New Theme: Adelle

Happy Theme Thursday! I’d like to introduce you to our newest free theme, Adelle. I hope you’ll make her feel welcome.

Adelle Front Page

Adelle Front Page

Designed by BluChic, Adelle would love to adorn your blog. It doesn’t matter what you write about — technology, arts, crafts, food, fashion  — Adelle can handle it, with elegance and sophistication.

Adelle comes with some great features — a right sidebar for widgets, a full-width page, and support for post formats. She also knows that you like to stay connected with your friends, so she’ll display optional links to your profiles on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and YouTube at the top of the sidebar.

Adelle is responsive — she knows that your readers may visit your site on their smartphone or tablet, so she’s flexible enough to look good no matter where she’s viewed.

Sound like a theme you’d like to get to know? Read more on the theme showcase, or go ahead and see her in action.

Have fun!

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  1. rabbit&fox

    I LOVE this theme for our blog. Maybe a color for the back instead of white?


  2. silverpawkennels

    Love this theme! Awesome that it is one of the free ones! Might have to seriously consider it for my blog!!


  3. Carrie

    I am REALLY loving this theme. I am currently using it on my blog. Thank you. 🙂


  4. mizakita

    Just applied this theme to my blog… looks wicked!


  5. christrocks

    What a gorgeous theme! I have to say, I’m tempted 🙂


  6. Jenn.

    I love this theme! It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for and (unsuccessfully) trying to create on my own. Thanks!


  7. Francis

    This looks pleasing to the eyes. Readers would not want to leave in a hurry. I will try it on one of my blogs ASAP to experience its looks. Thanks!


  8. Anteng Isnanto

    I like this. 🙂


  9. timethief

    Adelle is a lovely and very classy black and white theme that is packed with super features. I love it. Thanks so much for including it in our selection.


  10. Nicole

    This theme is gorgeous! I’ve been trawling the themes and switching back and forth, but this one is great. Thanks, BluChic!


  11. tyhofmann

    Great theme! Thank you!


  12. JituDas

    Beautiful theme.


  13. beckyblueeyes

    Love it! I’d been looking for an update. I’m all set up and loving it. Except the black… wish I could change that color. Oh well. Can’t win them all.


  14. Ella Paradis

    This is it 😀 Thank you very much for creating this.


  15. lise guillet

    Love it! Beautiful! I just started using it as it looks so great!


  16. Nish

    I just converted to this theme. It’s awesome. Couple of things still need tweaking, but I’ll use the forum for the questions I have. Thanks so much.


  17. thinsmek

    Great! Neat work!


  18. sexlusta

    It’s really a lovely theme, must also make a change a.s.a.p.


  19. carolsheahan

    Just refreshed my blog with this theme. Loving it! Fun color pallettes and backgrounds to work with. Feel free to take a look at how I customized my blog.


  20. deelectablesca

    Oh I like, I like! Definitely will have to play with this for my blog.


  21. adminsocialtalk

    Lovely one, I’m gonna change my theme.


  22. naturallyyew

    Loved this theme as soon as I saw it and I’m already using it – thank you. Just what I was looking for.


  23. VietPiczZle

    I will try to change my curent theme 🙂


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