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If you’re an author or an independent publisher, check out our new Send to Readmill widget, which makes it easy to get your prose into your readers’ iPads and iPhones. Readmill is an ebook reader that not only offers a clean, elegant reading experience, it allows you to highlight and share passages with others and discover new books to read.

Here’s how to set up the Send to Readmill widget on your blog:

Go to Appearance >> Widgets and locate the Send to Readmill widget:


Click and drag the widget to the location you’d like it to appear on your site. Your sidebar is a great choice, which will allow visitors to see it more easily.

Configure your Send to Readmill widget by adding a custom title, the direct link to the location of your PDF or epub, and a URL to a page that describes your book in greater detail:


Once you’ve got your widget configured, click on the blue Save button for your changes to take effect. Here’s a sample of the button your site visitors will see:


For more information, check out Matthew’s screencast on the Send to Readmill widget.

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  1. John F Taylor

    Any news when this may be available to users?


    • Krista

      There’s no timeline for a Send to Readmill plugin — though plugin authors are encouraged to write one. In the meantime, users can get the Send to Readmill widget via Jetpack:


  2. Henrik Berggren (@henrikberggren)

    John, the widget is also available in the Jetpack plugin if you have that installed. If not, you can download it here


  3. WordsFallFromMyEyes

    Interesting, interesting, for someone on the verge of finishing a novel… 😉


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