New Themes: Newsworthy and Visual

Happy Theme Thursday, all! Today I have two fantastic new themes for you to enjoy.


First up is Newsworthy by WP Themes, a brightly-hued theme designed for news, magazine, and personal blogs. Its striking colors are sure to grab your readers’ attention at first glance! Newsworthy supports multiple authors, post formats, widgets, custom colors, and custom headers.

Check out Newsworthy on the Theme Showcase, or activate it on your site by going to Appearance → Themes.


Next is Visual, a dark, elegant grid theme by Devin Price. The responsive layout allows for a seamless user experience across all screen sizes, and the clean, subdued design makes it perfect for putting your art or photography front-and-center.

Read more about Visual on the Theme Showcase, or activate it for yourself by going to Appearance → Themes.

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  1. PiedType

    Love getting new themes.



    Wow…I really like the Newsworthy theme. I think my current design would translate over really well.

    What do you think?

    Is it a premium or basic theme?


  3. writer14life

    I like the Newsworthy template. It is very clean.


  4. Scriptor Obscura

    I like that you’re having so many new themes all the time. It’s really nice. But now there’s too many to choose from! 🙂


  5. ejims05

    Wow! All the themes are great, but I prefer the first. Thanks for this innovation.


  6. Rahul Panwar

    I like the Visual theme, it is changing the complete look of my site 🙂


  7. Rahul Panwar

    Newsworthy is giving a clean look to my site.
    Thanks for both themes.


  8. HunnyBunny

    Newsworthy is really awesome! I’m going to give it a test on one of my blogs. It’s very professional looking and clean 😀


  9. stitch this

    Have just updated to Visual on my blog – it’s excellent.


  10. Stranger

    These are from the best free themes so far… 🙂


  11. Bu Kool

    I can’t see the Gallery from the Live Demo (Visual). I need to see it first before I decide to switch to Visual.


  12. Rahul Panwar

    Just applied Visual on my blog.


  13. Elena Levon

    LOVE Visual! Even considering changing my photography layout.


  14. Reginald Chan

    The theme is very nice. The colours looks so good together. Too bad I can’t try it on my main site, but I am going to get it up on my subdomain.

    Let’s see how it works out.

    Nonetheless, thank you for the creating WP team. Appreciate that!


  15. Mike Bird

    I’m trying out the Newsworthy theme. So far, it looks really good.


  16. journolillianaltman

    The best way to pick a theme is go through them write a list of your favourite ones, look over them again then take your pick!


  17. Odee

    Loving Newsworthy! Simple but colorful. I’m using it right now. ^_^ You did it again, WP!


  18. maheshw2011

    Newsworthy theme looks really good.


  19. seescore

    Really happy with the new Visual theme. Thanks for building it! The free themes are so helpful to those of us who are just starting out with WordPress and blogging.


  20. Blogger

    My favourite is Newsworthy.


  21. nelkz76

    I have recently swapped over to Visual for my phone photography blog and it works perfectly for showing Visual content. I really like ease at which people get to see your content without having to click here and there. Thanks for this.


  22. Justin Cooney

    I personally like Newsworthy enough that I’m thinking of switching to it. It’s fun & easy to try out different themes to see one’s site with a different look!


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