horses and won.

Now I’m a stay-at-home father… and I think it will be the end of me.

One of the wonderful things about blogs is how they connect us to people with similar experiences and passions; reading other bloggers’ perspectives can validate and enrich our own. Honest writing about parenthood on Dadgitated (how do you explain what a vagina is to your four-year old?) creates a space where parents can see and laugh at themselves — giving us the breathing room we need to be better parents.

Here are some other community favorites for your Father’s Day reading pleasure:

  • Along with Urban Daddy, there’s The Urban Daddy (we’ll let them fight that one out).
  • Snoozing on the Sofa follows older dad Scott as he navigates marriage and fatherhood, and learns that he can no longer have nice things.
  • UK-based Whiskey for Aftershave hits the dad trifecta — an older, stay-at-home dad of twins.
  • Touchline Dad is a sports lover raising three sporty children, and learning how to be a perfectly supportive sideline dad.
  • Twinfamy’s name says it all — one dad raising the “two greatest children to ever walk the earth, aside, of course, from Jesus Christ and Chuck Norris.”
  • The Dorky Daddy has no delusions of being “the cool dad,” and he’s not ashamed.

Do you have a favorite dad? Let us know!

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  1. SoundOfLaughter

    Thanks for the post and the new blogs to check out.


  2. Seth Eisenberg

    Please consider adding:


  3. donofalltrades

    Scott is an older dad? Crap, I thought we decided that 40 something was the new 20 something. I do enjoy his blog though and look forward to checking out some of these others.


  4. bussokuseki

    Thanks for the list – I have found fatherhood to be the greatest gift, and makes such fertile ground for writing (sometimes explicitly, and sometimes lurking in the background…). Happy Father’s Day to all~


  5. asizcreatives

    One of my favorite WP Dads has got to be “Barmy” at


  6. John Pseudonymous

    Hey Michelle and everyone else at WordPress–thanks so much for your support, and for being the best frickin’ publishing platform on this here Internet. May Jesus Christ and Chuck Norris smile upon you.


  7. MikeG

    I kind of like my Dad blog, One Dad’s Kitchen, a Dad’s cooking blog :).


  8. fabricgirl66

    This blog, fairly new, but so heartfelt, and thought provokingly candid worth the reading time.


  9. @AnOrdinaryDad is one of my faves! This is a good list, too!


  10. The Real MILFs

    Reblogged this on and commented:
    Blogging about misadventures, confessions, rants and raves of parenthood is not just for mommas. No, Dads are now in the blogging game as well. Here are some Super Daddy Bloggers in honor of a Father’s Day Roundup.


  11. kqduane

    God Bless All Dads Who Give SO Much and Ask For So Little in Return! We are blessed to have them in your lives.


  12. lorddavidprosser
  13. torainbraxton

    I loved it, my dad was a “working dad” putting food on the table along with my mom.


  14. tchistorygal

    This is one of my favorite dad blogs. His whole blog is for his children. We just get to enjoy the stories with them. 🙂


  15. happynezundefined

    Great platform and thank you for sharing..loved every bit of reading the blogs here.


  16. angelajardine

    It is also Father’s day in the UK … so thank you for this round-up.


  17. Little Bird's Dad

    Thanks for posting the Dad Blogs!!
    Little Bird’s Dad.


  18. Gayle Harper

    My Dad’s been gone a while, but among the things that remind me of him is any crossing of the Mississippi River. I hear him teaching me to spell it – “M-i-crooked letter-crooked letter-i-crooked letter-crooked letter-i-humpback-humpback-i”. In my 90-day road trip following an imaginary raindrop on it’s journey from the headwaters of the great river in Minnesota to the Gulf of Mexico, I crossed it dozens of times and he was always there.


  19. Susan Bigan

    These are great. Thanks! 🙂


  20. WordsFallFromMyEyes

    Wonderful! I always knew there was more than just “one kind of man” out there 🙂

    Onya dads.


  21. Faith Antion (@faithantion)

    I’m biased of course, but my favorite dad blog is the one my dad writes at NoFacilities. Here’s his most recent post about the impact his dad had on him.


  22. RJ Silva

    Excellent roundup. Hope to one day make the list. Cheers!


  23. The Urban Daddy

    Hi Michelle,

    Thank you again for the very kind words about my blog. I appreciate them all.

    This list has provided me with even more incredible Dad blogs to follow and enjoy, plus the numerous people who have come by to leave a comment or follow my blog, get a follow back and give me an opportunity to see their work as well. It’s a win-win-win situation!

    I also noticed that in the article where you listed “TheUrbanDaddy”(not the title link which is correct), but, it links to a different blog in the UK, and that gentleman was kind enough to link through to mine. Not sure if you wanted to change it, or leave it as it is. I’ve been to his blog and it’s pretty darn good.

    Hope everyone had a wonderful Father’s Day!

    The Urban Daddy


    • michelle w.

      You’re quite welcome! Thanks for pointing out that link — I’ve corrected it, and added his blog to the list at the end of the post. The more the merrier!


  24. thesonnyone

    Only just got onto here (In fact only just got into this world!) but, hopefully, with a little help from my Dad we hope to join this list for the next roundup and exposition. In the meantime congrats to all currently included and thanks for the extra reading material.


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